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Total Rewards at Booz Allen Hamilton

Experience a comprehensive Compensation

package of health, wellness, and Booz Allen offers pay that will attract, motivate, and retain
the absolute best talent in the industry. To reach this goal,
investment solutions we conduct regular benchmarking of our pay programs and
At Booz Allen Hamilton, you’ll do important work with practices to ensure that a competitive reward package is
exceptional people in a firm dedicated to the spirit of service. offered to our employees.
To reward you for your efforts, our Total Rewards program Each year, you’ll have an opportunity to receive a merit
is designed to provide not only robust compensation and increase, which is tied to your performance against goals,
comprehensive benefits, but also career growth opportunities firmwide behaviors, and performance expectations.
and work-life integration options.
In most locations, senior consultant equivalents through vice
Booz Allen is consistently recognized as an employer of presidents are paid once a month (on the last banking day
choice by external publications and organizations, including: of the month), and consultant equivalents, administrative
• Fortune professionals and technicians are paid twice a month (on the
• Working Mother fifteenth day and the last banking day of the month).
• Consulting magazine
• Computerworld
Health, Life, and Disability Benefits
• Training The Booz Allen benefits program provides a broad spectrum
• G.I. Jobs of protection against the financial risks of illness and injury for
• Washingtonian you and your eligible dependents. Eligible dependents include
your spouse or domestic partner (regardless of gender) and
Our Total Rewards help you take advantage of our shared your dependent children. The firm pays a majority of the costs
commitment to your health and wellbeing as an individual— of these programs with a supporting contribution from you.
physically, mentally, and financially.
Medical, Dental, and Voluntary Vision Coverage—Your
In addition to our Total Rewards, you’ll find the support choice of comprehensive healthcare plans to best meet your
and resources you need to keep learning, balance work-life needs. Medical plan choices include CDHP or Consumer
integration, and be recognized for your achievements. Driven Health Plans (Platinum, Gold, and Bronze) with a
Join us and see for yourself why Booz Allen is a great place to Health Savings Account option (HSA) or Health Maintenance
launch a career! Organization (HMO) in select markets. TRICARE Supplement
is also offered for military retirees.
Health Savings Account (HSA)—Compliments Consumer • During the first 60 days from your hire date, you have the
Driven Health Plans by allowing you to save for and pay for option to elect/change your contribution rate or elect not
qualified health care expenses on a pre-tax basis. An HSA is to contribute. If you choose not to do anything, you will
a financial tool that gives you more control of your health care be automatically enrolled in the ECAP 401(k) plan with
decisions. a 6 percent pre-tax contribution deducted from your pay
check. You can change your 401(k) deferral rate at any time.
Medical Expense Flexible Spending Account—Allows you to
• If you are age 50 or older, you may make an additional
set aside pre-tax funds each year to reimburse yourself for
“catch-up” contribution to your voluntary 401(k) account
certain medical, dental, and vision expenses not covered by
each year—up to the annual maximum IRS limit.
another plan.
Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Group Term Life Insurance—Firm-paid coverage for you,
The firm’s Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) allows you
equal to your annual base salary. You may purchase
to share in the outcome of your efforts by making planned,
additional coverage for you and eligible dependents.
periodic purchases of Booz Allen stock at a 5 percent
Accidental Death and Dismemberment—Firm-paid coverage discount through after-tax payroll deductions. If you are
equal to four times your annual base salary, with the eligible to participate, you can allocate between 1 percent
opportunity to purchase additional coverage for you and your and 15 percent of your eligible compensation to purchase
eligible dependents. Booz Allen stock.

Short-Term Disability (STD) Coverage—Provides up to 26 At the end of each quarterly offering period, these funds
weeks of paid leave (based on years of service) should an will be used by our plan administrator, Morgan Stanley to
illness or injury require you to be away from work. The first purchase shares of Booz Allen stock on your behalf. The stock
week (for example, 40 consecutive working hours) of disability is then deposited into your Morgan Stanley account and must
leave is considered an unpaid waiting period; however, you be held for six months before it can be sold or traded.
may be paid for this period using your accrued Paid Time Off
Paid Leave Programs
(PTO). Paid leave is then provided through the STD program
Booz Allen offers a comprehensive set of paid leave
for the remaining period. Coverage is paid by the firm and is
programs, designed to help you maintain the balance of work,
available immediately upon your date of hire.
personal time, community interests, and commitments that
Long-Term Disability (LTD) Insurance—Provides income are essential to your personal and professional well-being.
protection during an extended period of disability. If you elect These programs include the following:
LTD insurance, benefits begin after you have been partially
Paid Time Off (PTO)—A pool of leave (accrued monthly) to
or totally disabled for 26 weeks, and the cost of coverage is
spend as you choose—not only for rest and relaxation, but
shared between you and the firm.
also for the unexpected, such as personal illness or any
Long-Term Care Insurance—A voluntary plan to help you pay matter that requires you to be away from work. Your leave
nursing home fees or home health care costs not covered grows with your tenure and advancement:
Years of Service
Financial Benefits Less
Level than 2 2-4 5-9 10+
The Employees’ Capital Accumulation Plan (ECAP) is a years
tax-deferred, defined contribution plan to help ensure that you Annual Accrual (Days)
are financially ready for what’s next. Admin Professional,
Technician, Consultant,
Employee 401(k) Retirement Plan Engineer/Technologist/
• The 401(k) program offers a dollar-for-dollar annual 15 16 20 25
Scientist, Senior Consultant
matching contribution up to 6 percent of eligible and Staff Engineer/
compensation. The annual matching contribution is Technologist/Scientist
immediately vested and you must be an active employee Associate, Lead Engineer/
on the last day of the plan year, December 31, to be Technologist/Scientist, Lead
eligible for the matching contribution. Associate, Senior Lead
Engineer/Technologist/ 20 21 21 25
• The 401(k) plan allows you to make pre-tax and Roth Scientist, Senior Associate,
after-tax contributions via convenient payroll deductions and Chief Engineer/
up to the annual maximum IRS limit.1 Technologist/Scientist
Principal/Director 25 25 25 25
Certain restrictions apply to 401(k) contributions for Highly Compensated Vice President 30 30 30 30
Employees (HCE) in their second year and subsequent years of employment.
If an employee is deemed an HCE (as defined by the Internal Revenue Ser-
vice [IRS]), contributions will be limited to the lesser of 10 percent of base
salary or the annual IRS contribution limit.
Holidays—The firm offers 10 paid holidays each year: New Tuition Assistance and Professional Association
Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, President’s Day, Membership—When related to your personal development
Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, and the firm’s business needs, up to $5,000 per calendar
Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. year (determined by course completion date) is available
for academic assistance and/or to obtain or maintain an
Bereavement Leave—Up to three days of leave to mourn the
industry-recognized technical or professional certification.
loss of an immediate family member and an additional two
days of leave if out-of-town travel is required. Mentoring and Career Planning—Mentoring and career
planning resources are available to help you not only map
Paid Parental Leave—Mothers and fathers receive two weeks
out a career plan that fits your needs, but to also connect
of paid leave after the birth or adoption of a child (in addition
with colleagues who can provide guidance and insight for
to disability leave for mothers following birth).
your development.
Military Reservist Leave—Various programs that support our
Work-Life Programs
Booz Allen recognizes the importance of balancing personal
Paid Leave for Civic Responsibilities—Booz Allen provides interests and responsibilities with those of the workplace.
you with time off, without loss of pay or benefits, if you serve In addition to endorsing flexible work arrangements (for
on a jury, participate in certain legal proceedings or perform example, flexible scheduling, teleworking, and part-time
certain civic duties. working arrangements) that are mutually beneficial to our
employees, our clients, and the firm. Booz Allen provides the
Leave Sharing Program—Colleague-to-colleague leave following programs:
sharing, which allows you to donate PTO hours to support
co-workers in need. LifeWorks (Resource and Referral and EAP Program)—
A free, confidential resource for you and eligible dependents,
Booz Allen provides additional unpaid leave for various LifeWorks helps you deal with the challenges of everyday
reasons to supplement paid leave programs to include: life—from locating a gym in your area to managing elder
Unpaid Parental Leave—After one year of employment, the care responsibilities. The Employee Assistance Program
firm provides new parents (birth or adoptive) up to 24 work (EAP) provides in-person, clinical counseling and crisis
weeks of unpaid leave. All other applicable Booz Allen leave intervention to help you and your family successfully deal
benefits (for example, STD, Paid Parental Leave, and FMLA) with life’s critical challenges.
run concurrently with this leave program. Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account—You are
Professional Development allowed to set aside pre-tax funds annually to pay for the care
Booz Allen’s success is attributed in part to our commitment of your eligible children or other dependents.
to the ongoing professional development of all employees. We Child Care—Back-up child care services provide alternative
view professional development opportunities as invaluable child care when your primary provider is unavailable. Child
and believe they are a shared responsibility between care center tuition discounts include a 5- to 10-percent
staff members and the firm. You’ll have access to many discount off monthly tuition at national and select regional
specialized learning opportunities and resources that span child care vendors.
orientation, employee and skills development, leadership, job
management, and technical disciplines. Advanced Infertility Treatment—Our Consumer Driven Health
medical plans provide up to four in-vitro fertilization attempts
NEXT Firmwide Orientation (NFO)—In this interactive, 2-day per lifetime.
course during your first week at Booz Allen, you’ll learn about
the firm’s history and culture, prepare for your new role, Adoption Benefits—Financial assistance for adoption is
network with other new hires, and hear from senior leaders. available—up to $5,000 per child, to cover the costs of
certain expenses associated with adopting a child.
Award-Winning Training—You can take advantage of tailored
learning opportunities—through traditional classroom Legal Plan—This voluntary legal benefit provides you with
training and 2,000+ online, self-paced courses—focusing access to participating attorneys for assistance with many
on technology, professional development, and desktop services (for example, family law, identity theft defense, and
applications. Booz Allen is consistently recognized in the real estate matters).
industry for top-notch training initiatives and has been
inducted into Training magazine’s “Top 10 Hall of Fame” for
employer- sponsored workforce training programs.
Critical Illness—A voluntary benefit offered through Allstate Awards Programs
which pays a lump-sum benefit upon diagnosis of a covered Booz Allen honors its employees’ contributions by offering
illness. This coverage can supplement your current medical both service anniversary and recognition award programs.
coverage, providing added financial security for you and Our recognition awards program acknowledges non-bonus-
your family. eligible staff for exceptional performance, noteworthy
accomplishments, and superior demonstration of our
Group Accident—This voluntary program pays cash benefits
core values.
for expenses associated with an accidental injury and can
help protect your savings should an off-the-job accidental Community Involvement
injury occur. Accident coverage can help pick up where your Booz Allen’s approach to philanthropy is employee- centric; we
medical insurance leaves off and provide cash to cover the align our resources with the interests of the firm’s employees.
expenses. Our goal is to empower our people to be catalysts for change,
making a difference in the communities in which we live and
Group Hospital Indemnity—A voluntary benefit that will help
work. Whether it’s through a firm-sponsored volunteer project,
supplement your current medical coverage by providing cash
pro bono work, or a personal/individual activity, our employee
benefits if you are injured or ill and must stay in the hospital.
volunteers are encouraged to become involved and make
It provides cash benefits that correspond with first day
an impact.
hospital confinement, daily hospital confinement and hospital
intensive care.
Booz Allen Hamilton is an Equal Opportunity
Identity Theft—A voluntary benefit that provides prevention Employer
and remediation solutions to help you gain control of your
personal information and protect and recover your identity, The benefits listed highlight the key features of Booz Allen
should it ever be stolen. Hamilton’s benefits programs and do not attempt to cover all
details. For more information, please visit
Auto and Home—A voluntary benefit offered through MetLife
that provides you with access to auto and home insurance
coverage at special group savings and discounts.

Pet Insurance—A voluntary benefit offered through Veterinary

Pet Insurance (VPI) provides you with pet insurance at a group
discounted rate.