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RE: Property Address

Change of Property Management Notice

We are pleased to announce that On Call Management, LLC has been enlisted as the new management firm for
your community Coronado Association, INC. We are working to ensure the transition to our office is seamless. With that
in mind; we have included the following information requiring your prompt attention.

Effective March 1st, 2019 all questions, concerns, and correspondence are to be directed to our office listed below.

On Call Management, LLC

4502 Inverrary Boulevard Lauderhill, FL 33319
Tel: (954)-667-3933 Fax: (954)-667-3935 Email:

Should you have any questions or concerns; please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here Monday - Friday, 10:00am -
5:00pm and always "On Call" for emergencies.

Meet Your On Call Management Team:

Violations/Work-orders Ext. 106

Applications Ext. 102
Owner Accounting Ext. 109
Front Desk Assistance Ext. 105

Meet your Board of Directors:

Daniel Sullivan, President
Beverly Mattox . Vice President & Treasurer,
Emogene Keffer. Secretary

Use this information for your convenience; we are here to help you.
Please use the “Owner/Tenant Information Sheet” to update us with your records on file; the “Transition Payment
Instructions” are also available for your next payment!

All of us at On Call Management would like to say welcome; we look forward to working with you!

Tel: (954)-667-3933 | Fax: (954)-667-3935 | Email:

4502 Inverrary Boulevard | Lauderhill | FL | 33319
Coronado Association, INC
Transition Payment Instructions
Dear Homeowner,

Please be advised of the following information to assist you in easing the transition to On Call Management
effective March 1st, 2019.

Payments are due on the 1st of the month and late after the 10th. A $25.00 late fee will be applied after the
10th day.

1. EXISTING ACH: If payments for your unit are currently set-up on ACH through THE ASSOCIATION
(Automatic Withdrawals from your bank account every month), please note that set-up will be
canceled effective February 28th, 2019 as the association will be changing banks with new
management. Existing ACH users through the association bank should re-enroll with the new bank
(Centerstate) for March 2019’s payment with new management.
2. ACH SIGN UP: ACH Forms are available on our website under “Resources” >
“Important Forms”> Select “ACH Form” complete and submit with a voided check using the info at the
bottom of the page. This option allows for LATE FEE FREE payments deducted automatically on the
date of your choosing.
3. PROPAY: Center State Bank (the association’s NEW bank) offers Credit/Debit Card Payment options
(small fees apply) and FREE E-checks for your convenience. Please visit under
“Resources” > “Pay Dues Here”> Please reference the information from your 2019 Center State Bank
coupon book here.
1) Mgmt Co ID: ONCA Assoc ID: CAI Homeowner # ____(Unit Number & Letter) ie: 1A”.

4. IN PERSON: Drop off payments at our office Monday to Friday from 10:00A.M- 5:00P.M
a. Address: 4502 Inverrary Blvd Lauderhill, FL 33319 (Please Do Not Mail Payments Here/Only In
Person Drop Off)
5. MAIL: If you wish to use BILLPAY through your own bank or physically mail a check, please be sure to
reference your “acct number” on the memo line of the check “# ____(Unit Number & Letter) ie: 1A”.
a. Checks should be made payable to Coronado Association, INC
b. MAILED TO: Coronado Association, INC
c/o On Call Management, LLC
P.O BOX 669243
Miami, FL 33166
**BILL-PAY USERS: Please be sure to CHANGE the mailing address directly with your bank**

To request a ledger or inquire about the status of your account, please e-mail

Tel: (954)-667-3933 | Fax: (954)-667-3935 | Email:

4502 Inverrary Boulevard | Lauderhill | FL | 33319
Coronado Association, INC
c/o On Call Management

Owner Update / OPT- In Form

Please complete this form in its entirety printed clearly in order to update your records.

Owner Information
Property Address: _______________________________________________________________________
Name of Owner(s): _______________________________________________________________________

Property Manager (if any): __________________________________________________________________

*Please send us a copy of the property management agreement for our records*

Alt. Mailing Address: Street: _______________________________________________________________

City: ____________________________ State: ____________ Zip: ________________

Primary Phone: ______________________ Secondary Phone Number: _____________________

Primary E-Mail: _________________________ Secondary E-Mail: ________________________

 By Checking this box, I/we OPT IN to receive correspondence pertaining to my unit via E-mail (when
possible) instead of First Class Mail. Some mail-outs may not be sent via e-mail as they are too large, include
envelopes and voting material or the mail out requires it to be sent via certified mail. For this reason, I/we
understand the importance of ensuring a current mailing address is updated on file. (If this box is not
checked, we will keep your emails on file for our records but YOU WILL NOT receive
communication via e-mail as stated above)
Emergency Contact: (person with keys to your home): _________________________________
Cell Phone: _______________________ Home Number: _______________________________

Please reference your association’s rules and regulations in regards to rental restrictions, pet restrictions and
other important information if you are considering leasing your unit, obtaining additional vehicles, adopting a
new pet.

Keep in mind an architectural modification application must be submitted prior to any work being completed in
your unit.

Thank you for your cooperation!


Tel: (954)-667-3933 | Fax: (954)-667-3935 | Email:

4502 Inverrary Boulevard | Lauderhill | FL | 33319

Tel: (954)-667-3933 | Fax: (954)-667-3935 | Email:

4502 Inverrary Boulevard | Lauderhill | FL | 33319