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Unpacking the Self:

The Physical Self

The Concept of the Physical Self
Physical Self refers to the
body, this marvelous
container and complex, finely
tuned, machine with which The Physical Self is the
we interface with our concrete dimension, the
environment and fellow tangible aspect of the
beings. person that can be directly
observed and examined.
The Concept of the Physical Self
However, this aspect of William James considered body as
our self seems to have the initial source of sensation and
been left behind. But still,
some theories emphasize necessary for the origin and
the importance of the maintenance of personality.
physical self.
For Erik Erikson, the role of bodily organs is
especially important in early developmental stages
of a person’s life.

The Indian tradition views growth and enlightenment as

the whole body event, which is not possible until one has a
pure and strong body.
The Concept of the Physical Self
As a biological entity, the body has
a functional role, but as a social
entity it is the most visible way of
expressing and presenting
someone's identity.

It conveys important messages

about social status and subculture
membership; in turn, it receives
messages from the outside
The Concept of the Physical Self
Research found that a person
who is perceived as attractive
makes more money than a
person of below-average

In politics, voters who are not

actively engaged in social and
political issues choose
candidates based on “looks”
90% of the time.
May be attributed to a cognitive bias
called the “halo effect”.

A cognitive bias is an error in

reasoning, evaluating,
remembering, or any other
mental process that is often a
result of holding on to one’s The “halo effect” refers to the
preferences and beliefs tendency of people to rate attractive
regardless of contrary
individuals more favourable for their
personality traits or characteristics
as compared to those who are less
In search of beauty…
Standards of Beauty?

defined not with
proportions, but rather
with similarity between
the left and right sides
of the face

Model Gigi Hadid

Standards of Beauty?
Biologists had also
hypothesized that we
It was only in the most
prefer faces that epitomize
the ‘manliness’ or urbanized regions that they
‘femininity’ of their gender found the strong attraction to
more masculine men and
more feminine women; in the
smaller, more remote
communities, many women
actually preferred the more
“feminine” looking men.
Beauty and self-
expressions across
cultures Since birth, the socialized
body is subjected to
cultural norms. The
attitude towards the body
and the bodily practices
reflect the value
constellation of each
particular society.
Karo tribes in
Omo Valley,
Neck rings
binding in
Body Modification
Beauty through Time…
Is Physical Beauty Important?
Body image is how you
view your physical body,
whether you feel you are
attractive, and how you
feel some other people If you have a positive body
like your looks. image, you probably like
For many people and accept yourself the
(especially teenagers) way you are, even if you
body image is closely do not fit the popular
linked to self-esteem. notion of “beautiful” or
For many as their body changes, so does
their image of themselves. So it is very
important to re-frame the way we view,
think and talk about our physical selves.

Recognize that your body is your own, no

matter what shape or size it comes in.
Try to focus on how strong and healthy your body is
and the things it can do, not what’s wrong with it or
what you feel you want to change about it. No one’s
business but your own what your body is like-
ultimately, you have to be happy with yourself
Identify which aspects of your
appearance you can realistically If there are things about
change and which you can’t. yourself that you want
Humans by definition are imperfect. It’s to change and can, do
what makes each of us unique and original. this by making goals for
Everyone has things they can’t change for
instance their height, and shoe size.
Remind yourself that “ real people aren’t For example if you want to
perfect and perfect people aren’t real. lose get fit, make a plan to
exercise every day and eat
healthy. Meeting a
challenge you set yourself
is a great way to boost self-
When you hear negative
comments coming from
within, tell yourself to stop.
Appreciate that each person is Try building your self-
more than just how he or she esteem by giving
looks on a given day. We are
yourself three
complex and constantly changing.
Try to focus on what’s unique and compliments every day.
interesting about yourself. By focusing on the good
things you do and the
positive aspects of your life,
you can change how you
feel about yourself.