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Lesson Plan

Teacher: School: Room: Level/Class: Date: Time: Nº of students:

Jamal Ait Ibn Khaldoun Common core November 5th ,
Yahia 2015 8__9 34
Textbook: Unit: Lesson: Skills focus/grammar/Vocabulary:
Outlook Myself and others Writing

Materials: Seating arrangement:

Whiteboard+markers+textbook Separate tables ☐ circle ☐ Horse shoe ☐ orderly rows ☐

Objectives: Personal objectives: Anticipated problems: Contingency plan:

By the end of the lesson Ss will be able to: Ss might not have time to write the Ss will be recquired to write it at
1) Recognize a sample of a letter. Monitoring students while final draft. home.
2) Produce their first letter to a pen writing and to respect the
friend. time allotted to each
Stage Time Activity What I do / say what students do/say Interaction

Pre-writing 1min The teacher greets the SS The SS greet back the teacher T Ss SsT
5min Reading for the gist 1) I will ask ss if they have some pen 1) The ss answer the teacher’s T Ss
friends with whom they exchange questions.
2) I will ask ss to read Susan’s letter to 2) SS do the task. TSs
her pen friend on page 16 and
match the elements on the left with
15min Inducing the format the topics on the right.
through reading 3) I will ask ss to write Susan’s letter 3) Ss will write Susan’s letter in
T Ss
in the correct order. the correct order.
4) I will show ss the format of a good 4) Ss will learn the format of a
letter using Susan’s letter. letter.

Transition: T asks Ss what are the steps

they will follow in order to write a letter to
a pen friend.

I will ask Ss to write their own letter to a 1- Ss use the exposed outline TSs
Drafting 25min Jotting down idea pen friend. and write their first letter. SsSs
Editing I will ask students to exchange their letters Ss will correct their peers’ mistakes. SsSs
and check if they respected the outline of
the letter. The outline+the
information+asking for info+the closing.
The Fianl draft. I will ask Ss to write their final draft taking Ss will write their final draft.
into account their peer’s remarks. SsSs

Teacher’s notes: I notice that the ss who didn’t study English last year could not or coud barely write their final draft, as a reaction from the teacher, I asked
them to write their final drafts again at home following the modal written on the bb .