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1st semester MSc, Autumn 2017


List of course books

Course: Control Theory and Matlab (INTRO students only)

Book: Feedback Control Systems
Charles L. Phillips & John M. Parr
5 edition, Pearson
ISBN 978-0-13-247879-3 / 0-13-247879-X

Course: High voltage engineering and EMI/EMC (PED, EPSH, WPS)

Books: Fundamentals of Power Electronics, 2nd edition
Robert W. Erickson, Dragan Maksimovic
ISBN 978-0-7923-7270-7

Course: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Multiphase Flow (TEPE/HYTEC)

Book: An introduction to computational fluid dynamics - the finite volume method
H. K. Versteeg and W. Malalasekera
2 edition, Pearson Education Limited, 2007
ISBN: 978-0-13-127498-3

Course: Fluid Mechanics and Compressible Flow (TEPE/HYTEC)

Book: Fluid Mechanics
Munson, Okiishi, Huebsch and Rothmayer, 7th Edition, John Wiley, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-118-318676

Course: Probability Theory, Stochastic Processes and Applied Statistics (All students)
Book: Statistical Methods For Social Sciences
ISBN: 9780137131501

Course: Dynamical Modelling of Electrical Machines and Control Systems (PED/EPSH/WPS/MCE)

Book: (Supplementary books = not mandatory):
1) Vector control and dynamics of AC drives / D. W. Novotny, T. A. Lipo,
ISBN: 0198564392, publisher Oxford : Clarendon
2) Analysis of electric machinery and drive systems / Paul C. Krause, Oleg Wasynczuk, Scott D.
Sudhoff, 2002, ISBN: 047114326xm publisher New York : John Wiley & Sons Inc.

Course: Non-linear Control and Multi-body Systems (MCE)

Book: 1) Applied Nonlinear Control, Jean-Jacques Slotine & Weiping Li (ISBN: 0-13-040890-5)
2) Robot Modeling and Control, Mark W. Spong, Seth Hutchinson, M. Vidyasagar (ISBN10: 0-471-
64990-2/ISBN13: 978-0-471-64990-8)
3) Sliding Mode Control & Observation, Yuri Shtessel, Christopher Edwards, Leonid Fridman & Arie
Levant (ISBN: 978-0-8176-4892-3)