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` f ndant.
Jeffrey Dean Saxon, Pro Se
Warren Mi 48089



Pursuant to MCR 2.003(B),MCR 7.206 and MCL 600.4401, et al.

The Plaintiff states:

1. Citations were presented to the Plaintiff on   st 25, 2010, reardin violations in the

city code.

2. The Plaintiff challened those citations.

£. J de John M. Chm ra r led in favor of the city on September 29, 2010, inc rrin a lare

fine for the Plaintiff.

4. The J de lacked j risdiction to impose fines, not withstandin fines that far exceeded

constit tional limitations and lawf l limitations of fines allowed.

5. The Plaintiff filed a Motion to Reconsider [exhibit  on Oct 12 2010 and a Motion to

Disq alify J de Chm ra [exhibit B on Oct. 15 2010.

6. The Defendant s mmarily dismissed all of the Plaintiff¶s Motions on Oct. 21 2010.

7. The Defendant ref sed to follow lawf l proced re reardin the Plaintiff¶s Motion to

Disq alify when the Plaintiff inq ired abo t the dismissal of the Motion to Disq alify.

8. The proper proced res for Disq alification are laid o t in MCR 2.00£ B), which the

Defendant nlawf lly chose to inore.

9. The Defendant¶s Co rt dministrator, Robert C rtis, informed the Plaintiff that the

Defendant wo ld not be rantin the Motion to Disq alify, that the Motion to Disq alify had

been s mmarily dismissed and that the Defendant wo ld not be sendin it to a hiher co rt,

in accordance with MCR 2.00£ B). u ffidavit of Ev ntu of Octob  21, 2010[exhibit C.

10. The Plaintiff is not barred from any action of a Writ of Mandam s.

Plaintiff has attached his Bi f in Suppot of Complaint fo Mandamuu to this Complaint.

Ô $ Plaintiff moves the co rt to iss e a Writ of Mandam s toinq ire into the matter

of the j dicial disq alification of J de Chm ra and for Defendant to show ca se why he did not

comply with law and that followin saidhearin the lawf l process of appeal be ordered and

ranted in accordance with MCR 2.00£ B).




Michigan State Republic )

) J rat

Macomb Co nty )

On the ______ day of ____________, 20_____, Jeffery-Dean, family of Saxon personally appeared
before me and proved to me on the basis of satisfactory evidence to be the person whose
name is subscribed hereto and acknowledged to me that he executed the same under
asseveration, and accepts the facts thereof. Subscribed and affirmed before me this day.
Witness my hand and seal this ______ day of __________________, 20_____,

Notary Signature

My commission expires: