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Aegan Malai ZH wy Shee SabiacspcenCAelle hotels sestele NYS Ssey NOS Abd ASSIA SAG eh ats Invocation for Tashahhud (sitting in prayer) : ee Syrup SET Sy 4, 24s ¢ Sls SljLalls ay Ole Sl All the compliments are for Allah, and all prayers and goodness Bee Sy b-22- 5 sy yah cpp en eqs ASK5 abl 455 28 el Ge ASN Peace be upon you, 0 Prophet, and the mercy of Allah and His blessings Ge bLAN si) oie By ele ASI Peace be upon us and upon the righteous slaves of Allah e\ < 2-3 GF oF 4c, Sy ot, cy ok ° 3 Soe 3808 257 Se Se i 3H - + Se ) gay 9 ADE NAF SI AGES Aol YE all Y Gl Aga | bear witness that there is none worthy of worship but Allah, and | bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and His Messenger [1202 | Sahin at Buk: ol. 2,Bo0K2, Hath 294] Tashah-hud 4 NOTE-Time to Recite: In every even and last Rakat after saying ‘Taqbeer’ by completing second ‘Sajdah/Prostrate’ wigs SL SiLaabdledi CpedlBlatlale Je le Saab sablad 53 1G “2G 43 429 285 a4 ge 9 Gro ard Ap SEMEN Esa! [i fh Blessings on the Prophet after the Tashahhud: "4 iF Si Bc & jo O Allah, bestow Your favor on Muhammad and on the family of Muhammad Jf LA Hi cals TE cols) Bede a as You have bestowed Your favor on Ibrahim and on the family of Ibrahim, You are Eraleewority) Most Glorious. ae Jl & it & IG aa O Allah, bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad LAL hl cots TB cats) E eSiu w as You have blessed Ibrahim and the family of Ibrahim, You are Praiseworthy, Most Glorious. Bes [oro | santa, 0055, Hon 0] UE sib Ji Je sit i fo el 2 a J ges en ge cake te Gato + eee Aer WS ware Ji ss atin ode yy oi esi on JI es wal oe CS in Gao + set