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Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

Product Support Section of QA Department

CLASSIFICATION : Technical Information Authorized Issued

Issue Date : September 7, 2007

Bulletin No. : S030-40-K003
Subject : Arm In/Out Shock Countermeasure
Applicable Area : All
Applicable Model : SK210(LC)-8
Applicable S/No. : All (If Necessary)

1. Background of this issue.

Since speed of Mark-8 is far faster than Mark-6, some operators feel operation difficulty in
stopping arm-in and arm-out, which results in shock. Most operators get used to it and
handle well though some may come to you for the solution. Followings introduce parts and
installation for such case.

2. Modification parts and installation.

Parts list Arm-in stop

item P/No. P/Name Q'ty Parts list Arm-out stop
1 2420R537D060 Hose 1 item P/No. P/Name Q'ty
2 2444Z3178D1 Connector 1 1 ZH22X04000 Connector 1
3 2444Z3178D8 Connector 1 2 HH25R06006G1 connector 1
4 2444T2580 Tee 2 3 YN06H01046P1 Tee 1
5 2444R596D2 Elbow 1 4 YN21V00005F1 Valve, check 1

See attached AA for installation. See attached BB for installation.

3. Warranty claim.

This is not warrantable because this is operational skill related.

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