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A leading creation and design school since 1981, CREAPOLE’s goal has
been to train the Creative Designers and Design Managers of tomorrow.
CREAPOLE’s concept lies on its powerful connection to the professional
world and on human sciences. CREAPOLE’s graduates are analytical
in planning and highly operational in execution. These are their primary
Relying on a social understanding of design related economic models and
of the world around them, they are capable of using this knowledge to
create added value.

Photograph provided by the institution

Main programmes of study
CREAPOLE trains designers for 3 to 5 years in the following fields of
• Fashion, Style and Trends
• Visual Communication and Multimedia
• Product Design and Innovation
• Transportation Design and Mobility
• Interior Design, Space Design and Decoration Strengths
• Film Animation and Video Games - Five year Diploma of Industrial Design recognised by the state
• Art Design and Luxury - Teaching of Responsible and Smart Design
  - 7 specializations working synergistically together
It is possible to enroll in these departments in the first (preparatory year), - 100% of internship placement for 29 years
second, third or the fourth year. - A near 100% work placement for the graduates
- Possibility of part-time training after the third year
- 1842 graduates working all over the world and 8688 professional partners

CREAPOLE is located in the heart of Paris between the Louvre Museum and
the Hotel de Ville (City Hall) at 128, rue de Rivoli.

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Precise name of the institution ¢ CREAPOLE

Type of institution ¢ Private
City where the main campus is located ¢ Paris
Number of students ¢ 555
Percentage or number of international students ¢ 22.5%
Type and level of qualifications awarded ¢ Five year Diploma of Industrial Design recognised by the state ; 3 year school certificate ; 5 year
school Diploma
French language courses ¢ Yes - CREAPOLE-LANGUE are separate classes for students wanting to learn French as a foreign
language and the vocabulary of creation. Students of this curriculum often attend classes of
Updated at November 2015

CREAPOLE’s design departments.

Programs for international students ¢ No
Programs in English ¢ No
Registration fees / year (for information only) ¢ First year : 6700 Euros ; Second year : 8600 Euros ; CREAPOLE-LANGUE : 5900 Euros
Postal address ¢ CREAPOLE - 128, rue de Rivoli - 75001 Paris

Number of international students

enrolled each year: 22.5%

Social networks



 Contact: Catherine LEU ONGOING SUPPORT
 Welcome upon arrival in student housing  A
 ssignment to peer mentor
Only when the housing is owned by
Tél. +33(0)1 44 88 20 20 A godfather is available to our students to
Stéphane DJELILATE help them for administrative or schooling  T hese services are available to issues.
Tél. +33(0)1 44 88 20 20 All international students
 A
 ssignment to faculty tutor
 Institution’s online application form  These services are free Every student of the main curriculum of
CREAPOLE are tutored by the person in
Application File for the main curriculum.
charge of the department in question.Multiple
HOUSING UPON ARRIVAL AT THE INSTITUTION meetings are scheduled to help them in a
 C  ontact: Catherine LEU  A
 ssistance with administrative and personal and customized fashion. academic registration
Tél. +33(0)1 44 88 20 20  A
 ssistance with housing (explanation of
 Services offered steps to be taken with respect to housing
• Guaranteed space in student housing assistance, utilities, insurance, security
controlled by institution deposit, housing tax, etc.)
• List of available rentals or of Web sites that
can be used to find rental housing  Help opening a bank account
The administrative service of CREAPOLE helps  A
 ssistance with administrative and
our students by putting them in touch with regulatory compliance (such as obtaining
organisms which rents housings for students. residency permit)

 T hese services apply to

All international students
 These services are free


 City:

 Network transit:
Métro, RER, Bus
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