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Ra Fin TBLS Paper 2/3 Rubric Nomen ____________

w al
16 100 Level 4 Level 3 Level 2 Level 1
15. 98 - Addresses the demands of the - Addresses the demands of the - Addresses the demands of the - Thesis statement does not
5 question and considers all question and considers most question and considers some address the demands of the
15 95 Thesis relevant factors relevant factors relevant factors, other factors question
14. 93
Statement - Argument is specific and - Argument is specific and have not been addressed - Argument is vague and/or does
5 explains how factors connect to explains how some of the factors - Argument is vague and/or not explain how factors connect
14 90 the question connect to the question partially explains how some of to the question
- Nuanced argument that - Nuanced argument that the factors connect to the - No little theses present
13. 89 considers multiple perspectives considers multiple perspectives question
-Little theses expand upon ideas - Little theses connect to ideas - Some little theses do not
13 88
presented in thesis presented in the thesis connect to ideas presented in
12. 86 thesis
5 - Evidence is prefaced with - Evidence is prefaced with - Some evidence is prefaced - Evidence is not prefaced with
12 84 thorough and relevant context relevant context with relevant context relevant context
11. 82 Evidence - Includes an accurate and - Includes an accurate discussion - Includes a limited discussion - Includes a superficial discussion
5 detailed discussion defining the defining the major issues, names, defining some of the major defining few of the major issues,
11 80 major issues, names, dates, dates, events and ideas most issues, names, dates, events and names, dates, events and ideas
10. 78 events and ideas most relevant to relevant to the question ideas relevant to the question relevant to the question
5 the question - Contains a few minor - Contains inaccuracies,
10 75 inaccuracies, irrelevant, and/or irrelevant, and/or vague evidence
vague evidence
9.5 73
9 70 - Evidence is explained in - Most evidence is explained in - Some of the evidence is - Evidence is not explained in
relation to the historical context relation to the historical context explained in relation to the relation to the historical context
8.5 68 Analysis - Uses cause & effect and/or - Uses cause & effect and/or historical context - Does not use cause & effect
8 65 compare/contrast to explain compare/contrast to explain - Uses cause & effect and/or and/or compare/contrast to
7.5 64
causal relationships causal relationships for most of compare/contrast to explain explain causal relationships
- All implications of the question the evidence causal relationships for some of throughout the essay
7 63 are considered - Most implications of the the evidence -Analysis demonstrates a lack of
6.5 62 question are considered -Analysis demonstrates partial understanding of the question
understanding of the question - Analysis is vague, inaccurate, or
6 60
-Analysis is vague and/or rooted in inaccurate content
5.5 59 descriptive knowledge
5 58 -Organization of body - Organization of body paragraphs - Organization of some of the - Essay is missing key
paragraphs furthers the supports the argument, with body paragraphs support the components
4.5 57 Organization argument, with well crafted little specific little theses argument, with vague little - Answers are not structured
4 55 theses - Most evidence and analysis theses chronologically or thematically
- All evidence and analysis relate relate to the little thesis statement - Answers are structured using relevant evidence to
3.5 45
to the little thesis statement - Answers are structured chronologically or thematically support historical arguments
3 40 - Answers are structured chronologically or thematically using relevant evidence to throughout the essay
2.5 35 chronologically or thematically using relevant evidence to support support historical arguments for -May be a recognizable essay
using relevant evidence to historical arguments for most of some of the body paragraphs structure but there is minimal
2 30
support historical arguments the body paragraphs - May be a recognizable essay focus on the task
1.5 20 - Essay addresses the full scope - Addresses several aspects of the but without fully addressing the
1 15 of the question question scope of the question

0.5 10