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In learning Activity 4, you will explore one form of text types commonly found in academic
interactions; that is the Infographics. In this learning activity, the term Infographics is used
to the commonly referred to as informative posters. This shift in terminology can be
observed as the impact of the rapid development in ICT.

How much do you know about Infographics? Why is it necessary for you to be
knowledgeable and skillful in working with Infographics?

A Coming to terms with Infographics. Study these three samples of Infographics and
complete the table that follows. Click on the image to get larger view.

Infographic-11 Infographic-22 Infographic-33

Complete this table based on your observation of the three infographics above.
QUESTIONS Infographic-1 Infographic-2 Infographic-3
Where do you School’s School’s Bulletin board School’s Bulletin board
think this Bulletin board or website for students or website for students
infographic can or website for
be found? students
What is the
10 Ways To Study 8 Top Tips to Boost your
title of the M Study Tips
Smart learning
What could be
Offer advide on
the author’s Offer advices to study Offer advice on best
best learning
purpose for smart learning strategies
creating it?
Who is
probably the All students All students All students
Can you Not really. Tips #1, #7
Tips #5 is not
immediately and #10 need to be
clear for me. Only sleep, focus, and
get the read carefully. The Icon
The icon M exercise icon are
author’s used to represent
isnot matched matched with the
message? them are not really
with the message.
Why? matched with the
Can you find
any clue about
Yes. It is Yes.
the source of No.
each of the
B Read the advice statements below. Which infographics suggests each of them. Put a
check mark () in the right column to indicate your responses.

1 2 3
1 Study in a distraction-free place. √
2 Plan your study well. √
3 Make notes of what you study. √
4 Discuss your study with others to get better
√ √
understanding of it.
5 Refresh your memory regularly by doing quizzes

or exercises.
6 Get to know about how you learn. √
7 Get sufficient sleep time. √ √
8 Eat only healthy food. √
9 Take regular exercise to keep you fit. √
10 Keep yourself motivated to learn. √
C Based on your experience in doing the learning activities for section A and B, which of
the following statements is a characteristic of a good infographics? Put a check mark
() in the right column to indicate your responses.

Characteristics of an Informative Poster (Infographics)

1 An Informative Posters or infogrpahic is a visual presentation of

2 It combines text and graphics. √
3 It is a simple, yet, well structured and well organized piece of text in itself. √
4 It is visually appealing to readers. √
5 It has a title, presented in lettering that can be read from a distance. √
6 It has sections that is labelled with clear headings. √
7 It contains text and graphics that are neatly arranged. √
8 It is supported by the use of relevant graphics that help illustrate the

intended message.
9 It is supported by grammatically acceptable written text. √
10 It has details of the sources used to obtain the information and graphics

on its lower corner.