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Mr. Rashid Nassor Bumarwa.

Public Health & Environmental Officer.
Morogoro Urban Water Supply & Sanitation Authority (MORUWASA),
Technical Department,
P.O. Box 5476, Morogoro-Tanzania.
Mobile: +255755674418/714628954
WhatsApp: +255755674418
➢ Good interpersonal and communication skills

➢ Able to work independently

➢ Quality output-oriented

➢ Good time management.

2015- present- BSc. Environmental Engineering.
The University of Dodoma (UDOM) – Tanzania.
2006 – 2009 – Diploma in Environmental Health Sciences.
Ngudu School of Environmental Health Sciences – Mwanza, Tanzania.
2001 – 2003 – Certificate in Environmental Health Sciences.
Kagemu School of Environmental Health Sciences – Bukoba, Tanzania.
1997 – 2000 – Ordinary Level Secondary School Education.
Bukoba Secondary School – Bukoba Tanzania.
1990 – 1996 – Primary School Education.
Kangabusharo Primary School – Bukoba Tanzania.
1978 - I was born in Bukoba, Kagera region.
Computer skills - Good Command of Microsoft Office and GIS specialist
- Engineering Softwares (AQTESOLV, THORNTHWAITE, EPANET,
HYDROCAD, EPACAD, AUTOCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD Civil 3D, Storm
and Sanitary Analysis (SSA), SEWER CAD, ArchiCAD )
- Data Analysis softwares (SIGMA PLOT, SURFER, ARCGIS, CROPWAT,
CLIMWAT, iRIC, Flood Modeller)


Continuing environmental degradation is a big problem worldwide especially in
developing countries. Successful environmental conservation can be done by using
community living in that environment. Since September, 2014 I came with an idea of
initiating an Organization of Morogoro Environmental Conservation and Community
Development (MECCODE) which shall be autonomous and Non-Governmental, non-
partisan, non-religious and non-political based on non-profit making, voluntary and social
organization. Its vision is to improve social-economic condition of the community and
conserve environment and its mission being to promote social-economic condition of the
community through sustainable environmental conservation programs in Tanzania.
Functions of the Organization are involving local people in improving their living
environment, to carry out and promote both environmental improvement and practical
conservation, to educate, encourage and support the local population in environmental
practice by working with statutory and non-statutory agencies, to publicise and promote
the environmental conservation work, to influence the change in community attitude and
behavior towards environmental conservation, empowering the communities to own and
manage the natural resources sustainably using participatory approach, promote and
coordinate community based strategies for livelihood improvement and sustainable
utilization of resources, protect water sources and their environment and to conduct


Sept. 2011 – To date – Public Health & Environmental Officer, Morogoro Urban
Water Supply & Sanitation Authority (MORUWASA).
 Conduct environmental health education to create public awareness and
 Collect and analyze information/data on environmental health and submit
to relevant authorities for necessary steps.
 Carries out researches on how to improve water sources and environmental
 Collects samples of clean water and waste water for investigations to establish
adherence to required standards.
 Assists in monitoring environmental preservation and sanitation.
07th October, 2014 – To date – Environmental and Social Safeguards Coordinator,
Morogoro Urban Water Supply & Sanitation Authority (MORUWASA).
Implementing the Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) and
Resettlement Management Framework (RMF) by:
• Ensuring Environmental and Social Screening Form (ESSF) that should be applied
during the projects preparation
• Ensuring Environmental and Social Monitoring Report (ESMR) that should be
applied during the projects execution
• Ensuring Environmental and Social Final Report (ESFR) that should be applied once
the projects are completed.

2004 – Sept, 2011 – Sewerage Supervisor, Morogoro Urban Water Supply &
Sanitation Authority (MORUWASA).
• Conduct land survey for new sewerage customers connections
• Prepare cost estimates/bill of quantities for sewerage construction
• Conduct public and customers awareness on different issues based
on water supplies and sewerage system

March 2011- 25th March, 2014 - Assistant Public Relations & Customer Officer of

2003 – 2004 – Environmental & Health Officer, Kagera Fish Company Ltd –
Bukoba Tanzania.
• In charged day -to-day factory activities especially personal
hygiene, factory cleanliness as well as surroundings.
• Supervised proper disposal of collected solid wastes
• Proposed and founded the site for final disposal of solid wastes.
❖ Work shop on Cleaner Production Concept and Practice for stake holders –
conducted by Cleaner Production Centre of Tanzania (CPCT) held at BOT
Institute – Mwanza 2008.
❖ Short course on Preventive Maintenance of Water Supply and Sewerage
Infrastructures conducted by Institute of Engineers Tanzania (IET) and SADC
held at VETA - Dodoma (07th - 10th June, 2010).
❖ Environmental awareness for MORUWASA caretakers’ team for Environmental
issues held at MORUWASA yard (27th– 30thJune, 2011)
❖ MORUWASA Workers Council meeting held at Top Life Hotel- Morogoro (20th
– 21st June, 2012).
❖ MORUWASA Workers Council meeting held at VETA - Mikumi (17th – 18th
April, 2013).
❖ MORUWASA Workers Council meeting held at VETA – Mikumi (28th – 29th
May, 2013).
❖ Workshop of Safe Water for Food (SaWaFo) Project held at Oasis Hotel in
Morogoro (20th – 22nd August, 2013).
❖ Short course of Safety and Health Representatives held at OSHA Headquarters –
Kinondoni Dar es salaam (17th – 20th September, 2013).
❖ Workshop on Sanitation and Sewerage Management organized by WDMI and
GIZ – Wave plus held at KCC Hotel – Mailimoja Kibaha (23rd – 27th September,
❖ Workshop on Non-revenue water by Vitens Evides International – Netherlands
29th – 31st October, 2013 held in Morogoro.
❖ Short course on Social and Behaviour Change Approaches held at Muhimbili
University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS) – Dar es Salaam (25th – 29th
November, 2013)
❖ Short course on "Researching in Health Education for Health Professionals, a
foundation course" organized by Muhimbili University of Health and Allied
Sciences in collaboration with Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge UK held at
Muhimbili University in Dar es Salaam (11th – 12th February, 2014)
❖ Workshop on Environmental & Social Safeguards Management by Ministry of
Water held at B -Z Hotel, Morogoro (13th – 15th March, 2014).
❖ Regional Environmental Sanitation Stakeholders meeting in inauguration of
“Ifanye Morogoro iendelee kuwa safi” campaign 26th March – 04th April, 2014
held at Mt. Uluguru Hotel – Morogoro (26th March, 2014).
❖ Workshop for Draft of Water Sector Specific EIA and Environmental Audit
Guidelines by Ministry of Water at Gwami Hotel, Morogoro (29th – 30th April,
❖ Workshop on “High Performance Computing for Public Good” under, held at Peacock Hotel City Centre, Dar es salaam (03rd June, 2014)
❖ Symposium – “Stereology & Neuroscience Symposium” held at Sokoine
University of Agriculture (SUA), Morogoro – Tanzania (23rd – 27th June, 2014).
❖ Workshop of Safe Water for Food (SaWaFo) Project held at SUA – ICE
conference in Morogoro (2nd – 4th July, 2014).
❖ Stakeholders meeting on Conservation of Mambogo Water Source, Morogoro
River held at Edema Hotel, Morogoro Municipal (23rd July, 2014)
❖ Short course DART.ENVS.01.X Introduction to Environmental Sciences by
DartmouthX (3rd February – 21st March, 2015).
❖ International Visitor Leadership Programme on “Water Resources Management in
U.S” Washington D.C, U.S.A (14th March – 01st April, 2016)
❖ Upper Great Lakes Law and Policy Symposium (Minnesota - Canada trans-
boundary water issues affecting the Great Lakes), Duluth, Minnesota, U.S.A (24th
March, 2016)
❖ Sustainable and Resilient Tanzania Community program - MAJI MARWA,
bringing water to the village of Marwa. A programme under The University of
Dodoma (UDOM) in collaboration with Ohio State University (OSU), USA and
Kilimanjaro Hope Organization (KiHO) – Same, Kilimanjaro (13th – 28th May,
❖ Maji week 2019. Annual Scientific Conference, St. Gaspar Hotel, Dodoma
Tanzania (18th – 19th March, 2019)
➢ Graduate School USA, 600 Maryland Avenue, SW, Website: (12th -17th March, 2016)
➢ U.S Department of State – Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and
Scientific Affairs, Washington DC (14th March, 2016).
➢ United States Bureau of Reclamation (USBR), Washington DC (15th March,
➢ U.S Geological Survey National Center (USGS), Reston, Virginia (16th March,
➢ U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Washington DC (16th March, 2016)
➢ Anacostia Watershed Tour by visiting Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens
tributaries, Washington DC (17th March, 2016)
➢ Citizen Diplomacy International of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, (18th
March, 2016)
➢ Stroud Water Research Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (18TH March, 2016)
➢ Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
(19TH March, 2016)
➢ Patrick Center for Environmental Research, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (20TH
March, 2016)
➢ Rutgers University New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES) and
Rutgers University New Jersey Water Resources Research Institute (NJWRRI),
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (21st March, 2016)
➢ Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Division of Ecological and
Water Resources Minneapolis, Minnesota, (22nd March, 2016)
➢ Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR), Minneapolis, Minnesota
(23rd March, 2016)
➢ The Minnesota Environmental Partnership (MEP), Minneapolis, Minnesota (23rd
March, 2016)
➢ Western Lake Superior Sanitary District (WLSSD), Duluth, Minnesota (24th
March, 2016)
➢ River Mountain Water Treatment Facility: Southern Nevada Water Authority
(SNVA), Las Vegas Valley Water District, Las Vegas, Nevada (25th March, 2016)
➢ Grand Canyon National Park (GRCA), Arizona (25th and 26th March, 2016)
➢ Hoover Dam, Nevada (27th March, 2016)
➢ New Orleans Citizen Diplomacy Council, New Orleans, Louisiana (29th March,
➢ Lake Pontchartrain, New Orleans, Louisiana (30th March, 2016)
➢ United States Geological Survey, Barton Rouge, Louisiana (31st March, 2016)
➢ The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ), Barton Rouge,
Louisiana (31st March, 2016)
➢ The Water Institute of the Gulf, Barton Rouge, Louisiana (31st March, 2016)
I can speak, write and understand English and Kiswahili excellently.

1. Prof. Salome Mutayoba
Senior Lecturer,
Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA),
Cell: +255712941004.
E – mail:

2. Mr. Edmund Francis Mlashani

Park Warden,
Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA),
Cell: +255784486660/767186660/652084044.
E – mail:

3. Mrs. Getrude A. Salema

Public and Customers Relations Officer,
Morogoro Urban Water Supply & Sanitation Authority (MORUWASA),
Cell: +255769942424
E – mail: