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I. Identification. Identify the terms or concepts being asked in each item. Write your answer in capital
letters on the space provided.

___________1. It is about seeing things as a whole and as something that is bigger than the sum of its parts.
___________2. Refers to the thinking process of a person.
___________3. The inborn traits passed on by the generations of offspring from both sides of the biological
parents' families.
___________4. These are the results from the emotions were experienced.
___________5. It is an outward manifestation or acting out of the attitudes an individual has.
___________6. Refers to the relationship a person has with another people.
___________7. It is the unique and enduring set of behaviors, feelings, attitudes, thoughts and motives that
characterize a person.
___________8. Is the transition period between childhood and early adulthood.
___________9. It is the study of mind and behavior.
___________10. Refers to knowing who you are and how you fit in the society.
___________11. Basic value that refers tonpleasurw and sensous gratification for oneself.
___________12. These are the descriptors or adjectives that reflect a value.
___________13. These are biologically related such as hunger and thirst.
___________14. Refers to person's thoughts, feelings and emotions about another person, object, idea, behavior
or situation.
___________15. Refers to the relationship a person has with other people.

III. Enumeration
1-5 Aspects of Holistic Development
6-8 Factors influencing the Human Development
9-13 Dimensions of the Big Five Model

IV. Diffrentiate the following terms. (2pts. each)

1. Values and Virtues

2. Nature and Nurture
3. Attitude and Behavior
4. Personality Development and Personal Development

V. Answer the following questions: (2 pts)

1 How can Positive Psychology help you become happier?
2. How do your feelings and emotions affect the way you think and behave?

VI. Bonus points (2pts

“Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted.” ~ David Bly