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Sena Kalyan Sangstha (SKS) an independent legal entity with a mission to satisfy its customers with

superior quality, product, services and values with a vision to serve the entire community of retired
defense officers. In 2015, external consultant firm declares the breaking of its tall structure to flat,
following the Z – theory of motivation to ensure high performance of the employees. By the year SKS
focuses on its 3 defined departments to excel its performance. A cement industry of SKS, “Elephant
Brand cement” facing many difficulties reaches commendable position, while some ventures took
changes n flourished, few other faced different fate such as projects “Savoy Ice cream”, “Crown
Television” and “Tent” however they are planning to incur the tent project by shifting the targeted
customers, now the Flour mills are following the similar footsteps.

However after the changes yet the expected performance has not been achieved and the question
arises if the problem is somewhere else with the enrolled personnel in the organization. With course of
time business patterns changed worldwide, where these retires defense personnel satisfactorily could
run the business are now not in pace with other contemporary executives of other big organizations.
They are unable to support their duties properly due to lack of skill and creativity as they are not
engaged in innovative activities. Neither they face proper training nor actual performance evaluation,
and are unable to understand the rate of their performances. They still need to optimize its capacity to
fulfill desired target.