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Dear Respondent,
Questionnaire is designed to understand relationship between different variables (Public Service Motivation, Spiritual
Intelligence, Organizational Justice & Job Satisfaction) Please read each item carefully and mark your genuine
response. Your response will be kept confidential.


Please indicate the extent to which you agree with the Strongly Strongly
A Disagree
Disagree Neutral Agree
following statements (PSM)
I am interested in making public programs that are
1 5
beneficial for my country or the community I belong to
Sharing my views on public policies with others is
2 4
attractive to me
Seeing people get benefits from the public program I have
3 been deeply involved in brings me a great deal of 5
4 I consider public service my civic duty. 4
5 Meaningful public service is very important to me. 5
I would prefer seeing public officials do what is best for
6 4
the whole community even if it harmed my interests.
It is difficult for me to contain my feelings when I see
7 4
people in distress
I am often reminded by daily events how dependent we are
8 5
on one another
9 I feel sympathetic to the plight of the underprivileged. 5
Making a difference in society means more to me than
10 4
personal achievements
I am prepared to make enormous sacrifices for the good of
11 4
12 I believe in putting duty before self. 4

Read each statement carefully and choose which one of the five possible responses best reflects you by circling
the corresponding number. Please answer honestly and make responses based on how you actually are rather
than how you would like to be.
Not at all Not very Somewh Very Complet
B Statements (SI) true of true of at true true ely true
me me of me of me of me
1 I have often questioned or pondered the nature of reality 3
I recognize aspects of myself that are deeper than my
2 3
physical body.
I have spent time contemplating (think deeply ) the
3 3
purpose or reason for my existence
I am able to enter higher states of consciousness or
4 3
I am able to deeply contemplate (think) what happens after
5 4
It is difficult for me to sense anything other than the
6 1
physical and material
My ability to find meaning and purpose in life helps me
7 3
adapt to stressful situations
8 I can control when I enter higher states of consciousness or 3
I have developed my own theories about such things as
9 1
life, death, reality, and existence.
I am aware of a deeper connection between myself and
10 4
other people
11 I am able to define a purpose or reason for my life 3
I am able to move freely between levels of consciousness
12 2
or awareness
I frequently contemplate (think of) the meaning of events
13 3
in my life
14 I define myself by my deeper, non-physical self 3
When I experience a failure, I am still able to find meaning
15 3
in it
I often see issues and choices more clearly while in higher
16 4
states of consciousness/awareness
I have often contemplated (think about) the relationship
17 4
between human beings and the rest of the universe.
18 I am highly aware of the nonmaterial aspects of life 4
I am able to make decisions according to my purpose in
19 4
I recognize qualities in people which are more meaningful
20 3
than their body, personality, or emotions.
I have deeply contemplated (thought of) whether or not
21 there is some greater power or force (e.g., God, goddess, 4
divine being, higher energy, etc.)
Recognizing the nonmaterial aspects of life helps me feel
22 4
I am able to find meaning and purpose in my everyday
23 4
I have developed my own techniques for entering higher
24 4
states of consciousness or awareness
Decide how satisfied you feel about the aspect of your job Dissatisfi Satisf Very
C Dissatisfi
ied Satisfied
described by the statement (JS) ed
1 Being able to keep busy all the time 3
2 The chance to work alone on the job 4
3 The chance to do different things from time to time 3
4 The chance to be “somebody” in the community 5
5 The way my boss handles his/her workers 2
6 The competence of my supervisor in making decisions 3
Being able to do things that don’t go against my
7 3
8 The way my job provides for steady employment 2
9 The chance to do things for other people. 5
10 The chance to tell people what to do 4
11 The chance to do something that makes use of my abilities 5
12 The way organization policies are put into practice 2
13 My pay and the amount of work I do 3
14 The chances for advancement on this job 2
15 The freedom to use my own judgment 3
16 The chance to try my own methods of doing the job 3
17 The working conditions 3
18 The way my co-workers get along with each other 3
19 The praise I get for doing a good job 3
20 The feeling of accomplishment I get from the job 3

Strongly Strongly
D The following items refer to the procedures used to Disagree
Disagree Neutral Agree
develop your compensation (OJ)
I am able to express my views and feelings during the
1 2
processes used to determine my outcomes (Compensation).
I have influence over the outcome (Compensation) arrived
2 2
at by the procedures.
The procedures for determining outcomes (Compensation)
3 2
are applied consistently.
The procedures for determining outcomes (Compensation)
4 2
are free of bias.
The procedures for determining outcomes (Compensation)
5 2
are based on accurate information.
I am able to appeal the outcomes (Compensation) arrived
6 3
at by the procedures.
The procedures for determining outcomes (Compensation)
7 2
uphold ethical and moral standards.
My outcomes (Compensation) reflect the effort I put into
8 3
my work.
My outcomes are (Compensation) appropriate for the work
9 3
I complete.
My current outcomes (Compensation) reflect what I
10 3
contribute to the organization?
My current outcomes (Compensation) are sufficient, given
11 3
my performance.
12 My supervisor treats me in a polite manner 4
13 My supervisor treats me with dignity 4
14 My supervisor treats me with respect 4
My supervisor refrains from improper remarks or
15 4
16 The rules for determining outcomes (Compensation) are fair. 2
17 The procedures used are applied fairly. 2
In general, procedures used to determine outcomes
18 2
(Compensation) in this organization are fair?
19 The outcomes that I am receiving at this time are fair. 2
20 Overall, the outcomes I am receiving are fair. 3
21 My current outcomes are fair. 3
22 My supervisor treats me fairly. 3
The treatment that I have generally received from my
23 3
supervisor is fair.
24 My supervisor tries to be fair to me. 3

S Please tick the most appropriate box. Your responses will be kept completely confidential.
Gender Male / Female

2. 20-29 30- √ 40- 50- 60 or Above

Age (Years)
39 49 59
Upto 1 Year Between 1 Year to 3 Years
Years of Service Between 3 Years to 6 Between 6 Years to 9 Years
with current Years
Between 9 Years to 12 Over 12 years √
Ph.D M.Phil Masters
4. Education Level
Bachelors Engineer

1. 56,000 to 70,000
Monthly Income

Thank You for your genuine response.