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BVM IT 6 Sem Shopping Site


Software Requirement Specification

Shopping Site Management
Table of Content

1. Introduction
1.1 Purpose
1.2 Scope
1.3 Definition
1.4 Additional Information
2. General Description
3. Feasibility Study

4. Functional Requirements
4.1 Registration
4.2 Login
4.3 Products
4.4 Customers
4.5 Sellers
4.6 Feedback &Ratings
4.7 Payments
4.8 Cart
5. Non-functional
Requirement 5.1 Security
5.2 Reliability
5.3 Availability
5.4 Maintainability
5.5 Portability

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BVM IT 6 Sem Shopping Site

6. Interface Requirement
6.1 GUI
6.2 Hardware
6.3 Software

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BVM IT 6 Sem Shopping Site

1. Introduction
The introduction of the Software Requirements Specification (SRS) provides an
overview of the entire SRS with purpose, scope, definitions, acronyms, abbreviations,
references and overview of the SRS. The aim of this document is to gather and analyze
and give an in-depth insight of the complete shopping site management software system
by defining the problem statement in detail. Nevertheless, it also concentrates on the
capabilities required by stakeholders and their needs while defining high-level product
features. The detailed requirements of the Shopping Site Management are provided in
this document.

1.1 Purpose
The purpose of the document is to collect and analyze all assorted ideas that
have come up to define the system, its requirements with respect to consumers.
Also, it contains document ideas that are being considered, but may be discarded as
the product develops. In short, the purpose of this SRS document is to provide a
detailed overview of our software product, its parameters and goals. This document
describes user interface, hardware and software requirements. It defines how our
client, team and audience see the product and its functionality. Nonetheless, it helps
any designer and developer to assist in software delivery lifecycle (SDLC) processes.

1.2 Scope
This system allows costumer to buy products and maintain their cart by add or
remove the product over the internet

1.3 Definition
• OSS- Online shopping System
• SRS- Software Requirement Specification
• GUI- Graphical User Interface
• UI- User Interface
• FAQ – Frequently Asked Question
• Stockholder- The person who will participate in system.
o Ex. Customer, Administrator, Visitor etc.

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BVM IT 6 Sem Shopping Site

1.4 Additional Information

The system work on internet server, so it will operate by any end user for the
buying purpose. Also we provide an android and iOS app so customer can easily

2. General Description
This Shopping Site provide customer to buy the items, it provides facility to search
the item of category wise, sort the item. We can maintain our account in this site with the
simple layout. It provides the detailed description of each and every product also provides
guaranty and warranty information of the product. It provides details of different sellers
and their ratings.

3. Feasibility Study
3.1 Technical Feasibility
• Technical feasibility centers on the existing manual system of the test
management process and to what extent it can support the system.
• According to feasibility analysis procedure the technical feasibility of the
system is analyzed and the technical requirements such as software facilities,
procedure, inputs are identified.
• It is also one of the important phases of the system development activities.
• The system offers greater levels of user friendliness combined with greater
processing speed.
3.2 Operational Feasibility
• Operational feasibility is a measure of how well problem can be solved and
take advantages of opportunity during definition.
• How it satisfied the requirement identified in the requirements and also
analysis phase of system.
• Objectives with regards to development schedule, delivery date, corporation
culture and business processes.

3.3 Time-scheduling Feasibility

• A project will fail if it takes too long to be completed before it is useful.
Typically, this means estimating how long the system will take to develop, and
if it can be completed in a given time period using some methods like payback
• Schedule feasibility is a measure of how reasonable the project timetable is.
• The schedule time for shopping site management was about 7 to 8 months is

3.4 Economic Feasibility

• Economic analysis is most frequently used for evaluation of the effectiveness
of the system.
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BVM IT 6 Sem Shopping Site

• More commonly known as cost/benefit analysis the procedure is to determine

the benefit and saving that are expected from system and compare them with
costs, decisions is made to design and implement the system.
• A simple economic analysis that gives the actual comparison of costs and
benefits is much more meaningful in such cases.
• In the system, the organization is most satisfied by economic feasibility.
Because, if the organization implements this system, it need not require any
additional hardware resources as well as it will be saving lot of time

4. Functional Requirement
The detail description of the various modules which is used in this SRS
4.1 Registration
Every user can register using this module. The details which is needed is mansion
below. User can skip this also but for buy a product He\She must register with the
website using this module.
• Username
• Email
• Password
• Date of Birth
• Gender
• Address
• City
• Pin code
• Contact No.

4.2 Login
This module is needed username or email and password as an input. It provides
facility to buy a product. It is a first step to buy a product. This module is validating
user into database based on registration and then it will respond according to it. This
module provide facility to retrieve your password. There are link for new registration
and forgot password.

4.3 Products
This module stores all the information about every product. also it stores the detail
description of the all product. It will display product configuration and information
about guaranty and warranty

4.4 Customers
This module stores the registered customer’s information. This module is only
accessible by the admin or higher authority. It will not provide any facility to user.

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BVM IT 6 Sem Shopping Site

4.5 Sellers
This module helps user to buy a product at low price by providing all the information
of sellers which is needed like delivery charge, rating of the seller, number of day to
deliver the product and offers. Personal detail of the seller is kept safe and it is only
accessible by the admin or owner of the website.

4.6 Feedback & Ratings

This module stores the user’s feedback and it displays below the product when any
user searches a particular product. User can give ratings also but it will happen if and
only if he/she purchased this product.

4.7 Payment
Here, we provide facility to make payment of product which is in your cart. This
module provides multiple options for payments like debit card, credit card, cash on
delivery, EMI, Google pay and Paytm.

4.8 Cart
User can manage their cart. He/she can add the product, remove the product, move
product into wish list and purchase product. Here user is an admin of their cart but he
cannot see others cart.

5. Non-Functional Requirements
5.1 Security

The system must automatically log out all customers after a period of inactivity

This system kept safe username and password.

It will run on online server so there is less chance to system crash and data loss.

This system use SSL so all the transaction will be safe.

The server is accessed by authorized administrator.

Sensitive data will send and store in encrypted form.

5.2 Reliability

The system provides storage of all databases on redundant computers with
automatic switchover.

The reliability of the overall program depends on the reliability of the separate

The main pillar of reliability of the system is the backup of the database which is
continuously maintained and updated to reflect the most recent changes.

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BVM IT 6 Sem Shopping Site

5.3 Availability

The system should be available at all times, meaning the user can access it
using a web browser, only restricted by the down time of the server on which
the system runs. In case of a of a hardware failure or database corruption, a
replacement page will be shown. Also in case of a hardware failure or database
corruption, backups of the database should be retrieved from the server and
saved by the administrator. Then the service will be restarted. It means 24 X 7

5.4 Maintainability

A commercial database is used for maintaining the database and the
application server takes care of the site. In case of a failure, a re-initialization of
the program will be done.

Also the software design is being done with modularity in mind so that
maintainability can be done efficiently.

5.5 Portability

This system can run smoothly in mobile, tablet and computer as well because the
application is HTML scripting based so the end user part is fully portable.

6. Interface Requirement
6.1 GUI

Login Page

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BVM IT 6 Sem Shopping Site
➢ Registration Form

➢ Product Page

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BVM IT 6 Sem Shopping Site

➢ Shopping Cart

➢ Buying Report (Bill)

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BVM IT 6 Sem Shopping Site

6.2 Hardware
Articular Client System Server System
Operating System Windows/Linux/Android/iOS Linux
Processor Intel or AMD Intel or AMD
Hard Disk 1 GB 1 TB
RAM 256 MB 8 GB
Cache Memory 256 KB 512 KB
6.3 Software

Language : PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, AJAX, JSON

Database : MYSQL

Other tools : XAMP server

Operating System : Windows 7,8,9,10, MAC OS, Linux, Android
➢ : Android Mobile, iOS Mobile, Laptop , Computer
Compatible Device

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