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The Underground
G-Style Handgun
The Step-By-Step Guide For
True Patriots Showing How To Build
Your Own G-Style Handgun That’s
Completely “Off The Books”!
The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide
By Caleb Lee

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The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

Welcome fellow Patriot!

I’m extremely excited to introduce you to an exciting new opportunity to exercise your
God given rights of self defense … and … your Second Amendment rights to firearms by
showing you how to build your own g-style handgun!

This powerful guide will show you how to get a Glock-style handgun completely “off the
books” so that Big Brother keeps its eyes off your business!

Important Note About Laws:

This guide is for purely informational purposes only. I am not responsible for anything
you do with this information. It is provided “as is”. By reading this guide you agree to
these terms.

Additionally, I am NOT a lawyer and in no way am I qualified to tell you what is legal
Federally or on a state level as it pertains to you.

I am simply telling you “what I have heard” about the legality of all things I write about
in this book and I’m exercising my First Amendment rights.

You are fully responsible to know the laws Federally and Locally as they pertain to you.

Here are some links about building your own gun pertaining to federal laws. If you are
unsure about anything I encourage you to do your own research before attempting
anything in this guide.

All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their
respective holders. "GLOCK" is a federally registered trademark of GLOCK, Inc and is
one of many trademarks owned by GLOCK, Inc. or GLOCK Ges.m.b.H. Neither UGAR,
LLC nor this guide, nor Caleb Lee are affiliated in any manner with, or otherwise

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The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

endorsed by, GLOCK, Inc. or GLOCK Ges.m.b.H. The use of "GLOCK" or "Glock" in
this guide is merely to correctly identify GLOCK pistols, parts, or components. For
genuine GLOCK, Inc and GLOCK Ges.m.b.H. products and parts visit

Now that the Lawyers are satisfied, let’s get into it!

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The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide


First, when we are talking about handguns we have to know what we are talking about.

A 1911 is basically comprised of two main parts: the frame (aka the receiver) and the
slide. That’s pretty much how all semi-automatic handguns are designed. The picture
below is of a 1911 handgun, but it's the same for the Glock or other Glock-style handguns
(from here on out called "G-style" handguns)

As defined by the BATF, because many weapons these days have modular barrels and
other parts, the part or assembly that contains the trigger is the registerable part, or
basically the firearm itself.

In the case of the G-style handgun this is the part called the "receiver".

This is the actual “Gun” according to Federal Laws – it’s called the receiver (shown here
is a regular Glock 17 receiver with no internal parts):
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The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

Now, it’s this small part – the receiver that’s considered the actual “gun” by US Law.

But ... and this is important ... it’s only considered a real “gun” or firearm when it is ready
to accept the fire control parts (trigger, hammer, sear, etc) and the slide and barrel, etc.

In other words, only when the frame is ready to have the parts put into it, and is
completely ready for assembly (and would be the same as a completed gun that you
bought from the store when disassembled) is it considered a firearm.

For example, here is a 1911 handgun forging that was for sale on Totally
blank. It’s gun shaped, but obviously not anywhere close to being able to become a
firearm. There are no holes for pins, no holes for the trigger and no way to put a barrel in
this on slide on top, etc

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The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

Just because it looks like a gun, doesn’t make it a gun right?

And just because someone with the proper tools and knowledge could, with a lot of work,
turn it into a firearm – doesn’t make it a gun – see how this works?

Because you could potentially turn almost any piece of steel, aluminum or plastic into a
gun – the regulating bodies have to determine at what point a piece of inanimate object is
capable of becoming a real firearm.

That’s the state of being a 100% firearm.

First, let’s make sure we cover some definitions:

Stripped Glock Receiver (aka frame)

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The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

The image above is called a “Stripped receiver” or "Glock frame"– that’s because it is
stripped of the fire control group, there’s no grips, no triggers, etc:

Yet, this unassuming piece of polymer is considered the firearm by U.S. law – and as you
can see it has a serial number engraved on a metal plate that's embedded in the polymer.
That is so it is traceable.

You can simply buy this from a gun store, or from an online site like and
have it shipped to your local gun shop, then go in and fill out the regular paperwork like
you were buying a regular Glock and then assemble it all yourself. This is what a lot of
hobbyist Glock guys do or guys that want to build a totally custom Glock.

From here, it’s very simple to finish your Glock – you just get all the parts together and
start assembling it.

But How Can You Guarantee You Get a Glock Receiver With No Way
To Trace It?

The answer is something that I think all of us Patriotic, DIY, red-blooded Americans
would love … You build it from scratch!

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The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide


Luckily for us DIY people, who want nothing more than complete and total privacy and
the satisfaction that our G-style handgun will be “off the books” forever – building your
own g-style handgun from scratch is not as hard as it sounds!

Here’s the key thing to remember: the G-style receiver is the important part. You only
need to find a way to get this one single part without any paperwork because it’s the
actual “firearm”—the rest of the handgun is just “parts”.

The rest of the handgun you can already buy and build from parts that are completely
legal to own “off the books” and without background checks and there are no serial
numbers on any other parts.

In fact, you can order all the other parts right from the mail and have them delivered to
your doorstep and there’s absolutely no problem with that because that’s totally legal.

And that’s another good point too:

The “after market” support is HUGE for the Glock platform which means there are plenty
of parts for you to build a G-style handgun!

You can choose to build your g-style handgun in whatever way you may desire – but I
suggest simply starting with the standard g-style 9mm full-size because it’s the “basic”
build ... and ... I also recommend building from a kit of parts that are MEANT to go
together to make it easier on yourself.

Let’s review … a Glock is basically comprised of two main parts:

1. receiver, and the parts inside it

2. slide, and parts inside it

… As defined by the BATF, because many weapons these days have modular barrels and
other parts, the part or assembly that contains the trigger is the registerable part, or
basically the firearm itself.

In the case of the Glock this is the part called the "receiver" or “frame”.

© 2016 and beyond Page 9

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

Furthermore, according to the BATF, if the firearm (the receiver) is incomplete, and the
trigger cannot be installed, it is not, by definition, a firearm—it is a hunk of polymer.

Basically an individual could legally whittle a firearm out of a block of polymer and
produce a legal firearm assuming it doesn't violate any other BATF specs such as rate of
fire, etc.

The only condition is that this home-built weapon is not to be manufactured to be sold
(otherwise you would then be considered a firearm maker and you would be in for a TON
of red tape and licensing and other considerations because you’re now a company like
“Glock” who is a “firearm manufacturer”!)

Now, some people HAVE done this!

If you are a polymer molding expert – and you have access to the HUGE machines that
are super expensive – and plenty of supplies -- then more power to ya!

Simply go grab yourself a chunk of polymer, download some CAD drawings and get to
work! You will have a simple time making your own receiver 

For the rest of us though, without machining knowledge or the access or money to make
our own from these machines …

What’s The Solution For The DIY Patriot?

Enter the 80% receiver 

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The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide


With this ruling by the ATF in mind, several manufacturers sell firearm receivers that are
called 80% because they meet the no-trigger rule, and the ATF actually evaluates their
respective designs, granting them the ability to legally sell these incomplete firearm parts.

Just like the name sounds, they are about “80% complete” on the way to becoming a
firearm (or “true” stripped receiver).

That means you have to finish the “Final 20%” to make them into a stripped receiver –
which is capable of having the parts kit installed in it (the trigger, etc that makes it

For example, the first 80% firearm that I built was an AR-15. Here is a picture of an 80%
AR-15 lower:

As you can see, the magazine well has been drilled out
already – but the holes for the trigger and firing
components, and other important holes have not been
drilled out – those are the final 20% of tooling you will
have to complete before it is ready to use!

Here’s a top view of an 80% receiver on the left– you can

see that next to the magazine well is milled out and

But the fire control “pocket” where the “lower parts kit”
goes (in simple terms: “all the stuff like the trigger and

© 2016 and beyond Page 11

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

hammer that make the gun work”) needs to be drilled out. And also the hole for the
trigger needs to be drilled out too

NOTE: you can buy receivers in a state that is before 80% -- such as 0% (block of
aluminum), or 35% (where the magazine well isn’t even milled out), but the simplest and
most cost-effective way for the DIY Patriot is the 80% receiver in my opinion, so that’s
what this guide focuses on.

In the same way, you can now buy an 80% receiver that will accept
Glock parts to build your own G-style handgun!

At this point you may be wondering why I keep saying "G-style" handgun. That is
because GLOCK is a trademarked and copyrighted brand name and they protect it

In fact, that's why you won't see anyone advertise a "80% GLOCK receiver" because they
can't say it's a GLOCK if they don't own the brand name. Get it?

So there is now one company that produces an 80% receiver that is made from polymer
and will accept all the Glock parts. That company is shown on the next
page and available at the website address below at the time of going to press:

© 2016 and beyond Page 12

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

What Needs To Be Completed to Make This a Real "G-style" Firearm?

There are a few main things that need to be completed before this frame becomes a true

© 2016 and beyond Page 13

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

1. Drill holes

2. Mill slide guide rails

3. Mill the barrel bridge

4. Mill the top rails of the receiver.

Obviously, without those things, you can’t assemble this into a real handgun and it
definitely won’t fire. So because of that you’re actually ordering a “hunk of polymer” as
far as all the regulations are concerned.

The Best Part Is The Spectre 80 Package Comes With EVERYTHING

You Need!

In the past, I have built:

* An AR-15 from an 80% lower

* An AR-308 from an 80% lower

* A 1911 from an 80% lower

* An AK-47 from an 80% lower

What makes the PF940 Pistol Kit unique is that it contains EVERYTHING you need.
You see with all the other rifles and the 1911 pistol I built, you had to buy the parts to
make the gun then you also had to buy JIGS and other tools to complete it.

From the Website of Polymer80, here's a description of the kit:

Overview: This frame is designed as an 80% frame, and

includes all the necessary end mill bits and drill bits,
and Jig to assist completing your pistol project
accurately. Most people use a drill press with a cross vise
to mill out the product, many folks have drill presses
sitting in their garages, or can find someone who has one
available to borrow. The frame accepts Glock17 9mm slides,
as well as the Glock 40 caliber slide. The Smith and Wesson
40cal slide is also compatible with the Sig357 barrel

© 2016 and beyond Page 14

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

configuration, which essentially gives you 3 different

calibers to choose from.

Unlike the Glock, this frame includes a uniquely extended

beaver-tail, and most notably a 1911 pistol grip rather
than the standard glock styled pistol grip. Even better,
this pistol grip includes a built in flared magwell for
speed loading. This feature will surely be a favorite among
competition shooters who require speed and accuracy.

Finally, the areas that need to be milled out to complete

this project include:

 The barrel bridge

 The top rails of the receiver
 The slide guide rails

Once completed, you insert the custom locking block which

comes with the kit, it provides additional metallic rails
up front.

What is also unique about this product is that you can choose the different calibers that
you want to complete for the build. Again, I did 9mm because I think it's the best but you
could build the other calibers or types of guns too with different part kits after finishing
the receiver (finishing the receiver is the same for them all).

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The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

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The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

© 2016 and beyond Page 17

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

© 2016 and beyond Page 18

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

Here is the direct link to purchase it:

Now what to do once you GET your 80% receiver?

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The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide


For the DIY patriot like us – we can complete this handgun in our garage with little more
than a drill, a drill press and some hand tools (plus, some good old red-blooded American
Elbow Grease!)

What’s more: because it comes with a JIG – and all the drill and milling bits you need --
you don’t have to be a whiz with measuring for where to drill or cut. It’s mostly done for
you and pretty easy to use.

In fact, the Polymer80 website has an entire guide and videos to help you out in addition
to what I'm about to show you. The good news is this is a QUICK and easy project
compared to building other guns (when you watch my videos that are included in this
course -- you'll see that the total time I spent on this project was under 45 minutes!)

I break it down into three simple steps for you next ...

© 2016 and beyond Page 20

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

*** The Written Instructions Below

Are Only Meant to Give a BRIEF
Outline Of The Entire Process of
Completing Your Handgun
Receiver -- PLEASE Watch The
Videos Included With This Course
for STEP-BY-STEP, More Detailed
Instructions! ***

© 2016 and beyond Page 21

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

WARNING: Before you begin ...

Read this warning from the official Polymer80 instructions they provide, because it's
super important:

© 2016 and beyond Page 22

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

Again, as the company themselves state over and over again ...

*** Do NOT drill the side pin holes using a drill press. ***

Otherwise, the only tools you need are A drill press with cross vise, bench vise and basic
tools such as a small hammer, various punches, hand files and 220 grit sand paper for
finish work and refinement.

© 2016 and beyond Page 23

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

Step 1: Mount Jig on Receiver and Drill Holes

The Jig that we’ll be using makes this pretty simple, here’s what it looks like when you
get it:

You simply fit it between the two red plastic pieces of the JIG. Too easy:

© 2016 and beyond Page 24

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

It clicks together and there's really nothing holding it together accept the fit and later
when you put it in a vice to do the work to it. Simple.

Next, you'll see that there are holes in the Jig for the places you'll drill. Even more simple
they give you the drill bits you need!

© 2016 and beyond Page 25

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

As I'm showing here you can see the rear trigger group hole, and the two take down holes
up on the slide. The 7/64 drill bit is used twice (top pin hole and trigger mechanism
housing hole) and the 5/32 is used once for the bottom of the two pin holes.

© 2016 and beyond Page 26

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

Again, stick the jig and receiver in a table vise -- snug but not so tight that you bend or
deform the plastic in any way -- and use a hand drill to drill all those holes.

Drill one side first, then flip it over and do the other side. Do NOT try to drill all the way

© 2016 and beyond Page 27

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

Step 2: Mill The Slide Rails and The Barrel Bridge

You'll mill the slide rails and the barrel bridge using the giant mill bit that's included and
a drill press. This is the good time to use the cross vise because it will allow you to move
the jig/receiver while you mill.

Mill away ...

© 2016 and beyond Page 28

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

But don't worry about touching really close to the red jig, you just have to get "enough"
of the material off. Remember, you can always take more off, but you can't put more
back on! Later on, you can use hand files and sand paper to make it extra close and fine
and exact. Just get the majority of the material off now so you can finish it later by hand
with the files.

Next, you'll take the jig out, stand it on its side and you may have to adjust the milling bit
but you're going to plunge down to take out the barrel bridge material. In the picture
below, I'm holding the frame with what would be the barrel facing away from me -- and
I'm pointing at the area of the barrel bridge -- that I drew around in green -- that you have
to mill away -- essentially you want to remove all the material there in the half circle
shape -- so that the barrel and recoil spring of your Glock kit will fit here.

Trust me it will all make sense when you look at your receiver and you think about how
you're going to put the barrel and recoil spring in there :) It's also slightly indented so you
can see where it needs the material removed.

© 2016 and beyond Page 29

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

Mill it ...

And you can see you'll be left with all that material that has been removed ...

© 2016 and beyond Page 30

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

You'll finish that all by hand and files and whatnot to make it pretty later ...

© 2016 and beyond Page 31

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

Step 3: Mill The Rear Rail Section

This is a great step to do last since you need to have some skills or familiarity at least
with the cross vice and the drill press as a milling device. You'll put the smallest milling
bit (the 5/64ths end bit) into the drill press and mill the rear rails.

From the official guide from Polymer80:

You only want to go to the depth they specify -- which is the "flat" part of the milling bit.

Mill it back and forth ...

© 2016 and beyond Page 32

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

And then flip it around and do the other side ...

Some helpful tips are to take your time, make sure you don't go too deep too soon, and to
try moving the vise back and forth like you're milling it BEFORE you actually do -- that
way you can make sure you're not bumping into anything that would ruin your actual
milling experience.

© 2016 and beyond Page 33

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

Step 4: Finish Work, Locking Block and Test Assemble ...

This is the final step!

At this point you're practically done. All you have to do is clean up your work (depending
on how precise you were with the milling and drilling) -- add the locking block -- and
then test fit all the rest of your Glock parts to assemble your gun.

Throw the jig back in a table vise:

Start filing ...

© 2016 and beyond Page 34

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

Stop when you get flush with the red jig frame ...

Use filing tools to sand out and remove as much material from the barrel bridge as you
need ...

Check whether you have removed enough material by test fitting the recoil spring in the
spot it's supposed to go:

© 2016 and beyond Page 35

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

At a certain point, you'll want to actually assemble your Glock slide (with barrel, and
recoil spring in it) and try to slide it on to see what else you need to file out of the barrel
bridge ...

Once it can go in, you're good ...

You'll also have to use a flat file to file the rear slide rails too to make sure the slide fits
on them as well ...

© 2016 and beyond Page 36

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

And a good tip here is to take the slide and turn it around backwards, like you're trying to
put it on from the back, to test fit the slide on the rear rails to let you know where it's not
fitting and what you have to file more ...

And then test fit from the front, it won't be exact since you haven't put the locking block
in yet, but it will let you know what to file still ...

© 2016 and beyond Page 37

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

Once the slide fits, use a small hammer to help you get the locking block in ...

There's only one way it goes in. Get it in, without locktite first that way you can check he
fit of the slide again on all the rails before you make it permanent :)

© 2016 and beyond Page 38

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

At this point, your gun should function -- as in you should be able to rack the slide.

© 2016 and beyond Page 39

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

If all is well and there's no binding or you don't need to remove any material then you can
take the slide off, put the locking block screws in with loctite on them (using tiny allen
wrenches) ...

Congrats you now have a “stripped” handgun lower receiver – a completely private G-
style handgun!

© 2016 and beyond Page 40

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide


Ok, once you have your 80% receiver turned into a real Glock receiver—you are ready to
finish it.

At this stage it is the exact same as if you had bought a commercial “Glock receiver” but
only stripped with no internal parts.

Recall that this is simply the receiver with none of the parts inside it—no fire control
group, no nothing.

You will need all the parts that go inside to make it function – along with the slide, barrel,
and all the parts inside the slide that make the handgun function.

Where Can You Buy Them?

A simple Google search for “Glock parts kit” will reveal there are many places to buy
these parts.

Again, because these parts are not considered the “firearm” (because they’re absolutely
useless without a Glock frame to put them on) – you can buy them from many places,
without a background check, and have them delivered by mail to your residence or

In short, you can get them from almost any gun store/shop online. Brownells is popular
as are others.

You can also go to Polymer80's website and see that they have a complete schematic
breakdown along with a vendor and parts kit list -- with links -- to various places around
the internet where you can buy the needed parts:

If you happen to have a Glock 17 already, you could always just take that one apart and
put all the parts on your new G-style handgun frame. That's actually what I did because I
was in a hurry and didn't want to wait for parts to arrive :)

© 2016 and beyond Page 41

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

While I did not order parts from these two vendors for this particular project, I HAVE in
the past ordered parts from these two websites for my Conceal Carry Glock 19
(replacement parts as per the maintenance schedule):


And while I have not ordered from this site, seems to be a popular

Complete Kits From Lone Wolf ...

One new development, that happened just before the writing of this went to press was
Lone Wolf started carrying complete "kits" for finishing the 80% G-style handgun.

Check out this page here:

And you'll see the description:

Includes all the parts to assemble a Poly80 Spectre

lower in 9mm.

Upgrades over OEM parts include:

LWD-342 3.5# connector

LWD-350-6 6# trigger spring
LWD-749 Extended Slide Stop Lever
LWD-ESLL Black Extended Slide Lock Lever
LWD-1981 Extended Magazine Catch

Now, what's neat about Lone Wolf is that many people have been using them for years to
customize their regular Glocks when they want to make something different. So you
could order that whole kit above for your frame. Then hop on over to another part of the
Lone Wolf site to pickup a slide like they have for sale on this page ...

© 2016 and beyond Page 42

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

In fact, you could basically use Lone Wolf parts and complete your handgun and not have
a single part on your gun that says "GLOCK" if you don't like the Glock parts for some
reason :)

That's pretty cool. I bet as building your own G-style handgun gets more popular, there
will be a lot more companies putting together kits like this.

As it is, you're only 33 parts away from completing your G-style handgun, just get all the
parts for a Glock 17 and you're done!

Tutorials For Assembling Your G-Style Handgun

It would be stupid for me to try and copy what has already been written about how to
assemble your G-style handgun when there are experienced gun builders online who have
already done it (and they’re much more experienced and better at tutorials than I).

However, I have written a few blog articles in the past with instructions on how to detail
disassemble, clean and then re-assemble a regular Glock 19 and if you use those
instructions you can easily assemble your G-style handgun. Here are my blog posts:

How to detail strip and clean:

How to replace maintenance parts (also includes good youtube videos from other people
one how to take apart and put your g-style handgun back together)

Replacing the slide lock and magazine catch spring (two kind of tricky parts on the g-
style handguns)

© 2016 and beyond Page 43

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

There are a number of youtube videos where people dissasemlbe and reassemble their
Glocks online. Because the internet often changes, and links go down, I will attempt to
link to some good Youtube videos here, but if you just click around once you hit the
Youtube website, you’ll see lots of instructional videos.

Of particular note, is the aforementioned lone wolf distributors page:

Because the internet often changes, and links go down, I will attempt to link to some
good Youtube videos here, but if you just click around once you hit the Youtube website,
you’ll see lots of instructional videos.

But most of all, if you get stuck you can always use Google or some other search engine
and type in “How to install XXX” or some other question about your build and you are
more than likely going to find someone who at – some point in the last 20 years – was
assembling a Glock and looked for help on the internet for how to do it.

With all these resources, simply take your time, and you will be able to do the same!

© 2016 and beyond Page 44

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide


Congratulations Patriot!

You now have your own G-style handgun that is completely “off the books” and just the
way it should be – PRIVATE 

I hope you enjoyed this guide and I sincerely pray that it helps you reclaim your privacy,
safeguard your freedom, and empowers your Second Amendment Rights!

Speaking of the Second Amendment …

A Suggestion …

You may not think it, but your voice counts!

If you care at all about your rights, your freedoms, and fighting the anti-gun criminals in
Washington – then you need to step up and join the fight …

I would encourage you to join the NRA – the National Rifle Association if you haven’t
already. They’re not perfect but they’re one of the biggest pro-gun lobbyists in
Washington and are friends of us Patriots and the Second Amendment. More information
can be found at:

I would also encourage you to join the Gun Owners of America (GOA) at They are also an excellent organization. The highest praise I can give
them is from a Patriot I truly respect:

“The only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington” – Ron Paul.

Another excellent group that I recently joined – and support monetarily – is the National
Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) --

In addition, I encourage you to join whatever LOCAL groups there may be available to
you – to get involved at the LOCAL level – as much headway can be made here for gun
rights and your voice is sure to be heard.

Myself, I’m a member of the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) at
They are a grassroots organization. I believe this same organization model is in many

© 2016 and beyond Page 45

The Underground G-Style Handgun Build Guide

other states and I would encourage you to find the one nearest you and to join it (just
Google “INSERT YOUR STATE + citizens defense league”).

Once you join these organizations – make sure you use your best email – and then they
will alert you when there is anti-gun legislation coming up for votes at the local or federal
level and you can respond with other Second Amendment supporters to encourage your
representatives to fight these freedom robbing laws!

It truly is up to us!

At no time in history (primarily because of the wonder of the internet!) has it been easier
to get information on what the Government is doing behind closed doors … to be notified
almost immediately when freedom-stealing legislation is going to pass … and … to fight
back so that the PEOPLE have a say in Washington!

If we all give up or think our voices won’t matter – then it is a self-fulfilling prophecy
and nothing will change.

But if we all let our voices be heard—then we can at best change the direction of the
Nation for our future, our children’s future and future generations …

… And at worst – we can delay the power hungry politicians from taking away our
freedoms one small bite at a time.

If you consider yourself a Patriot I encourage you to fight for the former!

All my best,

Caleb Lee

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