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City Manager’s

Status and Information Update

March 29, 2019

Engineering Department

WWTP Chemical Building Roof Replacement Project

This project is in the Capital Budget Fiscal Year 2018-

2019. Budget Cost is $55,000. Asbestos Survey of the
lower and upper at the Chemical Building has been
performed and appears to be negative. We will receive a
full analyzed report by next week. Project includes the
removal and replacement of the existing Ballasted Roof
System with a new EPDM Roof System including tapered
insulation, flashing, vapor barrier, metal edge, fascia,
wood blocking, and parapet coping. Base bid for the lower
roof is 1,936 SF and upper roof is 1,400 SF and will be bid
as Add Alternates. We are working on putting together the
specifications that will include drawings, photos, and the
Asbestos Survey Report. Projected bid opening is
Tuesday, April 23rd at 2:00 p.m.

Huntington Street Sidewalk and Handicap Ramps – CDBG Phase 3 & 4

Contractor, Concrete Slipform Inc., has sent submittals for products and materials have been received
prior to construction. April 1st is still the plan for starting excavation. Press release was sent out
today as well.

Central Street Sidewalk Project

Site visit was held with the contractor, Luck Brothers, to review the project, and inspect trees which
are to be removed. Construction will begin later this spring.

Thompson Park Wall #1

Design is wrapping up on design of the next retaining wall project in Thompson Park. The wall is
located near the rough pavilion, and is much shorter in height than the recently reconstructed wall.
Depending on budget outcome, the project will be funded for reconstruction this year or in 2020.

Western Boulevard
Kickoff meeting was held today to resume construction on Western Boulevard. The Contractor,
Black Horse Group, intends to resume construction April 15th, and should take approximately two
months to complete the remaining punchlist items, including curbing, paving, lighting, trail work, and
City Manager’s
Status and Information Update
March 29, 2019

Parks and Recreation

The Watertown Wolves swept all

three games against the Danville
Dasher’s this past weekend.

Youth Softball registrations are now open.

Last year was the first year we offered Youth
Softball. It is our goal to recruit more players
and teams to participate.

Youth Baseball is starting

to take off. Coaches are
able to turn in their rosters.
Registrations will open in
April. We are looking
forward to increasing the
number of youth we serve
in the City of Watertown
and surrounding areas!
City Manager’s
Status and Information Update
March 29, 2019

Planning Department

Huntington Street Sidewalks

The next phase of sidewalk
reconstruction along Huntington Street
will begin April 1 and is expected to
run through mid-May. Reconstruction
efforts will focus on walks along the
south side of the 700 - 1000 blocks of
Huntington Street. Completion of this
project will improve the overall
pedestrian network in this area of the
City and ultimately strengthen the
connection between two river parks,
Water Works Park and Factory Square

North Hamilton Street Playground

Installation of new playground equipment at North Hamilton Street Playground is complete and a
playground code compliance audit is expected by the end of Friday (3/29/19). Final grading and site
restoration will continue with a ribbon-cutting ceremony expected to be announced ASAP. This
project is funded through the City’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program Year
2015-2016 entitlement funds.
City Manager’s
Status and Information Update
March 29, 2019

Comprehensive Plan
The Steering Committee held its fourth meeting on Wednesday, March 27, 2019, during which Elan
Planning presented a summary of its housing market research, and Steering Committee members
provided feedback on early drafts of potential Vision Statements. The Committee also received a
summary of citizen input collected during the six Open House events that took place across the City
in January and February. The next Steering Committee meeting will occur on Wednesday, April 10,
2019, when the committee will begin more neighborhood-specific planning.

Census Meeting
The United States Census Bureau will host a
news conference on the morning of April 1,
2019 to “brief the public on the status of
operations and what they can do to help ensure a
complete and accurate count in their
community.” Later that afternoon, City and
County Staff in association with other regional
agencies will hold a kickoff meeting for our
local Complete Count Committee. Council
Member Henry-Wilkinson has taken on a
leadership role on the committee and has
communicated some early outreach ideas to Staff
for ensuring the most accurate count possible.

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