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Last Half Business Case ACCCOB1 Requirement

Designing a Business Plan


1. The group will choose a particular business that they would want to start and operate (for
example, internet café, event planner, convenience store, etc.) as a partnership.

2. Report Outline
I. Introduction
II. Strategies and decisions that the group came up with regard to their choice of business
activity to organize.
a. Dream Business History
Write your answer to the question “When and why was the company formed?”
b. Dream Business Description
What business is your venture in? What is unique about the service you offer?
c. Dream Business Organization
What form of organization does the business operate under, and why? Who are the key
management personnel, and what skills do they have to help the business?
d. Dream Business’ Target Market
Who are your target customers and how would you attract them in patronizing your
e. Dream Business Operations
How much initial capital investment does the business need to start operating?
f. Purpose of the Business
What is the purpose of the business? How does the service or merchandise it offers
benefit the customer? Does it solve a problem or address an opportunity; is it a luxury
item or a needed item?
g. Environmental Factors
What is the potential environmental impact your business will be offering? What steps
will the company take to protect the environment?
h. Geographic Locations
Is your business located in a specific area of the country?
i. Customer Profile
What is the profile of the intended customer?
j. Pricing Profile
What is the pricing structure?
k. Advertising and Promotion
What advertising and promotion media will you be using to promote the business?
l. Chart of Accounts
Design a chart of accounts for your dream business. Include account titles that reflect
the nature of operation of the business you are forming.

III. Projected Income Statement of the business at the end of the project.

IV. Conclusion and lessons learned in undertaking this group activity.

Designing a Business Plan for
 3 to 4 members per group a ____________
 Minimum of 12 but not more than 20 pages
 Font: Times New Roman 12 a paper submitted to
 1.5 line spacing “Name of Teacher”
Accountancy Department
De La Salle University

in partial fulfillment
for the course requirements

Submitted by:
Group Members
(Surname, First Name, MI)
Date _____

Date of Submission and Class Presentation: for MW class – __________ / for TTh class ______________


4 3 2 1
Content The group The group The group The group was
[70%] extensively researched on somewhat not able to
researched on and clearly researched on research on and
and clearly shared their and shared their shared their
shared their answers that answers that answers that
answers that provided provided little did not provide
provided a lot of lessons learned lessons learned lessons to their
enduring lessons to their to their classmates.
learned to their classmates. classmates.
Oral The group The group The group The group
presentation communicates communicates communicates communicates
skills and clearly the clearly the somewhat vaguely the
teamwork content of the content of the clearly the content of the
[30%] report and report and content of the report and does
generates generates some report but not generate
interest, interest among generates little interest among
enthusiasm and their interest among their
rapport among classmates. their classmates. classmates.
their classmates.

MVManalo 3/3/19