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Light Dimmer Circuit Using A Triac


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Construct a 220/240V AC Light

Dimmer Circuit Digital Dice Project

Explore the use of 7-Segment

Light dimmer Introduction To Light Dimmer Display, 555 Timer, Decade
Meet quality suppliers in Hong Kong Circuit Counter and Binary Adder. Get
Int'l Lighting Fair 2012. 6-9 Apr the circuit here. This is a standard 220-240 VAC circuit
which can be used to adjust the
Tunable Diode Laser brightness of mains lights. It uses a Battery Tester Project
Single Mode, Narrow Linewidth Highly triac, diacand has a radio-frequency
Stable, 372nm - 9500nm interference (RFI) noise suppression Design and build a battery tester circuit built into it as well. to test dry cell and rechargable
battery with a voltage of less than
Buy Batteries & Power Caution: This project connects 2V. Check here.
Batteries & Power of Top Brands Free directly to mains power supply. You
Shipping and 30 Days Return! must know what you are doing. The completed project mustbe put in a Door Bell Chime
suitable enclosed box before using.
Construct this simple door bell
Light Dimmer Circuit Schematic Description chime and have fun.Find out more
This is a standard text-book circuit. A triac may be considered as two SCR's
(Silicon Controlled Rectifiers)connected in opposite directions. A diac is a gate
trigger device. Triacs, diacs & SCR's are different types ofThyristors.
Home Alarm Project
A triac is a 3 terminal AC semiconductor switch which is triggered ON when a
low energy signal is applied to itsGate. Switching is fast. The low energy of Build this simple home alarm to
switching means that a wide range of low cost control circuits canbe used. protect your house from
Since the triac is bilateral (2 SCR's connected in opposite directions) the intruders. See the circuit here.
terms anode and cathode have no meaning. So the terms Main Terminal 1 and
2 (MT1, MT2) are used. It is standard to use MT1 as a reference point.
Tests and Measurement

Find out the equipments that

you need to help you test and
trouble shoot your projects.

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The circuit controls the average power to a load through the triac by phase
control. The AC supply is applied to the load for only a controlled fraction of
each cycle. The triac is held in an OFF condition for a portion of its cycle then

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Light Dimmer Circuit Using A Triac

is triggered ON at a time determined by the circuit.

Each time the triac is turned on, the load current changes very quickly - a few
Light dimmer
micro seconds - from zero to a value determined by the lamp resistance and
Meet quality suppliers
the value of the mains voltage at that instant in time. This transition
in Hong Kong Int'l
generates Radio Frequency Interference. It is greatest when the triac is Lighting Fair 2012.
triggered at 90 degree and least when it is triggered at close to zero or 180 6-9 Apr
degree of the mains AC waveform. L-C suppression network is thus used to
suppress these electrical noise.
Tunable Diode
Light Dimmer Circuit Parts List Single Mode, Narrow
Linewidth Highly
The parts list of the project is as shown below. Stable, 372nm -

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Light Dimmer Circuit Using A Triac

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Joseph Jeffah · Engineer at Kengen

Your circuit has been very helpful.
Reply · Like · December 14, 2011 at 7:55am

Vu Duy · Vice Director at 5 Gum

thaks so much.
Reply · Like · December 9, 2011 at 8:28am

Mohammad Riaz Khan · Govt school no 1mansehra

we like your all circuit, thnx.
Reply · Like · November 14, 2011 at 1:51pm

Andisiwe Mbotshwa · Joe Slovo High School

ths a gr8t info halaaa.
Reply · Like · September 7, 2011 at 5:57am

Zulkifli Bahri · University of North Sumatra

Can we change triacs and diac with Q4004 or Q4006?
Reply · Like · December 19, 2011 at 3:33am

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