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Teacher Name Jaden Douville 9/10/2018
Subject Area Physical Education Grade 8/9
Topic Canadian Food Guide Time ~50 mins
WELLNESS CHOICES Students will make responsible and informed choices to
General Learner
maintain health and to promote safety for self and others.

Specific Learner W–8.5


Learning Students will be able to:

Objectives 1. Identity the 4 different food groups
2. Identity the servings for their age group

Assessment Observation

Materials • Google classroom

- Allow students to each get a computer so they can follow allow the presentation and also
Introduction see where the Canadian food guide can be found
- They will also need if for the kahoot quiz at the end
Power point
- Go through the power point slides that are on google classroom
- When you get to the slide that has the Canadian food guide and servings show them where
they can find the information (number of servings, what types etc.)
- The link is in the power point- they can find the information on Canadian Food Guide
(notes at the bottom of the power point) Vegetables and fruit- what forms do they come in?
(frozen, fresh, canned)
- Most prominent arc of the food guide rainbow = high importance in a healthy eating pattern
- Come in many forms fresh, frozen and canned
- Some products are very high in fat, sugar or salt (candy, fruit jams, fruit drinks that are not
labelled 100% juice or vegetable chips)
(notes are at the bottom of the power point) Grain Products
- Whole grain- grain is not refined and contain all nutrients (3 parts). They also make you feel
fuller longer
Body - Refined grains only contain 1 part- they remove the other 2 during processing- missing parts
of the grain (white flour)
- What is the difference between whole grains and refined grains?
- We cannot digest fibre = passes through our digestive system- helps to maintain a healthy
digestive tract
(notes are at the bottom of the power point) Milk and alternatives- Yogurt, pudding, cheese-
Non dairy options: Oat milk, Rice milk, Cashew milk, Hemp milk

Kahoot quiz – the teacher log in is password: Browning12gauge and

then you can go to kahoot the quiz is under Canadian Food Guide
- There is a kahoot quiz at the end of the presentation to see if they were paying attention
during class
- Get students to log into the quiz using the code up on the screen
Work Sheets
- Give students the How Does Your Food Intake Rate? And the breakfast Sheet to take home
and fill out starting today (Tuesday and ending Thursday)
Closure • Remind them to complete their How does your food intake rate? And the breakfast sheet for
next week’s activity.