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SUMMARY of the lesson
This is a story about the statue of a Happy Prince and a little Swallow. The
Happy Prince was a beautiful statue stood on a tall column high above the
city. The statue was covered with thin leaves of gold. He had sapphires for
his eyes and a ruby in his sword.

One night a little swallow flew over the city. He was tired and want to
spent the night between the feet of the Happy Prince. As he was ready to
sleep just then a large drop of water fell on him. It was curious as there
were no clouds in the sky. Then another drop of water fell on him. The
swallow decided to look for another place just then third drop fell on him, he
looked up and saw that these were the tears from the eyes of the Happy
Prince and the swallow filled with pity. The swallow asked " who are you"
and why are you crying? The Happy Prince told the swallow that he lived in
a palace while he was alive and had a kind human heart. There was no
sorrow at all and his and his courtiers called him the happy prince. After his
death he had been set up on a high pillar, his heart is made up of Lead yet
and it always weeps when he see the ugliness and misery of his city. He
told the swallow that far away in a little street a little boy of a seamstress is
sick. He is crying and his mother could not give him oranges to eat. He
asked the swallow to give his ruby to the poor women when he was going
to Egypt. But he obeyed the Happy Prince and then he flew and laid the
ruby on the table of the poor women.

Then the Happy Prince saw a writer. He was suffering from cold
and was hungry. Happy Prince asked the swallow to give one of the
sapphire to the writer. The swallow did not want to pluck out the sapphire
from his eyes, but he obeyed him unwillingly. After that the Happy Prince
saw a match girl and her matches fall into the gutter. At his command the
swallow very unwillingly plucked out the sapphire from the other eye of the
Happy Prince and now the Prince was totally blind. the swallow slipped the
sapphire into the palm of the match girl. Then the Happy Prince allowed the

Made by- prabha verma,A.T. G.i.c.pattharkhani, pithoragarh

swallow to fly away to Egypt, but the swallow decided to stay with the blind
Prince forever.

The swallow reported about the sufferings of the starving

people. At the command of the Happy Prince the swallow took of the
golden leaves from the statue and distributed them among the poor people.
Now the statue was dull and grey. The frost made the swallow colder and
colder and he was about to die. He flew to the Happy Prince who bade him
kiss him on the lips. The swallow fell down die at the feet of the statue. The
lead heart of the Prince broke into two.

The Mayor ordered that the statue should be pulled down

because it was neither beautiful now useful. The broken heart did not melt
in the furnace. It was thrown away on a dust heap where the dead swallow
was also lying. God asked the angels to bring the two most precious things
in the city. God praised the angel's choice in bringing him the leaden heart
of the Happy Prince and the dead swallow.

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Made by- prabha verma,A.T. G.i.c.pattharkhani, pithoragarh

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Made by- prabha verma,A.T. G.i.c.pattharkhani, pithoragarh


1. Seamstress: A women who makes a living by sewing.

,d vkSjr tks flykbZ djds viuh vkthfodk pykrh gSA ¼nftZu½

2. Garret: Small dark room at the top of the house.

edku ds lcls mij dk vU/ksjk dejk ¼ nqNfr;k ½

3. Courtiers: People of the court.

jktk ds njckj ds lnL; ¼ njckjh ½

4. Frost: White frozen vapour.

vf/kd lnhZ ds dkj.k tyok"k dk teuk ¼ ikyk ½

5. Angel: Messenger of God.

bZ'oj ds lUns'k okgd ¼ nsonwr ½

Question-answers of the lesson:

Ques1. Why do the courtiers call the prince "The Happy Prince"? - Is he
really happy? What does he see all around him?

Ans- While the prince was alive he lived in his palace. No sorrow - was
allowed to enter. The prince was always happy. He did not know what
sorrow is. So the courtiers called him the Happy Prince. But after his death,
his statue was put on a high pedestal. Now he could see the misery of the
people all around. It made him very sad.

Ques2. Why does the Happy Prince send a ruby for the- seamstress? What
does the swallow do in the seamstress house?

Ans- The Happy Prince sees that the poor woman's son is ill. The - boy
is asking for oranges. But the poor woman has no money. So the Happy
Prince sends a ruby for her. The swallow puts the ruby on a table. He fans
the boy's forehead with his wings. The boy feels great relief. He goes into a
sweet sleep.

Ques3. What does the swallow see when it flies over the city?

Made by- prabha verma,A.T. G.i.c.pattharkhani, pithoragarh

Ans- The swallow sees the rich making merry in her beautiful -
houses. Beggars sitting at their gates. In the dark lanes, there are poor
children. They are hungry and there are white. Two little boys are lying
under a bridge. They are lying in each other's arms to keep themselves
warm. A watchman drives them away from there.

Ques4. Why did the swallow did not leave the prince and go to -

Ans- The prince had given the two sapphires of his eyes for the -
poor. Now he was blind. The swallow had a kind heart. He could not leave
the prince in that state.

Ques5. What are the precious things mentioned in the story? Why -
are they precious?

Ans- The two precious things are the leaden heart of the prince - and
the dead swallow. They are precious because they have loving hearts. The
prince gave his all for the poor. The swallow sacrificed his life for the sake
of the prince. There is no selfishness in their love.

Ques6. Where did the little swallow want to go?

Ans- He want to go to Egypt.

Ques7. For whom does the prince send the first sapphire of his -

Ans- The Prince send the first sapphire of his eyes to the Young -

Ques8. For whom does the prince send the second sapphire of -
his eyes?

Ans- The Prince send the second sapphire of his eyes for a little -
Match girl.

made by-
prabha verma
a.t. G.i.c. pattharkhani

Made by- prabha verma,A.T. G.i.c.pattharkhani, pithoragarh