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Advance Contracting Notice

Date: 11 May 2018

Country/ Borrower: Republic of the Union of Myanmar

Title of Proposed Project: 50020-MYA: Power Network Development Project

Name and Address of the Executing Agency:

Ministry of Electricity and Energy (MOEE)

Office Address: Office Building No. 27, Naypyitaw
Telephone: (95) 67 410206

Name and Address of Implementing Agencies:

Department of Power Transmission and System Control (DPTSC)

Office Address: Office Building No. 27, Naypyitaw, Myanmar
Telephone: +95 67 410218
Email address:

Electricity Supply Enterprise (ESE)

Office Address: Office Building No. 27, Naypyitaw, Myanmar
Telephone: +95 67 431273; +95 9798888488, +95 95089858
Email address:

Brief Description of the Project:

The project will construct two 230 kilovolt (kV) transmission lines (approximately 300 kilometers
[km]) with five 230 kV substations, 48 medium voltage substations, and 820 km of distribution
lines in five regions in Myanmar. The project will also install computerized systems to improve
operational efficiency and reduce losses in the transmission and distribution systems. The
project will contribute to increasing electricity supply to support inclusive and sustainable
development, and to achieving the country’s plan of universal electricity access by 2030. The
estimated project cost is US$309 million.

Brief Description of Works, Goods and Related Services to be procured:

The proposed project will procure the following:

1. Design, supply, installation and commissioning of: (i) 230kV Alone-Thida transmission
line with substation; (ii) 230kV Maylamyine-Ye-Dawei substation, and (iii) 230kV
Maylamyine-Ye-Dawei transmission line;
2. Supply and delivery of transformers, switchgears and accessories, conductors and
cables, insulators, fittings and clamps, concrete poles, and pole line hardware and steel
3. Distribution lines and substations installation works;
4. Computerized Asset Management System (CAMS);
5. Computerized Customer Billing System (CBBS), and
6. Project Implementation Consultants (PICs)

The said works, goods and related services will be procured through international competitive
bidding (ICB) using ADB’s single-stage: two-envelope bidding procedure, and in accordance
with ADB’s Procurement Guidelines. The PICs will be selected in accordance with the
Guidelines on the Use of Consultants by Asian Development Bank and Its Borrowers.