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INFRASTRUCTUREin case of air cargo transportation Airway (air corridor/air bridge) Airports, terminals (runway) Cargo warehouses and loading, handling facilities Guiding establishments (control tower) Communication network (CCS) Linker road system

Charter providers

A transportation



system Charter providers A transportation client passengers. service provided to a use of a client on

provided to a

use of a

on a temporary basis. The

vehicle, ship, or aircraft to transport cargo or

Courier, express and parcel services

Courier, express and parcel (CEP) service providers usually transport relatively light shipments (up to 31.5 kilograms) and volumes, including mail, parcels and documents. These service providers are generally very reliable and particularly fast. They frequently offer additional services like same-day delivery or overnight delivery.


1) Direct traffic A) Without transhipment from the seller to the buyer sellerto the buyer B) Between 2 terminals on the same transport vehicle without transhipping Airport to the Airport

2) liner traffic

between defined terminals by announced schedules

types of Liner shipping


Conventional Liner Shipping


Container Liner Shipping

Conditions are provided by the charter in case of voyage charter

- Determination of cargo

- Technical conditions

- Fuel and trading costs

Advantages of container application as a unit load in maritime transportation

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- Automated loading

- Quicker

- Safer terminal handling

- Quicker turn of the ship

Which types of B/L can be distinguished?

A) According to the position of the shipment (at the time of acceptance by the carrier).

- Received for shipment B/L

- On board, shipped on board B/L

- On deck B/L

B) According to the condition of the shipment

- Clean B/L

- Claused B/L (unclean/foul)

In which branch (type) of maritime transportation can be used the following code? USD 200; TEU FAK + 10% CAF


It is used for container liner shipping



TEU: Twenty feet equivalent unit – Container!!


FAK: For all kinds of cargo


CAF: currency adjustment factor

Mark that/those type of cargo that can be subject to specific commodity rate tariff category in air transportation:

- Small cargo with small weight

- Commercial cargo

What does LIFO clause mean, which stands behind the agreed transport charge in case of charter party Freight charge contains loading charges

explain the below mentioned abbreviations concerning air transportation!

- ULD: Unit load device

- RFS: Road feeder service

- a-a: airport to airport

What is the function of following AWB box? If the carrier offer insurance and such insurance is requested in accordance with the conditions, indicate the amount to be insured in figures in the box.

LDM = Loading meter = unstackable only 1m3 = stackable

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