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Department of Education (DepEd) have officially launched its flagship health program Oplan

Kalusugan and showcased the five major school health programs, including the School Based Feeding
Program, National Drug Education Program, Adolescent Reproductive Health Education, Water
Sanitation and Hygiene in School Program and medical, nursing and dental services.

Information and dissemination drive of OK sa DEPED program during the culmination of Nutrition Month.

Medellin National High School, officially launched the OK sa DEPED program during the
culmination of our Nutrition Month Celebration. We support heartily the campaign of DEPED, health
and education go hand-in-hand as the most significant indicator for poverty reduction.

Proper handwashing, water sanitation and hygiene taught to our dear students to prevent
spreading of infection and conserving water. Handwashing was demonstrated and closely monitored by
teachers, and returned demonstration of our beloved students was conducted.

Feeding was conducted by the school in support of our school canteen. Nutritious food was
served and students with severely wasted nutritional status have availed the feeding program.

Mother and daughter tandem presenting their nutritious snacks prepared for the students. Mrs .Elizabeth
D. Arreglo (2nd photo) together with student flaunting putocheese with malungay and squash.
Feeding program conducted with the selected student with nutritional deficiency. Healthy foods and drinks
were served

Through the effort of our canteen and private sectors who willingly to contribute for feeding
program. School’s target for feeding program will be conducted every month. Assessment will be done
to monitor the nutritional status progress of the student beneficiary.

In support of National Drug Education Program, together with the help of Philippine National
Police, we have conducted symposium about drug awareness. Senior High School students are the
receivers of this important event.
Health is wealth, to preserve the future of our students we prioritize their health. Together with
the 53 Engineering Brigade medical personnel we conducted Free Medical and Dental Mission. Fifty
students have availed dental services and 120 students able to enjoy the free medical checkup.

Medical Staff of 53rd Engineering Brigade together with Division Nurses and Nurse/Educators of MNHS

We have one goal to promote holistic health and wellness of our dear students. Medical Team together
with School head of MNHS Mrs. Elizabeth D. Arreglo
EDUCATORS/NURSES in action, not neglecting the oath of Pledge of Florence Nightingale helping those
who are in need. Nurses by profession teacher by heart.

TLE in CAREGIVING Grade 10 in action, helping taking vital signs and interview with the
student/patient. They have performed what they have learned from the class.

We Prioritize Your Health.