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Bagela Capstan Winch

Manual for Data Logger
PC 310


Pulling force Date Time Pulling speed

force Limit

force , Length indication

Metre counter

Settings menu / Protocol archive / Start/Stop Button (Recording)

2 Operation

2.1 Switching on the data logger

After switching on the data logger the main menu screen appears as shown above.
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Bagela Capstan Winch

Manual for Data Logger
PC 310

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The data logger does not need to be programmed when paying out rope. On the left side of
the display the pulling force of the rope is indicated. The right side of the display shows the
line speed and below that the increasing rope length. The indication of the display works as
follows: until 99,9 m with a comma and above 100 m without.

2.3 Pulling in the rope

Before starting to record while pulling in the rope, the data logger needs to be programmed.

Tap the start button.

Tap on the KN display field in order to

change the KN value settings. A pop-up
keyboard will appear.
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Bagela Capstan Winch

Manual for Data Logger
PC 310

Enter the maximum pulling force limit via the

keyboard. Confirm this by tapping the enter

The recording has been started. The arrow

key has disappeared and has been replaced
by the stop key.

The settings and protocol menus can only

be accessed again when the recording has
been stopped.

Red symbols over the respective keys

indicate blocked access while recording.

On the lower right of the display the length

of the pulled in rope is indicated. This is
displayed as a percentage figure in relation
to the previously pulled out rope. At the top
on the right side of the display the actual
pulling speed is shown.
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the recording

When the recording has been finished the

display returns to the initial main screen.

The recorded protocol file can now be

printed out. Alternatively, the next pulling
work recording can be started.
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Bagela Capstan Winch

Manual for Data Logger
PC 310
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recorded protocols

Tap on the floppy disk symbol to print out

recorded pulling job protocol files.

Print out:
Choose the protocol from the file list which
needs to be printed out. Then tap on the
folder symbol in order to open the selected

The printer symbol only appears in case a

printer is connected to the data logger. Tap
the printer symbol to print out a protocol.
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Bagela Capstan Winch

Manual for Data Logger
PC 310
Tap on the bin symbol to delete
a protocol file.

Protocols can be saved on a USB drive

when connected to the data logger.

Tap on the folder symbol to close

the open protocol file.

Close the window to return to the main

menu screen.

Under options the parameters for a print out

can be selected.
The following parameters can be chosen:

, - 3 4 1.
Pulling force
3. Pulling speed
4. Time

Additionally, the protocol can also be printed

out as a chart.

2 & '(  ) %*+

After tapping the floppy disk key this window


In case the file has not been saved

successfully an error message appears.
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Bagela Capstan Winch

Manual for Data Logger
PC 310

The data files in the protocol memory

storage are always transferred from there to
the main directory of the USB drive.

In case of transferring already existing data

files to a USB drive an index is added to
these files_001 to _100.

2 . '+

Display brightness adjustments

Contrast adjustments

Additional settings:
Language selection
Date/time (Password)
System settings (Password)

Return to the main screen

Individual languages for the entire data

logger menu can be selected by tapping the
flag symbol key. The pre-selected language
appears in the blue field.

Choose a language by tapping on the

respective flag.
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Bagela Capstan Winch

Manual for Data Logger
PC 310

2 / 05  ** %5 *6

Should a preset pulling force limit be reached while pulling in the rope the winch stops
automatically. This will be indicated on the display of the data logger as long as the pulling
force is above the preset limit. After removal of the reason for reaching the limit, the pulling
job can be continued. No input changes are necessary on the data logger to continue the
pulling work.

Attention !
When finishing work, switch off the data logger!

2.8 Transferring protocol files to a PC

All pulling job protocol files can be stored on a PC for further processing or archiving. Every
PC with a USB port can be used for this purpose. The protocol files on the USB drive are
saved as CSV files, which can be copied onto a PC where they can be stored or deleted.
These CSV files contain all measurement data which can be imported to spreadsheets for
further processing.
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Bagela Capstan Winch

Manual for Data Logger
PC 310
2 7 8* 6 
This thermo printer can be connected to the PC 310 data logger via a USB interface.

2.10 Replacing the printer paper

1. Open the hatch of the printer by pulling the lever on the hatch carefully up. The hatch
can now be opened easily.

2. Unreel approximately 10 cm off the paper roll and make sure that the remainder stays
tightly together. Now place the paper roll in the opening of the printer, making sure
that the printable side of the paper is on the outside.

Printable side
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Bagela Capstan Winch

Manual for Data Logger
PC 310

9: ;<=>? @A? AB@CA =D @A? EFGH@?F CBF?DI<<J KG@A >=L? D=FC? IH@G< J=I A?BF B C<GCMGHN >=IHO
and the hatch is firmly closed. The paper can now be torn off without opening the

Attention !

Make sure to keep the printer in dry conditions and avoid contact with water or
exposure to high humidity. Only replace the printer paper in a dry environment.