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Question bank for comprehensive viva-voce

Design of Machine Members - II

1. What are the stresses induced in eccentric loading, for example, in a crane hook?
2. How does centrifugal tension affect the performance of a flat belt?
3. Both coil diameter and wire diameter of a compression spring are doubled; What will happen to
the stress induced?
4. What is the effect of changing the helix angle and coefficient of friction in self-locking of a power
5. What is boundary lubrication?
6. What is bearing characteristic number?
7. Give one example each where cylindrical, spherical, taper and needle roller bearings are used
8. Why do we use involute curve for the shape of gear teeth?
9. What are the advantages of using a helical gear compared to a spur gear?
10. What are the loads a piston pin is subjected to?