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Plan ESX to AHV Migration

Plan ESX to AHV Migration

1. Upgrade foundation to latest

2. Convert cluster ESXi to AHV
3. Upgrade AHV, AOS, BIOS
4. Change IP address of IPMI, AHV, CVM
5. Remove nodes from existing ( loaner) cluster and add it.

Upgrade foundataion

Run cluster health check :

Run the Nutanix Cluster Check (NCC) from a Controller VM.

nutanix@cvm$ ncc health_checks run_all

Login to prism eliment of ESX cluster via VIP (https://hq-it01- )
Click on the gear Icon and select Upgrade software

Choose foundation
Since no upgrades available, download it from Nutanix website
Upgrading Foundation by Uploading
Binary and Metadata Files
 Do the following steps to download the Foundation binary
gzipped TAR (.tar.gz) file from the Nutanix Support Portal, then upgrade
Foundation through Upgrade Software in the Prism web console.

 Typically you would need to perform this procedure if your cluster

is not directly connected to the Internet and you cannot download the
binary file through the Prism web console.

1. Log on to the Nutanix support portal and

select Downloads > Foundation

2. Click the download link to save the binary gzipped TAR (.tar.gz)
file on your local media.
You can also copy these files to a USB stick, CD, or other media.

3. Log on to the Prism web console, open Upgrade Software from

the gear icon, then click Foundation.

4. Click the upload a binary link.

5. Click Choose File for the binary file, browse to the file location,
and click Upload Now.

6. When the upload process is completed,

click Upgrade > Upgrade Now, then click Yes to confirm.
To run the pre-upgrade installation checks only on the controller VM
where you are logged on, click Upgrade > Pre-upgrade. These checks
also run as part of the upgrade procedure.
The Upgrade Software dialog box shows the progress of your selection,
including pre-installation checks.

Plan ESX to AHV Migration

Login to prism eliment of ESX cluster via VIP (https://hq-it01- )
Click on the gear Icon and select Convert cluster
Click Arrow to validate

After validation, we get following errors

To fix errors, Remove unplugged uplinks from the vSwitch from all the nodes which we are
part of cluster.
To remove uplinks from vswitch, click on properties - > network adaptors -> choose uplink ->
click remove ->
Once uplinks are removed, Run convert cluster and validation again. After that it will look like
Click convert cluster to convert from ESXi to AHV

Once the cluster is converted. Hypervisor summary will show as AHV like below:
Before conversion :

After conversion :

Upgrade AHV, AOS, BIOS

Login to prism eliment of ESX cluster via VIP (https://hq-it01- )
Click on the gear Icon and select Upgrade software

Choose Acropolis, Firmware and NCC for upgrades

Change IP address on IPMI and AHV ( Network team co-ordination is needed to tag
and network )

Remove the nodes from loaner cluster and add it to hq-it-infra