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PAPER-I (Marks : 100)



Note: Ten marks are reserved for neatness and clarity of expression
Q-1 Write an essay of about 250 words on any of the following (20)
(1) Communalism – Threat To National Unity !
(2) Effect of Demonetization Policy.
(3) Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Campaign : Success or Failure ?
(4) The Pollution Menace

Q-2 Prepare an office note to be submitted to the Registrar General for (10)
e-governance of your department. Give your own views for the
proposed program with justification.

Q-3 Rewrite the following paragraph selecting the correct words from
the brackets : (1 Mark Each ) (10)

………….(As/When) two words have a ……………….(similar/similarity)

sound ……………(than/then) they are said to ‘rhyme’. Poems …………...
(have/has) ‘rhyme’. ……………(Some/Few) poems do not need
…………... (to rhyme/rhyme) but many ………….. (do/does). The
rhyming words ………….. (usually/really), ………….. (and/but) not
always, come at the end of the line in the verse.

Q-4 Write the synonyms of the words (10)

1. Commence ?

(a) To End
(b) To Begin
(c) Nearing Finish
(d) To Run

2. Manipulate ?

(a) Display
(b) Gloomy
(c) To Handle or Manage
(d)To mortgage

3. Sage ?

(a) Wise man

(b) Era
(c) Tropical tree
(d) Fool

4. Hesitated ?

(a) Stopped
(b) Paused
(c) Slowed
(d) Postponed

5. Neutral ?

(a) Unbiases
(b) Non-aligned
(c) Undecided
(d) Indifferent

6. Bare ?

(a) Uncovered
(b) Tolerate
(c) Clear
(d) Neat

7. Intimidate ?

(a) To hint
(b) Frighten
(c) Bluff
(d) Harass

8. Synopsis ?

(a) Index
(b) Mixture
(c) Summery
(d) Puzzles

9. Combat ?

(a) Conflict
(b) Quarrel
(c) Feud
(d) Fight

10. Fatal ?

(a) Grievous
(b) Dangerous
(c) Serious
(d) Deadly

Q-5 Write the meaning of following Idioms :

1. Get bored - Become tired or frustrate
2. Keep Up – Continue, go ahead
3. Far reaching – Extensive, wide spread
4. Feel relieved – Come out of tension, tiredness
5. Be in the dark – Be an aware of
6. in vain – useless
7. wear out – become useless due to long use
8. By then – till that time
9. In a row – without interruption
10. Sharpen the edge – Improve quality, keenness

Q-6 Write the Antonyms of the words.

1. Ancient ?

(a) Captivity
(b) departure
(c) Modern
(d) Weak

2. Blame ?

(a) Ill
(b) Consonant
(c) Praise
(d) Dawdle

3. Guilty ?

(a) Acute
(b) Ignorant
(c) Innocence
(d) Selfish

4. Foremost ?

(a) Mature
(b) Unimportant
(c) Premature
(d) Disposed

5. Terrible

(a) Horrible
(b) Frightening
(c) Scaring
(d) Soothing

6. Mighty ?

(a) Forcible
(b) Weak
(c) Tough
(d) Haughty

7. Divided ?

(a) Dignified
(b) United
(c) Separated
(d) Isolated

8. Superiority ?

(a) Seniority
(b) Inferiority
(c) Urbanity
(d) Posteriority

9. Consolidate ?

(a) Build
(b) Destroy
(c) Expand
(d) Weaken

10. Obeying ?

(a) Following
(b) Refusing
(c) Protecting
(d) Ordering

Q-7 Choose right option from the multiple choices given below: (10)

1. Which country has developed the world’s first artificial intelligence politician?
(a) Canada (b) Japan
(c) New Zealand (d) China

2. Name the cricketer who scored 10 international hundreds in a calendar year?

(a) Virat Kohli (b) Alastair Cook

(c) Steven Smith (d) Cheteshwar Pujara

3. 2017 Asian Kabaddi Championship was held at?

(a) Iraq (b) Sweden

(c) Iran (d) Norway

4. Who organized the 2-day conference on National Law Day in New Delhi?

(a) Niti Aayog (b) 1&2

(c) Law Commission (d) 2&3

5. Which Indian Wrestler won the silver medal in the Under-23 Senior World
Wrestling Championship at Poland?

(a) Ritu Phogat (b) Babita Kumari

(c) Kavita Devi (d) Sakshi Malik

6. Letters from a Father to Daughter’ was written by…………..

(a) Mahatma Gandhi (b) Radhakrishnan
(c) Jawaharlal Nehru (d) Rajaji

7. The first Indian Woman to scale Mount Everest was ……………..

(a) Arati Saha (b) Bachendri Pal

(c) Asha Agarwa (d) Reita Fariya

8. The country without income tax is……………..

(a) Nepal (b) Burma

(c) Kuwait (d) Singapore

9. Which of the following is 1st Women secretary General of Lok-Sabha ?

(a) Sushma Swaraj (b) Seema Bishvas

(c) Snehlata Shrivastav (d) Sumitra Mahajan

10. Who is the defense minister of India ?

(a) Nirmala Sitharaman (b) Rajanath Singh

(b) Smriti Irani (d) Sushma Swaraj

Translate the following passage into Gujarati Language: (10)


Our Very way of life breeds unhappiness. We have hectic and unstable
routine in which there is little peace or contentment. We have
disturbed the organic roots of life, like good food, water and air, and a
happy family life. We live in an artificial world dominated by an urban
landscape and mass media. There is little to nourish the soul. We
always desire new things and are seldom content with what we have,
We always crave to have more. We are never still or at rest. Our
medicine is more a quick fix to keep fix to keep us going in our wrong
lifestyle and rarely addresses the behavioral root of our problems. We
take a quick pill hoping that our problem will go away, but we do not
recognize that it may only be a symptom of an imbalance life. It is a
warning light that we must notice.

Q-9 Read the following passage and give the answers of questions selecting (10)
most appropriate options:

Yoga is one of the most ancient sciences of India. It offers a time-

trusted technique for physical, mental and spiritual development. It
constitutes important aspects of human life. It is considered to be a
science, as ancient as the human race. Yoga has a capacity to bring
about fundamental transformation in the individual.
Yoga is a holistic exercise that provides workout for muscles. It
also benefits joints, ligaments and the skeleton system by improving
flexibility and balance. It is good for the digestive system, the nervous
system and supports the respiratory system. It enables the various
endocrinal glands to function properly and reduce tension and anxiety.
If you suffer from insomnia, yoga will help you to sleep well, thus yoga
is useful in many psycho-physical aliments.
‘Surya Namaskar’ is an ancient form of yoga. This form of yoga is a
complete meditative technique. It includes Asans and Pranayam. It is a
combination of 12 different postures, followed in a particular sequence
with a specified breathing pattern. It helps an individual to vitalize and
unblocks the whole system. It reduces fat from almost all parts of the
body as it stretched and tones each and every muscle.

Questions :

1. How would you use this information on Yoga for improving your
2. Are you doing Yoga regularly? Give a reason.
3. What is remarkable about Yoga as a science life ?
4. How yoga a holistic workout for physical health ?
5. What helps does yoga provide to make us happier and comfortable ?

Translate the following passage into English Language: (10)


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