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Rachel Gettinger

Gibbons 301

Oct. 19, 2017

Court Story

Joshua Schroder, a 36-year-old elementary school teacher has been sentenced to a lifetime of

probation after pleading guilty to two counts of sexual misconduct with a 17-year-old foreign

exchange student from Sweden, on Thursday.

Schroder was arrested by Goodyear police on Feb. 13. Initially, he was charged with six counts

of misconducts. Counts one through four pertain to ‘sexual conduct with a minor’ and counts

five through six pertain to ‘contributing to delinquency of a child,’ according to Maricopa

County court documents.

On Feb. 24, Schroder pleaded not guilty. On Sept. 12, he accepted a plea bargain and instead

pleaded guilty to the acts.

The plea deal would dismiss four of his charges, leaving him responsible for two counts of

sexual misconduct.

The plea deal also called for mandatory registration as a sex offender- making him unable to

contact another minor.

Because of this restriction, Schroder has surrendered his teaching license.

“I have suffered greatly because of this but I accept full responsibility for my actions,” said

Rachel Gettinger

Gibbons 301

Oct. 19, 2017

Court Story

Schroder taught at Rainbow Elementary school for 10 years, and volunteered with the foreign

exchange program. During the victim’s time in the country, he was to act as her supervisor.

“When we sent our wonderful, beloved daughter, the most precious thing you have, to

experience a year in the USA, we thought it would be the best year of her life,” Johanna Cigler

read aloud victim’s family’s statement —as they are currently out of the country.

“We chose to send her through this organization because this one had the highest security for the

children. She would have a support system. She would have someone who could help her out if

she had problems, and she would be taken care of. Instead the man who was supposed to help her

when she had problems, used his position of power, and used her,” the family’s statement read.

Schroder’s lawyer, Adnan Horan, spoke out advising that Schroder be placed on probation for a

10-year sentencing.

“There are several litigating factors. No prior felony or misdemeanor, no convictions, he is

extremely remorseful,” said Horan.

State Attorney Lacey Gray spoke on behalf of the victim and her family.

“What the family and the state is most concerned about is that this defendant never be able to

contact the victim again. And to also make sure that he never does this to another child ever

again,” said Gray.

Rachel Gettinger

Gibbons 301

Oct. 19, 2017

Court Story

Schroder had engaged in a sexual relationship with the victim for four months, which included

600 text messages—some with provocative photos, as well as 10 separate incidents of sexual

conduct according to Maricopa County court documents.

The relationship was revealed in February when the victim’s host mother noticed an unnecessary

amount of communication between her exchange student and Schroder.

The police set up a stake-out in which they watched Schroder pick up the victim in a Ford truck

and drive her out to the desert only to return an hour later.

Maricopa County court documents stated that this is where the two would engage in sexual


“Every parent who wants to put their kid in a program like this is trusting that their kid is going

to be okay. There was a breach in that trust,” said Honorable Warren J. Granville at the

completion of the sentencing. “Additionally, as an educator we trust folks like you every day

with our kids, so there was a breach of that trust.”

Rachel Gettinger

Gibbons 301

Oct. 19, 2017

Court Story


Victim’s Family written statement

Honorable Warren J. Granville


Lacey Gray


Joshua Schroder


Adnan Horan