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(corporate tdentity Number (ctN) : u401
09RJ2000sGaoi 6485)
Regd. Office: Vidyr-rtBhawan, Jyoti Nagar,
Jaipur-302 005)
Office of the SupelinfenAing Engineer(proc_il)
(RVPN, MM Buirding, Back side of oti power
Houie premises,
Near Ram M3!9it,Bani park, Jaipur_3OiOOoj
Telephone.. 0141-Z2OB124 ; Fax . 0141_Z2OB)24 ., /
Email: .Website: wla;w rvprr
An tSO 9001-2008
co in
Certified company
Not to be published


sealed bids in single copy are invited from manufacturers

/ sole distributors / sole selling agents for purchase
of followirrg iterrs
..- per bid specifications.

Description of ltem Tentative Bid L;ost ot bid Amount Start Date End Date
No Qtv ate &
specificati Specifi- of Bid & tirne of
(Nos.) on No. cation (in
& time of le of
Security Sale of Bid sale and open
(Bid No.) Rs) (in Rs.) specification submission of
/ receipt of bid
(2) (3) (4) (5) _,^.-.
(6) (7) (B) (u)
I Llnetran satety Belt 191 TN-506S 750t- 20001- 11 .07 .2016 11.08 2016 1 1.08 201 6
10.00 A.tvl.) (2 30PM) P_\0
Z xesLlscttator s30 TN-5070 1000/- 76AU- 15.07.2016 17.08.2016 '17.08 20't 6
(10.00 A.tM.) (2.30PM) (3.00 PVt)

copy of the specification (non transferrable) can be obtained

from the office of ilre undersigned by
renriiting the cost of specification (non- refundable)
as above by crossed demand draft/ banker,s cheqre
irr favour of the Accounts officer (P&c-l),
RVPN, MM Building, old power house prernrses (back side)
t.tear Ram Mandir Bani Park, Jaipur-302006. The Bid
will be received up to 2:30 py on the stipulated
clate specified as above (col. no' B) and will be opened
on the date specified above (col. no. 9) at 3:00
PIVI irr the presence of the bidders who choose
to be present. purchase of specification is essential for
bidders for submission of bid. Furnishing of requisite
Bid security in appropriate form is essential
t'vithourt which Bid will not be opened.
The quantity mentioned above is tentative and the purchaser
reserves tlre right to change / drop any or all the specified
bid enquiries at his discretion.
The Cost of Bid document/specification (Non refundable)
as above shall be cleposited by demand
draft/ banker's cheque, payable in favour of the Accounts Officer (P&C-l),
RVpN Ltd., Jaipur in ilre
office of Accounts Officer (p&C-l), RVPN, MM Building, Back
side of Old power House premises
Near Ram Mandir, Bani park, Jaipur_302006.

The Bid Security as above shall be deposited by demand draft/ banker's

cheque, payable irr
favour of the Accounts officer (P&c-l), RVPN Ltd., Jaipur
or through Bank Guarantee in prescribed
For Website only
fornrat in the office of Accounts Officer (p&C_ll),
RVpN, MM Building, Back side of Old power House
Premises, Near Ram Mandir, Bani park,Jaipur_302006.

The bid specification cost and Bid security shall

be deposited up to 2.30 p.M. of the end date of
submission / receipt of respective bid as above.
The recelpt/acceptance letter of DD/ Banker,s cheque/
BG/ Bid securing declaration in respect of Bid
security shall also be obtained by the bidder thereof for
submission the same with the bid.

Itlote: "To participate in any bid enquiry,

it will be mandatory to purchase Hard copy of the specification
and provisions mentioned in the hard copy of the
specification will be FtRM & FTNAL for ail practical
purposes, evaluations of bids & future reference.,,


Superintending Engineer (proc-ll)