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MENU 3: Time/distance 25

3.1 Time and date

MENU: Time/Distance, Time and date

Shows current time and date. For alterna- Time/distance 1/5

tive settings 12h or 24h and date format,
see “8.3 Time/Date” page 43. 11:45 001013

98C 11:45
CC 7658.8 km

3.1.1 Time and date setting

For a flowchart of setting the time and date, 5 Set AM/PM (if using the 12h clock)
seeTable page 6. 1
using ” /∇”. Confirm using ”SE-
The clock cannot be altered if the vehicle is
equipped with a tachograph. This is done 6 Set the two figures furthest to the left
instead in the tachograph’s clock setting 1
in the date using ” /∇”. Confirm us-
menu (see ”Driver’s Manual, Tachograph)” ing ”SELECT”.

1 To set the time and date, press ”SE- 7 Set the two middle figures in the date
LECT” when you are in the 1
using ” /∇”. Confirm using ”SE-
”Time/distance” menu and the LECT”.
clock/date function is displayed.
8 Set the two figures furthest to the right
2 1
Set the hours using ” /∇”. Confirm 1
in the date using ” /∇”. Confirm us-
using ”SELECT”. ing ”SELECT”.

3 Set the first number for the minutes us- 9 ”Esc” moves the highlight to the pre-
ing ” /∇” Confirm using ”SELECT”. vious number or selection if there are
any, otherwise the setting is cancelled.
4 Set the second number for the minutes
using ” /∇”. Confirm using

Ignition key in off position

The time/date setting will be cancelled if stop position. The time/date that was set
more than 30 seconds elapse between but- before cancellation will apply.
ton presses while the ignition key is in the