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Kristoforus Jason Aditya XIS2/18 19 September 2018

“Great ambition, the desire of real superiority, of leading and directing, seems to be altogether
peculiar to man and speech is the great instrument of ambition”. The previous quote is from
Adam Smith’s essay titled “​The Theory of Moral Sentiments: Or, An Essay Towards an Analysis
of the Principles by which Men Naturally Judge Concerning the Conduct and Character, First of
Their Neighbours, and Afterwards of Themselves : to which is Added, A Dissertation on the
Origin of Languages. From that quote, we can see that the ambition of superior countries can be
delivered through speeches. The speech that they deliver has some accountability to move and
decide the world future. The leaders of the superior country utilize their chance to give talks that
can move a nation and also give a big statement to the world.

John F. Kennedy’s vision of the kind of world in which American institutions could survive and
prosper vary from that of his predecessors only in the greater clarity and candidness with which
he expressed it within his speech. I quote from his speech at the mormon tabernacle “Is best
served by preserving and protecting a world of diversity in which no one power or no one
combination of powers can threaten the security of the United States”. We can see that even from
the past years of America, they already have the thinking of “America First”. We can conclude
that even from the past years, America sees its nation as a superior nation. All of the postwar
chiefs executives had believed, but rarely stated that American interest was not to remake the
world, but to balance power within it (Gaddis, 2005). From that text we can see that Americans
like to foreshadow their true intention of world domination. America, as a superior country. Has
2 side of its card. Former Vice President and Secretary of Commerce Henry A.Wallace. Wrote a
letter with it contents showing how America can rule and become the superior one in making of
the future of the world. He stated that “We are by far the most powerful nation in the world”.
From here we can see the part of America that they have the power to decide how the world
works. We can see that the superiority of America has to sides. But the sides are equally and
smartly used as a pathway to carve the world that we lived in right now. In conclusion, it is true
that the superiority that a state earn from the war can give them the accountability to decide the
worlds future.

Gaddis, J. L. (2005). ​Strategies of Containment : A Cricital Appraisal of American
National Security Policy During The Cold War. New York: Oxford University