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Subject: ENGLISH
Lecturer: Roma Loebis

1. Chronological order means:

A. A way of arranging sentence in good order
B. A way of organizing the ideas in a paragraph in the order of the aconcen in time
C. A way of designing the paragraph
D. A way of arranging topic sentence

2. Which transition signals that can be used in showing chronological order:

A. First.., after.., next…
B. In fact that…, the reasons are…
C. When…, Who…, Where…
D. As long as…, as soon as….

Add appropriate Chronological transition signals into the following essay;

_______ (3) jacking up the car to change flat tire, you need to do several things.
______(4), make sure the car is on level ground and the emergency brake is on. ______(5), take
the jack, the lug wrench and spare tire out of the trunk. _____(6), using the lug wrench, loosen
the wheel nuts on the flat tire.

3. A. When
B. Before
C. After
D. Then

4. A. Second
B. First
C. When
D. So

5. A. Next
B. Third
C. So
D. Where

6. A. Which
B. There
C. Then
D. Second
7. Which of these following Topic Sentence is using Transition Signal :
A. The cause of death
B. My holiday
C. There are three important causes of inflation
D. The importance of health

8. Supporting sentence should have:

A. Topic sentence
B. Unity, Coherence and Logical Order
C. Concluding sentence
D. Logical sentence

9. Coherence results from two major structural techniques:

A. Using transition signals and starting ideas in logical order
B. Using logical order in sentence and designing sentence order
C. Using sentences and to arranging transition signals
D. Using sentences and producing ideas

Fill in the blanks;

It was nearly dark, ______(10) when my two brothers and I arrived at the Ranger station
in The Shenandoah National Park. ______(11) the ranger was issuing us our camping permit, he
warned us to be careful of bears. ______ (12) we had put on our hiking boots and adjusted our
backpacks, we set off down the nearest trail. _______(13) we were tramping through the
forest, we heard many strange noises. ________ (14) we arrived at a small clearing we began to
set up tent. I held flashlight______(15) my brothers were setting up the tent.

10. A. While
B. Where
C. Who
D. When

11. A. Then
B. As
C. First
D. Now

12. A. After
B. Before
C. Where
D. Who

13. A. While
B. When
C. Where
D. Who

14. A. As long as
B. As soon as
C. As there as
D. As late as

15. A. And
B. Where
C. Who
D. While

16. Which topic sentence that does have unsupported fact;

A. Smoking is dangerous
B. Smoking can causes lung cancer
C.The risk of developing lung cancer increases with duration of smoking and numbers of
cigarettes smoked per day
D. Living in a dormitory room need a lot of take and give among friends

17. There are two kinds of quotations:

A. True and False Quotations
B. Direct and Truth Quotations
C. Direct and Indirect Quotations
D. Direct and Non-Direct Quotations

18. If we use Direct Quotations in our writing, we can not:

A. Use the quotation overall
B. Omit any words
C. Omit half of the words
D. Use only half of the quotations

19. Concrete supporting details are used to:

A. Prove the points
B. Add the supporting sentences
C. Link the supporting sentences
D. Give examples

20. Descriptive Paragraph means we:

A. Explaining something/someone
B. Describing something/someone
C. Exposing something/someone
D. Narrating something/someone
Answer Key:
1. B
2. A
3. B
4. B
5. A
6. C
7. C
8. B
9. A
10. D
11. B
12. A
13. A
14. B
15. D
16. C
17. C
18. B
19. A
20. B

1. In addition to using transition signals, the second way to achieve

coherence is to arrange your sentence in some kind of:
a. Logical order
b. Alphabetical order
c. Good order
d. Sentence order
2. The two most common kinds of logical order in English rhetoric are:
a. Sentence order and word order
b. Chronological order and order of importance
c. Chronological order and topic sentence
d. Chronological order and line of importance
3. Chronological order can be used to explain these following procedures,
a. How to solve a math problem
b. How to perform a chemistry experiment
c. How to set up an accounting system
d. How to count
4. Keys in writing a good chronological paragraph:
a. Discuss the events (in a history) or the steps (in a process) in order in
which they occur
b. Use chronological transition signals to indicate the sequence of events
or steps
c. Both A and B are correct
d. Both A and B are incorrect
5. To signal the time order, these expressions can be used, except:
a. As in 1943
b. Since the war
c. Twenty-five years later
d. In this year

Add appropriate chronological transition signals to the following


The Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) has outlined some
steps to take some of the danger out of smoking for those people who are
unable to quit smoking outright. ________6. (a. next, b. before, c. First, d. Firstly)
choose a cigarette with less tar and nicotine to reduce your intake of these
pollutants. ________(7) (a. next, b. then, c. second, d. and) don’t smoke your
cigarette all the way down. Remember, 60 percent of these substances is
contained in the last half of the cigarette.

(8)________(a. then, b. but, c. after that, d. since) take fewer draws on each
cigarette –that is reduce the number of puffs on each cigarette. This will cut
down your smoking. 9._____________(a.then. b. but, c. after that, ) reduce
your inhaling. Take short, shallow puff (10)_______(a. finally, b. after that, c.
after, d. soon)smoke fewer cigarette each day. This may be the most difficult
step of all.

11. Which of these topic sentence that suggest that a chronological paragraph
will follow:
a. In the past twenty-five years development in the field of electronics have
revolutionized the computer industry
b. The worst day in my life was the day I left my family to come to the United
c. Smoking can damage your lungs
d. The election of a U.S President will be held on next August

12. Another very common way to organize the idea in a paragraph is to discuss
them in order of:
a. their less importance
b. their chronological
c. their importance
d. their rank

13. Which of these following topic sentences using transition signal:

a. The cause of inflation
b. The inflation effects my holiday plan
c. These are the important cause of inflation
d. The danger of inflation

14. Supporting sentences should have:

a. Topic sentence
b. Unity, Coherence and Logical Order
c. Concluding sentence
d. Logical sentence

15. Coherence results from two major structural techniques:

a. using logical order in sentence
b. using transition signals and stating ideas in logical order
c. using sentence to arrange transition signals
d. using ideas to arrange sentence

Fill in the blank with an appropriate word

In the relatively short span of twenty-five years, there has been an

incredible evolution in the size and capabilities of computer. 16___________.(a.
Today, b. Recently, c. Tomorrow, d. Now) computers, smaller than the tip of
your finger nails have the same capabilities as the room-sized machine of
twenty-five years ago. The first computers were developed 17______________(a.
around 1945, b. this year, c. originally, d. around the world). They were so large
that they required special air-conditioned rooms. 18________________( a. in the
next year b. about twenty years later c. after a year d. later on) in the 1960s,
desk-sized computer were developed. This represented a gigantic advance.
Before the end of the same decade, however , a third generation of computers,
which used simple integrated circuits, and which were even smaller and faster,
had appeared. 19_______________.(a. In 1971, b. Then, c. After that, d. Since
1971) the first microprocessor, less that one square centimeter in size was
developed. Today, electronic engineers predict that even smaller and more
sophisticated computers will be on the market 20.___________(a. on this decade,
b. will be soon, c. before the end of this decade, d. before this decade)

To perform a neutralization experiment, proceed in the following manner.

21._____________(A. One, b. Once, c.First, d. Once), measure out about 2 cc of
NaOH solution. 22____________(.a. Then, b. second, c. secondly, d. after ), pour
the solution into a small casserole. 23___________(a. Next ,b Then,c. While ,d.
Since ) add portions of HCl solution, stirring after each addition until the
solution acid when tested with litmus paper. 24.________(a.Then,b. This time, c.
Finally, d. They) places the casserole containing the solution on a wire gauze
over a Bunnen burner and heat it until the solution begin to boil. When it does,
reduce the size of the flame immediately and allow the solution to boil gently.
As it is approaches dryness sputtering may occur. At this point, cover the
casserole loosely with a watch glass. 25._________(a. After that , b. Then, c.
Since, d. Now) hold the casserole above the dame and move it back and forth
until no further water vapor is expelled. 26.________________(a. Thus, b. After
that, c. so, d. Finally )allow the dish and residue to cool.

Answer Key:
1. A
2. B
3. D
4. C
5. D
6. C
7. C
8. A
9. C
10. A
11. A
12. C
13. C
14. B
15. B
16. A
17. A
18. B
19. A
20. C
21. C
22. B
23. A
24. A
25. A
26. D