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A Qualitative Research

Presented to Mrs. Jodelyn Tarraya

In Partial Fulfillment to the Requirements

in Practical Research I


John Russel Andal

Vry Baltazar

Remelyn Barajas

Queena Mae Binasahan

Kristine Mae Tuayon

Pasay City South High School

S.Y. 2018-2019

Senior High School Students tend to be stressful with their priorities

in school, their parents' expectations and their personal life. Handling

challenging situations can be very difficult as they are in the process of their

own development as young adults. But one of the factors that inspires the

students to continue their academics despite having an overloaded task is

Early Romantic Relationship. Base on this study, Early Romantic

Relationship does have an effect on prioritization of students that are

involved in an intimate relationship.

The Key Purpose of this study is to know what are the effects of

having an early romantic relationship to the senior high school students with

a strand of Humanities and Social Science in Pasay City South High School

(PCSHS). This study also attempts to gain insight to the perception of the

respondents regarding to early relationship and its consequences to one's

academic performance. This study can be a big help to students who are

involve of the said matter, for them to realize the essence of being in a


The Study revealed that Senior High School Students of PCSHS

prioritize their academics more than their romantic relationship with their

partner. It also reveals that every partner of the respondent’s act as the

supporting companion.



During adolescence, teenagers make more interest on having a

relationship because of the eagerness to belong with others. Consequently,

as time pass by, intimate relationships become more important to

teenagers. Adolescents become more desperate to have a romantic

relationship in which love is given and taken without limitation.

According to the need to belong theory, individuals are determined

to connect with each other’s in an intimate and strong emotional

relationship. In addition, the need to belong theory states that people share

the same need to be connected with other individuals, and argues that

individuals may live their lives better if they are connected. Myers (2010)

supported the theory by asserting that people who find a person who are

capable of sharing their problems with, makes those people more

acknowledgeable. Being belong is supported by close and intimate

relationship which tends to be healthier and happier. Because of this need

to belong, it is clear that nowadays most senior high students manage their

time in academic and romantic aspect. Putting themselves in this romantic

relationship makes them feel that someone is caring for them, showing

admiration to them, loving them, etc. In fact, Furman (2002) reported that

romantic relationships become more and more significant to adolescents

socially because they also develop from puberty to late adolescence where

it shows how common romantic relationship is with teenagers.

Romantic relationship can cause stress and worry about the

relationship, social and nonsocial sacrifices, increased dependence on the

partner, fights, time and effort investment, and feeling worse about the self

which were said to be the cause of anxiety of the students. Having been in

these situations, students who are involved with romantic relationship may

be face challenges in maintaining a good academic performance.

Consequently, a question on the effect of romantic relationship among the

students involved, whether they can manage their time efficiently or not.

It was very evident that young students who are involving themselves in

romantic relationships while studying faced difficulty in handling the weight

of responsibilities. Thus, the study was conducted to gather information on

how the involvement affect the academic performances both positive and in

negative attributes.

Moreover, this research study wants to determine the various factors

affecting students’ academic performances especially those who are

involved in early romantic relationships.

Lastly, this study was also conducted to identify the benefits and

consequences of engaging to romantic relationship at a young age.


This study aims to determine the effects of romantic relationship on

the academic performance of selected Humanities and Social Sciences

Senior High students in Pasay City South High School. This will determine

how students manage their time in schooling and at the same time being

involved in a romantic relationship.

This study highlights the effect of time management, motivation and

anxiety level of students who are involved in romantic relationship on their

academic performance. The outcome of this research would alarm the

student and raise their awareness on the effects of romantic relationship on

the academic performance of a student particularly on its negative effects.

The finalized data would also help the students manage and assess

their time between romantic and academic aspects. Findings of this study

would also aware and give consideration to the parents of the students who

are integrating their time in both academic works and romantic aspect. The

outcomes could benefit them so that they could guide their children on how

to balance time wisely, and to the parents, they are obligated to motivate

their children to prioritize their study and set-aside factors of romantic

relationship which might affect the academic performance of their children.

For the teachers, the information that they would gain in this research

would benefit and help them guide and give proper attention to their

students who are tangled in a romantic relationships and so that teachers

could also help them in increasing the academic performance of their

students not only by teaching lessons on their assigned course or subject

but also guiding them and giving positive advices.


The main objectives of this study is to identify the effects of romantic

relationship on the academic performance of selected Senior High Students

of PCSHS, to know the key on how to manage time between studies and

romantic relationship, and how to give a solution to conflicts in

synchronizing studies while having a romantic relationship of Senior High

Students of PCSHS who are involved in a romantic relationship. In order to

answer the main problem, the study has the following specific objectives:

1. What are the effects of early romantic relationship to the academic

performance of HUMSS student?

2. How the engagement to early romantic relationship affects the time

management of the HUMSS student?

3. What is the significant relationship between academic performance

and the involvement to early romantic relationship?


Loving someone is part of growing up, even students fall in love,

however, not all cases of students having a relationship has a negative

effect. In fact, some students make their partners as their inspiration.

According to Wells (2019) he can relate to Einstein’s struggle to balance

one’s professional endeavors while maintaining a connection with someone

who shares the same aspirations. In addition, Wells (2019) stated that

Einstein is not just this genius. He was a human and he had relationships.

Romantic relationships are steadily evolving over the years, as

students tend to have various perspectives on the topic and share different

values on its importance in their lives. There was an observation done of

college women in the late 1970s and early 1980s in correlation to being in

romantic relationships. Studies found that the peer culture established an

ethos for women that emphasized romantic relationships with men as a

major route of self-worth and prestige (Gilmartin, 2005). As studies show,

being in romantic relationships has had a high value and priority since the

late 70s and early 80s for women. Being perceived as (hetero) sexually

attractive and having a “high status boyfriend elevated a young woman’s

standing among her classmates, which means that schoolwork and

friendship were pushed to the side (Gilmartin, 2005). This statement alone

gives rise to the need to conduct a study on this issue as this article proves

that there indeed may be a correlation between being in a relationship and

academic performance. Due to woman having less of a concern on their

course load, they are at a disadvantage for being given the opportunity to

develop the necessary knowledge needed to propel them to their optimal

professional advancement (Gilmartin, 2005). Previous findings have

indicated that single men and women experience higher levels of mental

instability, such as depression, anxiety, mood disorders, adjustment

problems, and other forms of psychological distress (Braithwaite, S. R.,

Delevi, R., & Fincham, F. D., 2010).

Romantic Relationship is viewed as the connection of two people

sharing the same emotion. Not all relationships have to be sexual in nature.

You can truly be yourself in an intimate relationship with someone who you

respect and are respected by in return. According to Amen (2007) “that

romantic love and infatuation are not so much of an emotion as they are

motivational drives that are part of the brain's reward system.”




Selected students from Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS)

who are in a relationship who participate and undergo interview questions

through voice record to identify the impacts of having a relationship in the

academic performances of the students. The respondents will answer these

questions according to their personal experiences and opinions. Any

gender, men, women, gays, lesbians, bisexuals etc. and with ages from

sixteen to twenty (16-20) years old are used as the respondents of this

study. The study requires ten (15) students who will participate. The

participants must only be a student from HUMSS in Pasay City South High

School and he/she must be in a relationship.


This study is limited only to fifteen (15) selected students of Pasay City

South High School ages from sixteen to twenty (16-18) years old from

Grade 11 Senior High School, Humanities and Social Sciences Students.

This research study focuses only in determining the effects of early romantic

relationship in the academic performance of the student. Each of the

respondent is given a questionnaire to answer the survey, the data gathered

will be held confidential and will be used as the information of this study.


Data were collected through structural survey and interview.

Respondents were chosen purposely because they are the Senior High

School Students in Pasay City South High School from Humanities and

Social Sciences who have romantic relationship with their partners. The

results will determine whether having a romantic relationship will contribute

positively in the academic performance of a HUMSS student or not.

Furthermore, it will have led to a discovery if it will inspire the students in a

challenging situations.


This research study utilized a descriptive research design since the

purpose of this study is to describe the experiences of those who are

already involved in a romantic relationship and how they manage their time

in handling a dual role. Also this study wants to gain knowledge of how

having a romantic relationship at a young age impacted their academic

performance. The study also wants to go in depth with the respondents to

have a better understanding and know their perspective.

According to this approach, the researchers may conduct surveys,

interviews, read documents, watch videos, or visit places and events, to

comprehend the respondent’s experiences, particular situation.


The main advantage of this content analysis is to collect and prove

the right data and solve the problem, and to gather data via survey and then

develop an interview template ahead of time to ensure consistency and

save time. Researchers summarized the answers of the participants so that

it will become easy for the researchers to comprehend the data. After

analyzing the data and possibly conducting further research, its finally time

to interpret the results.


The researchers generated a variety of questions regarding their

research and was then used for their survey questionnaires that will be

answered after considering their age, sex, grade level and opinions of every

participant with their consent and only who has an affirmative response will

be selected as respondents. The selected HUMSS students were given a

consent. Therefore, they were not forced to answer the given



This Chapter presents the data gathered from the selected HUMSS
students where it answers the specific problems that our study provided.
The discussion of the study is included as well in this chapter.

Statement of the problem

1. What are the effects of early romantic relationship to the academic

performance of HUMSS student?

Student’s academic performance nor social life of the

students is not affected by their relationship negatively. Instead, their

partners serve more of an inspiration and companion rather than a

distraction. It makes the student’s duties more light because of their

partner who helps and support in what they do.

Viewing things in a mature perspective, one’s relationship

conflict should never be a reason for a student’s test score to rise or

fall because it depends on the student if he is willing to study or not.

Lovers quarrel should also be confidential to the partners only, and

should divert their time and effort in a more significant matter like

studying instead.

2. How the engagement to early romantic relationship affects the time

management of the HUMSS student?

Students prioritize their academic works and manage their

time according to importance. So, some students who are in a

relationship that manage their time properly does not affect their

academic performance. However, some students claim that it is hard

to manage their time if they are involved in a relationship because of

the hectic schedule that they have. Their partner, so are their school

works both demands attention which makes their time more

complicated and harder to manage.

Therefore, relationships cause positive and negative

outcomes in managing their time between their school works and

their partner.

3. What is the significant relationship between academic performance

and the involvement to early romantic relationship?

The partner of the respondent serves as the support system

to their academic performance. Instead of being a distraction they

help their partner conveniently deal with the challenges they

encounter. Their partner pushes them to prioritize their school works

and motivates them to focus on their academics. This led the

students to stay positive at all times and active on their academic

performances. The partner of every respondent know their role as a

guiding companion that helps them overcome their difficulties.



This chapter provides the summary, conclusions and

recommendations of the study.


The study was conducted to evaluate how having a relationship

impact the academic performances of a student.

The study exploited the descriptive research design in getting the

respondent’s awareness or experience in having an early relationship.

The following are the discoveries of the study:

 Students with a partner has an optimistic view.

 They consider their partners more of an inspiration and companion
rather than a distraction.
 Students who are in a relationship claims to be more motivated than
 Some students who are engaged in a relationship has trouble in
synchronizing their studies and with their partner.
 Some students who are engaged in a relationship who has no
difficulties in managing their time has knowledge on what should be
 Even though the respondents say that they are more motivated to
study than before and their partners serve as their inspiration to study
hard, some students on the other hand, still shows no improvement
in their grade.

The researchers conclude based on the findings gathered:

This study shows that most of the HUMSS student in PCSHS who
are engaged in an early romantic relationship finds their partner more of an
inspiration rather than a distraction because their partners motivate them to
do better in school.

Time management depends on the person who manage it. Most of

the HUMSS student who are in a relationship, manage their time well
because of maturity and knowledge of what could happen in the future if
time is handled wrong. Prioritization is evident with most of the Senior High
School students who are in a relationship because some choose to do
school works before hanging out with their partners, and some choose to
do their school works with their partners at the same time. However, there
are students who find handling their time hard because both of their partners
and their academic activities demands time. Although some student say that
they are more motivated and inspired being in a relationship, the
researchers observed that their grades on the other hand shows no

Therefore, the researchers conclude that the students who are

engaged in an early romantic relationship has more of a positive than a
negative impact on their academic performances.


After building the conclusion and summary of our study, the researchers
came up with a few recommendations in the following:

1. The researchers should have had more respondents that are

involved in a romantic relationship that excels in school and those
who has a lower grade so the study would have seen the effects
more clearly from both sides.
2. The researchers should conduct their surveys on grade 12 students
as well to gather data in a mature perspective since these students
has more experience compared to the grade11 students.
3. The researchers should spend more of their time and attention in
conducting the research.








Capariño(2011) The Effects of Romantic Relationships on the Academic

Performance of University of the Philippines – Cebu College Students

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