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NFS 095/EDPE 055/PEAC 199

Vtrim for Undergrads
Spring 2011


Week 1 Let’s Get Started

Week 2 Where Are You Now? (Energy In)

Week 3 Programmed and Lifestyle Exercise

Week 4 Get a game Plan (Goal Setting)

Week 5 Portion Distortion

Week 6 Trip-Up Triggers (Food Cues)

Week 7 Change How You See (Body Image)

Week 8 Figure It Out (Problem Solving)

Week 9 Supermarket Smarts and Eating Out

Week 10 Don’t Beat Yourself Up (Positive Thinking)

Week 11 Get By With a Little Help From Your Friends (Social Support)

Week 12 Now What? Go the Distance (Relapse Prevention)

*Note: No class held the week of Spring Break

Online Classes
Mondays 4:05-5:05 pm ET 01/31/2011 Kathy Hadley
Mondays 6:15-7:15 pm ET 01/31/2011 Natalie Lueders
Tuesdays 1:00-2:00 pm ET 02/01/2011 Mindy Anhder
Tuesdays 7:00-8:00 pm ET 02/01/2011 Suzette Holt
Wednesdays 12:50-1:50 pm ET 02/02/2011 Tina Taylor
Wednesdays 6:15-7:15 pm ET 02/02/2011 Tina Taylor

Students will be able to:
1. Identify behavioral strategies and techniques that encourage a healthy lifestyle and facilitate weight

2. Understand how food choices, the environment, social support, exercise, and other factors influence
weight and health risks.
3. Develop self-monitoring skills that allow them to identify the impact of calorie intake, fat intake and
exercise on energy balance.

Format: Online class with weekly synchronous, text-based meetings (chat room), online assignments and self-
monitoring of food intake (calorie and fat intake) and exercise.

This class is graded as pass/fail based on attendance and participation. In order to earn a passing grade,
students must attend and participate in the weekly online classes and self-monitoring. Students are allowed to
miss 1 of the 12 classes without making up the class. Students may miss a second class, but are required to
make up the class by reading the class transcript, the weekly lesson, and complete a reflection exercise on the
lesson for that week.


-Attendance will be taken each class through a question asked during class that all students must
respond to in order to be marked present for class. If the student does not respond to the attendance
question posed by the instructor the student will be considered absent.

-Participation will also be graded based on completion of the self-monitoring journal. Students must keep a
food/exercise journal (record of the calorie/fat intake each day and exercise completed each day) a minimum
of 10 of the 12 weeks of class. The journals must be complete (i.e., include 5-7 days of self-monitoring).

Exam Policy:
There are no exams for this class.

There is no required textbook for this course. The Eating Well Diet: Introducing the Vtrim Weight-Loss Program
is an optional book for the program (basic guide book and cookbook based on the Vtrim program). The book is
available at the UVM Bookstore.

You are expected to be in class each week. Attendance is a factor in your final grade for the course. If you
must miss a class, the transcript from the online class is available for review for 1 week after each class. The
transcript will be replaced each week with the most recent meeting transcript. So if you miss a class, you must
review the transcript within the week or you will not be able to view it. The official policy for religious holidays
is as follows: “Students have the right to practice the religion of their choice. Each semester, students should
submit in writing to their instructors, by the end of the second full week of classes, their documented religious
holiday schedule for the semester.” You should be able to observe any religious holidays and still meet the
attendance requirement for this class.

You are expected to focus on your Vtrim class when you are in attendance and not be checking email,
updating your Facebook status, etc. while logged in to your weekly meeting. The group instructor will be able to
tell if you are logged on but not participating. Please observe the following class group guidelines:

Protect Confidentiality
In order to feel comfortable sharing with each other, personal information heard in the room must stay in the
room. Do not repeat anything talked about in the group if it is of a sensitive nature. This is extremely important.
Do not use last names in referring to other members of the group to people outside the program.
Arrive On Time
Please make every effort to be punctual. Sessions are planned so that all allotted time is utilized. If you must
log in after the class begins or if you need to log out early, please let your instructor know in advance if
possible. Your instructor will be concerned if you aren't there or if you disappear from the chat room without
Attend Each Session
The lesson content and materials have been carefully crafted to promote lifestyle changes and weight
management. The sessions build on one another and therefore it is critical that you make every effort to attend
each session. Naturally, you may have to miss a session due to illness or other unusual circumstances; you
can view the transcript from class for one week after the meeting.
Keep the Group In the Loop
You are an important group member. The group depends on you and cares about your wellbeing. If you know
you will not make a meeting, email your instructor. The group members will ask about you and wonder where
you are if you suddenly disappear.
Please share. This is the best way to allow others to get to know you. What you have to say matters and may
help other group members.
Take Your Share of the “Air”
Allow others the same courtesy. Side conversations are distracting. So, one at a time, please.
Avoid Criticizing
Everyone has a unique personality and perspective. Respecting each other’s ideas is a requirement of a
healthy group environment.