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CS Student Research Symposium

Venue: Varsity Hall I, Union South

Date: April 9, 12 - 4 p.m.

Time Speaker Program Area Email Topic

12:00 Prof. Michael Swift Opening Remarks
12:15 Xuezhou Zhang Talk (15 min) AI An optimal control approach to sequential machine teaching
12:30 Ching-pei Lee Talk (15 min) Optimization Large-scale Nonlinear Optimization for Machine Learning
12:45 Jiefeng Chen Talk (15 min) Security Towards Understanding Limitations of Pixel Discretization Against Adversarial Attacks
01:00 - 01:25 Anant Gupta Lightning talk (3 min) AI Photon-Flooded Single-Photon 3D Cameras
Yiding Chen Lightning talk (3 min) AI Optimal Adversarial Attack on Autoregressive Models
Ayon Sen Lightning talk (3 min) AI Machine Beats Human at Sequencing Visuals for Perceptual-Fluency Practice
Michael O'Neill Lightning talk (3 min) Optimization Complexity of CG-Newton Methods for Nonconvex Optimization
Amrita Roy Chowdhury Lightning talk (3 min) Security Crypt𝜀-Crypto Assisted Differential Privacy
Hsuan-Heng Wu Lightning talk (3 min) PL Stateful SDN controller program synthesis
Swapnil Haria Lightning talk (3 min) Architecture Exploiting the Persistence of Memory
Michael Davies Lightning talk (3 min) Architecture Accelerator CAD
01:25 Yannis Chronis Talk (15 min) DB Efficiently Searching In-Memory Sorted Arrays
01:40 Yifeng Teng Talk (15 min) Theory Reasonable multi-item mechanisms are not much better than item pricing
01:55 - 02:15 BREAK + posters
02:15 Daniel Rakita Talk (15 min) HCI Effective Methods for Robot Telemanipulation
02:30 - 03:00 Vasileios Kontonis Lightning talk (3 min) Theory Truncated Statistics
Ram Alagappan Lightning talk (3 min) OS Situation-Aware Replication Protocols
Jing Liu Lightning talk (3 min) OS I'm Not Dead Yet! Why Kernel Bypass Devices Are Not Killing Operating Systems
Benjamin Welton Lightning talk (3 min) OS Diogenes: Looking For An Honest GPU/GPU Performance Measurement Tool
Mark Mansi Lightning talk (3 min) OS Simulating large-memory machines with 0sim
Calvin Smith Lightning talk (3 min) PL Proving Utility of Randomized Programs
Archie Nidhi Lightning talk (3 min) Networks Towards Automated Network Policy Management
Aarati Kakaraparthy Lightning talk (3 min) DB Optimizing DBMS for SSDs
Zhiwei Fan Lightning talk (3 min) DB Scaling-Up In-Memory Datalog Processing: Observations and Techniques
03:00 Yuvraj Patel Talk (15 min) OS Providing Lock Opportunity with Actually Fair Locks
03:15 Yanfang Le Talk (15 min) Networks RoGUE: RDMA over Generic Unconverged Ethernet
03:30 David Porfirio Talk (15 min) PL Applying Formal Methods to Human-Robot Interaction
03:45 Prof. Andrea Arpaci-Dusseau Closing Remarks

Poster Session Details

1:55 - 2:15 Shashank Rajput Poster AI Does Data Augmentation lead to positive margin?
Ankit Pensia Poster AI Mean estimation for entangled single-sample distributions
Xuanxuan Ge Poster HCI Learning outcomes and experiences of using telepresence
Suchita Pati Poster Architecture GPU Architectures for Deep Learning
Shaleen Deep Poster DB Compressed Representation of Conjunctive Query Results
Han Li Poster DB Deep Learning for Entity Matching: A Design Space Exploration