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Soal-Soal Latihan Mekanika Kekuatan Bahan:

Topik: Torsi dan Momen Lentur, beban kombinasi.

5.9 A steel band saw, 20 mm wide and 0.6 mm thick, runs over pulleys of diameter d. (a) Find the
maximum bending stress in the saw if d ¼ 500 mm. (b) What is the smallest value of d for which the
bending stress in the saw does not exceed 400 MPa? Use E = 200 GPa for steel.

5.12 The beam ABCD with a rectangular cross section carries the loading shown in the figure. Determine
the magnitude and location of the maximum bending stress in the beam.

5.15 A 200-lb man starts at end A of the wooden plank and walks toward end B. mIf the plank will fail
when the maximum bending stress is 6000 psi, find the farthest distance x that the man can walk safely.
4-23. A tube of 50-mm outside diameter and 2-mm thickness is attached at the ends by means of rigid
flanges to a solid shaft of 25-mm diameter, as shown in the figure. If both the tube and the shaft are
made of the same linearly elastic material, what part of the applied torque T is carried by the tube?

4-16. A dynamometer is employed to calibrate the required power input to operate an exhaust fan at 20
Hz. The dynamometer consists of a 12-mm-diameter solid shaft and two disks attached to the shaft 300
mm apart, as shown in the figure. One disk is fastened through a tube at the input end; the other is near
the output end. The relative displacement of these two disks as viewed in stroboscopic light was found
to be 6" 0'. Compute the power input in hp required to operate the fan at the given speed. Let G = 84

7.4-8 The torsional pendulum shown in the figure consists of a horizontal circular disk of mass M = 60 kg
suspended by a vertical steel wire (G = 80 GPa) of length L = 2 m and diameter d = 4 mm. Calculate the
maximum permissible angle of rotation 𝜙max of the disk (that is, the maximum amplitude of torsional
vibrations) so that the stresses in the wire do not exceed 100 MPa in tension or 50 MPa in shear.
7.4-10 A cylindrical pressure vessel having radius r = 300 mm and wall thickness t = 15 mm is subjected
to internal pressure p = 2.5 MPa. In addition, a torque T = 120 kN·m acts at each end of the cylinder (see
figure). (a) Determine the maximum tensile stress 𝜎max and the maximum in-plane shear stress 𝜏max in
the wall of the cylinder. (b) If the allowable in-plane shear stress is 30 MPa, what is the maximum
allowable torque T?
Petunjuk: tegangan normal akibat tekanan internal (pressure) arah aksial 𝜎𝑎 = 4𝑡
, dan tegangan normal
arah sirkumferensial (keliling) atau tangensial akibat tekanan adalah 𝜎𝑡 =

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