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Care Presentation

Melina Conrad
Patient AA

● 38 y/o male
● 5’ 6”, 93.6kg
● Film Maker
● From the Philippines
● Married, 1 child
● Large family
○ Mom and dad have 13
siblings each
Admit Diagnosis/PMH/Course of

● Liver abscess, bacterial infection

● Presented with fever, fatigue, chills, poor appetite
● Taking metformin twice daily
● PMH Type 2 Diabetes (only diagnosed 1 year ago), hypertension

Walk in Clinic ER Backus Hospital

What is a liver abscess?

● Bacterial infection causes the abscess

● Symptoms include
○ Fever, sweats, chills, fatigue etc.

Had this procedure done and

was draining into a bag

Drug/Generic Name Purpose Side Effect Nutritional Concerns

Lantus Manage blood Weight gain, itching Consistent carb

sugars intake

Humalog Manage blood Weight gain, itching Consistent carb

sugars intake

Glimepiriade (1mg Manage blood Weight gain, itching Consistent carb

w/ breakfast sugars intake
HgA1C 10/11 9.2%

Glucose 10/10 (day after 358 309


Glucose 10/11 265 316

Glucose 10/15 (day I saw 190 199

Nutritional Assessment

● Busy worker, 6 days a week 10-16 hr days

● Put on 30lbs since marriage and kids
● Previously was active (snowboarding, hiking etc.)
● Diagnosed with T2DM 1 year ago
● Never had met with a dietitian :(
● Low nutrition/diagnosis knowledge level

Food and nutrition related knowledge deficit RT

T2DM AEB HgA1C of 9.2% and pt stating limited
knowledge about diabetes diagnosis and
consistent carb intake

● Education, Education, Education!!

● Educated about
○ What is a consistent carb diet?
○ What is a serving of carbs?
○ How to read a nutrition label and focus on carbs
○ Food groups and their servings of carbs

● Continue consistent carb diet (60g per meal and 3 snacks at 15g)
● Moderate weight loss of 1 lb a week until back at pre marriage weight of 175
● HgA1c ≤7% by next reading in 3 months
● Pt able to state three foods that are 1 serving of carbs (15g)
Research Article

● Shows need for

team effort
● Better outcomes
● Better adherence
Grohmann, B et. al. Patients’ experiences of diabetes education teams integrated into primary care Canadian Family
Physician Feb 2017, 63 (2) e128-e136; DOA 10/23/18.
Krause’s Food & the Nutrition Care Process, 14th ed., Mahan & Escott-Stump, 2016
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