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Naviance and Your College Curricula

Lesson One
Residential Education
We are going to introduce ourselves and we ask
that you introduce yourselves and share the
following information:

1. One superpower/one strength

2. One thing you hope to gain from this class
Class Commitments

1. Be open-minded to all institutions, pathways, etc.

2. Because we are in a group setting, we can’t assure confidentiality, but we ask

that you honor and keep each other’s information within the class.

3. Be respectful and kind to one another.

Course Overview
Please go to Canvas for the syllabus and list of modules
Course Schedule

March 4th Naviance and Your College Criteria

March 11th College Curricula and College Basics
March 18th Finding the Right College for You
March 25th Essays and Short Answer Questions
April 1st Understanding How Colleges Select Students
April 8th The Common App and Other Applications
April 15th The Common App Personal Essay and Longer Essays
Spring Break
April 29th Financial Aid and Scholarships
May 6th Interviews and College Visits
May 13th Review
Class Policies

1. If you have questions about specific colleges, please reach out to your individual assigned
2. You are expected to adhere to all of NCSSM’s academic honesty policies in this course. All work
presented should be your own, original work, and include proper citations where appropriate.
3. Class expectations for work submission: mostly through Canvas in Word, Excel, or PDF. Please
bring your laptops to class every week.
4. You are expected to do work in order to prepare for class each week. This may involve reading
materials, watching videos, collecting information, or preparing ungraded assignments. Failure to
prepare for class will negatively impact your grade.
5. Late work: 5% deduction per day the assignment is late. Please talk to us in advance if you need

Class Participation 10%

Class Preparation 15%

College Timeline 25%

Self Assessment 25%

Essay Draft 25%

College Attributes Activity
Please take out a sheet of blank paper
College Attributes Activity, Step 1

List the top 10 attributes that are most important to YOU in a

College Attributes Activity, Step 2

Now, mark an * next to 3 on the list that are your least

College Attributes Activity, Step 3

Next, put a checkmark next to the next 3 items that are

least important to you.
College Attributes, Final Step

At this point you should have 4 items remaining…

Turn to a partner and share which one is the most important

to you and why.
Introduction to Naviance
Please go to to the Naviance login.
Logins are your ncssm email address.

Login issues?
Go through
Reset your password on the login page:
Opening Page
College Section
College Statistics & Data
Career Section
About Me Section
My Planner Section
And more!
We will explore Naviance more each week during our lessons.