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John Keith Shoulders

English Teacher

• English teacher and administrator who excels
in cultivating and maintaining positive and
productive relationships with all educational
constituencies including parents, students,
administrators, and the community.
• Strong instructional leader with significant
education experience and a history of success
in successfully working with students of all CONTACT
ability levels.
• Active participant in school community with a (707)293-0875
plethora of experience in planning and
coordinating school events as well as coaching
and leading school sports teams and clubs.


Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Deputy Principal | Singapore International School at United States
Gamuda Gardens
August 2017 - June 2017 | Hanoi, Vietnam
Providing guidance and support for over fifty
teachers in elementary, middle and high school at CERTIFICATION
a WASC Accredited school.
Establishing excellent working rapport with California Single Subject
students, parents, teachers and other Teaching Credential
administration team members.
Leading teams of teachers in planning for major In English and History
schoolwide events such as International Days.
Conducting formal and informal teacher observations
and follow up sessions. EDUCATION
Conducting and overseeing multiple sessions and
initiatives as part of our school’s professional
development program. BACHELORS OF ARTS IN
Overseeing the setting and vetting process of History and American
system wide exams in English, math and science. Literature
University of California
High School English Teacher | Cloverdale Los Angeles
High School June 2008
August 2018 – Present | Cloverdale, California
Teaching 10th and 11th grade English Language Post Graduate Single
Arts classes to a diverse student population. Subject Credential
Working collaboratively with other members of the Program
English department to plan lessons and projects Sonoma State Univerisity
to engage and meet the needs of students of December 2011
diverse ability and language levels.
Following the California Common Core State
standards with the aim of preparing students for
success in critical thinking reading and
communication skills in university or whatever
pathway they follow after high school.
John Keith Shoulders
English Teacher


Middle School English Teacher | Singapore

International School at Gamuda Gardens Analy High School
August 2015 – August 2017 | Hanoi, Vietnam Assistant Football
Teaching 8 Grade English classes made up 2008 – 2010, 2013
of students with extremely diverse
ability levels.
Developing engaging lesson plans to meet Cloverdale High School
our English content standards designed to Assistant Football
be accessible and challenging to all Coach
students regardless of ability level. 2018-Present
Successfully teaching and scaffolding a first
language English program to classes where the SIS Van Phuc Boys
vast majority of students were English Elementary Soccer Coach
language learners. 2012-2013
Consistently improving student results on
mandatory system wide assessments.
SIS Ciputra Girls
Founding and coaching a highly successful Elementary Soccer Coach
Gaelic football program.
Promoted to join the school administration
team due to my professional teaching approach
and positive relationships with key SIS Gamduda Gaelic
stakeholders. Football Coach

Primary School Teacher | Singapore

International School at Ciputra
January 2012- July 2013 and January 2013 -
July 2015 | Hanoi, Vietnam Involvement
Serving as an English, social studies and
homeroom teacher for grade 2,3 and 5
classes over four school years.
World Scholars’ Cup
Established lasting positive relationships
with students and their families through High School Debate
Team Coach
consistent positive communication.
Hanoi English
Enhance student engagement for learning Olympics Coach
science through maintaining collaborative
learning classroom environment Lead organizer of
schoolwide festivals
Developing engaging lesson plans in English and shows.
and social studies focused on meeting content
standards while simultaneously challenging and Director and
organizer of several
building student confidence and critical student plays.
thinking skills.
Holding voluntary weekly afterschool
classes for students needing extra support.
Consistently recognized for my willingness to
put in extra time for out of class activities
such as English Olympics and schoolwide
John Keith Shoulders
English Teacher

Middle School Head of Studies | Microsoft Office
Singapore International School–
August 2017 – July 2018 Spreadsheet
and Database
Providing direction, guidance and support for Electronic
over 20 middles school teachers.
Leading a team of English teachers in Google Classroom
the creation of improved English
curriculum documents based on the E-mail Management
standards of the Singapore Ministry of Online gradebooks
Education. Online student
Providing pastoral care, guidance resources
and discipline for over 300 middle Familiarity with
school students. administrative tools
such as ascSubstition
Helping to foster a positive work and Aeries.
environment and organizing department
meetings where teacher collaboration and
reflection on best practices were highly Charitable Work
In Vietnam
Volunteer English
Humanitarian Services
for the Children of
Chris Meredith Shane Blood Vietnam
Principal Former Supervisor Fall 2014-June 2015
Cloverdale Highs School Principal of Vinschool
Cloverdale, California Saigon, Vietnam
+17073182250 +841223778277 Volunteer Gealic Football Coach Blue
Dragon Children’s
Foundation Vietnam
Winter 2014 – Spring

Lead Organizer of SIS

Brian Lalor Schoolwide Charity
Drives for
Former Supervisor
Humanitarian Services
for the Children of
Xi’an, China
Vietnam 2015-2017