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Unforgettable Moments in My Life

There had been many unforgettable moments in my life. I would like to mention one of
Once I was traveling from Karachi to Lahore by train. I was in first class, so there were only
few passengers, with me. At a particular station, they all got off. Now I was completely alone
in the compartment.

After sometime, a smart lady entered the compartment and sat next to me. She had a very
clever plan to rob me. She said to me that if I did not hand over all the money to her which I
had, she would complain to the railway police that I had robbed her. When I heard this
dreadful speech I was completely and absolutely pass puzzled. I hit a plan to save myself
from the wicked plan of that lady. I therefore pretended that I was a deaf and a dumb fellow
and requested to write in a piece of page what she wanted to say. She gladly wrote her
demand on the piece of paper and handed it to me. I change my seat and took the piece of
writing. The railway police come and asked as what the matter was. The women as clever as
she was burst into admits so she told that I had robber her of a thousand rupees. At first he
seemed to believe in her story, but when I gave the piece of writing to the police, the women
turned pale. She was caught red-handed and this way I saved from her wicked plan.

My Aim in Life

Every one has an aim in life but those who do not have are dull souls and they curse their
life for all time. In other words we can say a person without an aim in life is like a car
without a driver. People have different aims in life. Some aspire to become rich, some like to
become doctor, engineers, business men, executives in a big company, banker, lawyer,
musician, artist and so forth.

I desire to lead a life different from others. I don’t crave fro wealth not like to serve people as
doctor or like who say that they want to become a teacher and spread light and knowledge.

My ambition in life may sound odd to you. I like to become a comedian. It is not an easy task
to become a comedian. Only one person out of million can become a good comedian. People
in our country belonging to different class and age live a very depressed life. All have
problems and they give me a gloomy look. I I can become a comedian and make my people
cheerful or bring some happy moments in their sad life. i think I would have really rendered
great service to my nation.

After Lehri, we have two such people like Moen Akhter and Omer Sharif in our country who
made sad people’s life cheerful. I always dream to become a great comedian and pray to God
to help me fulfill my goal in life.

Pakistan As You See in the 21st Century

When the Muslims of India demanded a separate homeland for themselves, many people
thought that the establishment of Pakistan was impossible. But Pakistan did come into
being. It has not only survived many difficulties but has also made great progress in every
field. Its survival and development have surprised all.
We would like to see Pakistan at its best in 21st century, in the past years we enabled and
Unfortunately, Pakistan has not been politically very stable. But there is no need for despair.
The people Pakistan agree on fundamental issues and priorities.

In the economic field, hopes must be brighter. In 1947, we were a poor agricultural country
growing a few crops. Very soon our country began to be industrialized. Its dependence on
agriculture would be lessened.
Pakistan has taken a very short period in becoming a semi-industrial country. This fact gives
us the hope that there would be even faster development in the coming years. We have step
in computer world and the other modern technology and expected that in 21st century the
computer will be the part of every department even the advancement is expected because
the new coming generation is comparatively more intelligent than before. The modern
schools and institutions are preparing the staff better than the before. We have already
entered in manufacturing of many modern electronic equipment in future like in 21st
century Insha Allah Pakistan will send settelite in space. Pakistani scientist will conquer the
space. As the Allama Iqbal saying there is more world after the stars.

All these hopes are not just wild dreams. They have a solid foundations. They are founded
on the fact that people of Pakistan are intensely devoted to their country. They want to make
it a great country and for this, they are ready to make every effort and sacrifice. Moreover,
they are true Muslims with firm faith in Allah.

Importance of Science As a Subject in Curriculum

The nature has many secrets buried in it. It is the science which has scratched the mask
from the face of nature. Science has always helped the man in every chamber of life.

The importance of science as a subject in school curriculum can be understood from the fact
that science acts as a pillar in the man’s knowledge and when the youths are provided with
this pillar from the very beginning, they are sure to be successful. Through this subject
students are able to know the process going on in nature.

The understanding of science gives the students the actual concept of phenomenon that is
what is going on behind a particular process. The students can make a great increment in
their knowledge by having a deep study on science, so that they are able to know the general

Hence the science is a very useful guide which introduces the students with the techniques
of nature.

A Picnic
We were given a special holiday after our annual prize distribution. So me and my friends
made a programme and set out accordingly for the picnic at the beach in the morning. We
reached there at 9′O clock. We unpacked our things in a hut. My friends wanted to go for
boating so we hired a boat to carry us to the island of Manora.

We decided to do fishing so we all started with great hopes but only a small quantity of fish
was caught. We reached the island after enjoying ourselves on the sea. We cooked the fish
and enjoyed a grand lunch. In the evening we had tea and spent a good time till the sunset.

We waded in water. Waves after waves were coming and passing us finally splashing on
land. We also rode the horses and camels, it was very exciting.

The scene of the setting sun was really superb. As the sun sank we packed our things and
after few minutes were back with the memories of the whole day to cur heart’ desire.

Importance of Trees
Trees and plants are living things. They grow form seed and after a training maturity they
die. Trees are of significant importance for us. We cannot under estimate their value in our
surroundings. Trees adorn our surroundings. They produce oxygen without which we
cannot live. They are source of fruits and cereals for us. Trees provide us wood which we use
in building houses and furniture. Wood of trees is used as fuel. They play vital role in
changing climate of a region. Many useful medicines are prepared from herb and plants for
removing our ailments. Trees are a bounty for us and we should grow them where ever we

Life in a Big City

“God made country Men made the town.”

Pakistan is a land of diverse beauty with 70% of her population living in villages spread all
over the land and the rest live in cities and towns.

Life in city is very fast and busy one. Take life of people in big cities like Karachi, Lahore,
Rawal Pindi or Peshawar. It is of course, not free from tension, worries and problems. The
main problems are urbanization, housing, transport, shortage of water and pollution. People
living in big cities do not get pure food like milk, butter, cheese and curd. They gets stale
vegetables to eat. Another deadly and frightening problem that has recently waled freely
into big cities is terrorism. This problem has shaken the mind and disturbed the peace of
every citizen.

People living in big cities are generally selfish and self centered. They do not fellow feelings
in them. The population is divided into classes the rich, middle class and the poor.
Although there are better opportunities and scope for education, health and jobs in a big city
but as a whole life in a big city is full of hazards, problems, corruption and crimes.

My Favourite Hobby
A hobby can be almost anything a person like to do in his spare time. Because the “Idle
Mind is Devil’s workshop” therefore those who have developed a hobby never need to worry
about what to do with their newly founded leisure hours.

Every person in the world has a hobby of his own. There are many kinds of hobbies such as
gardening, stamp collecting, hiking, coin collecting, photography, listening to music and so
forth. Girls to pursue some hobbies. Their hobbies differ from those of the boys. Girls mostly
like hobbies such as cooking, stitching dresses, painting and listening to music.
Among all the hobbies mentioned above I like painting. It is a subtle hobby. Whenever I get
time I sit down with my paint box, canvas, brushes and paint beautiful landscape. My hobby
does not infringe on the rights of other people. It is not a noisy hobby like music. I can also
earn money by selling my paintings to lover of fine arts. My hobby fills my heart with joy
and colours and there it is my favourite hobby.

Sir Wilham Osler said:

“No man is really happy or safe without a hobby.”

Health is Wealth
No one can deny the fact that healthy man live happily. Money or wealth cannot give a
person all the happiness of life as health can. A person may have wealth, cars, servants at his
service and a big house to life in cannot enjoy all these blessings without a good health.
Where as a person with small income, with no servant for work and small house to live in
but a healthy body enjoy a fuller life in the world.

For good health and for looking younger and living longer one must follow few good
principles of life. To remain healthy we should eat balance diet. Take little exercise
everyday. Let not worries crowd our mind and shake our nervous system. We should not
allow ill thoughts bring agony to our mind. We should live in clear and neat surrounding.
We must become early risers and never go to bed very late.

Good health is a precious thing and every step must be taken to guard it. Early to bed early
to rise makes all men healthy, wealthy and wise.

Street Accident
I read about road accidents in newspaper every day. They bring agony to our mind and also
to the relatives of victims, but till the day I had not seen an accident with my own eyes. By
God what a terrible sight it was!
It was in the short hour of one evening I was going along Burns Road to buy a pen for my
examination which was going to commence next week. At Denso Hall I was waiting for the
traffic to clear off so that I could safely cross the road. A bus was also running along the road
and it was trying to overtake a private car a head of it. All of a sudden driver lost the control
of steering and rammed against a horse carriage. The driver of the hackney carriage fell
down and the bus crushed him. The passengers in the hackney carriage escaped death with
some injuries. The horse was also badly wounded and it was looking for his master. The
injured were rushed immediately to a nearby hospital.

People gathered at the scene of accident. Some showing sympathy for the victim, some
abusing the bus driver and some advising others to be very careful while on a road.

I left the scene with a sorrowful heart for the driver of the carriage who unfortunately lost
his life in that accident.

Responsibilities of a Good Student

Students are the future hopes of any country. Much development and progress of the
country depends upon them. Students are the backbone of a nation.
There are many responsibilities of a good student. The major one is that he/she should take
keen interest in his/her studies. Moreover good student should also take part in games as
“All work and no paly make Jack a dull boy.” Besides this student should also take part in
the scout activities so as to help other fellow students.
A good student should also make effort to develop the sense of responsibility in other fellow
mates. He/She should also try to keep his/her locality clean.

A good student should be loyal and obedient to the teachers because “Obedience is the key
to the door of success.”

A good student must know the true meaning of trust, self esteem, obedience and confidence.
MOreover a good student should always keep away from the politics of big power.

Computer a Curse or Blessing

Computer is a modern and best invention in the world. As the time goes on computer goes
on developing. computer is used in industries, offices, schools and research work. We can
get all information through the Internet. Today computers are found every where.

Here are the few examples of areas in which computers are used. computer helps in offices
to store all kind of information and we take back information from its memory as we
require. Computer makes calculations of all sorts, prepare business letters and books.
Computer is used in billing departments. Airlines and Railways use computer Technology in
making tickets for the passenger, keeping and updating the departure and arrival timings of
planes and trains.

Computers are being used to conduct lessons for all subject, students are learning through
computers by reading as well as seeing diagrams on screen. Computer are helping the
doctors to detect disease and keep information about patient.

Everything has its advantages as well as disadvantages. The workers which works in
factories and industries are no more needed because of automatic processing and work in
these factories and industries thus creating deficiencies in job opportunities.

Freedom of Press
The press is a modern concept and the modern man can be said to be molded by the press
just as once he was said to have been may by his barber and tailor. It means today man’s
opinions, may be even his philosophy can be shaped by the papers and magazines he reads.
One will no be fair from truth if one were to say one can know a man by the paper he reads.
Thus we see the press has become so powerful that it has come to be called the fourth
The democratic system rests upon the assumption that the citizen has access to a wide range
of news and views. Only than can be form independent opinion on may important things
like the foreign policy of his Government. Ultimately only this can ensure that his vote is
based on fair judgment rather than determined by the coercion implicit in being forced to
read and hear only the official view point. For instance a good paper may weigh the
comparative merits of candidate for an election and thus help the voter.

The paper is so powerful that governments are afraid of paper. Naturally therefore
government, given the chance would like to control the paper. They bring forth gagging
orders such that the press cannot publish certain things. The press is not allowed to know
certain news and thus pressman are prohibited from being present. The news in the paper
may be highly censored so that various political parties in a country run their own papers. In
England, for instance, there is the labor press as well as liberal press. In communistic
countries, the party controls the press, so that no other wind expect that of the party be
allowed to blow. The idea behind is quite obvious. Each party wants to propagate and
broadcast its views through its paper.

The control of the press by the government through it may be desirable in times of
emergency, is not so in normality’s. the control will kill the liberal growth of ideas and
people will cases to grow. Just as the free air is desirable to keep the people healthy, today a
free press is much important. A free ad fearless press can expose individuals and groups
when they err. They may even chastise erring officials and out at the shall owners of certain
government action. They may suggest a line of action and put forth proposals in schemes
and projects of national importance. In short the free press can act as accelerator sometimes
as also a brake sometimes.

Impact of Electronic Media on our Society

Science and technology has advanced in each and every faculty of life. It has made life
comfortable and easy. Modern ways and means and changing life patters of our society have
made the individuals of the society lazy and sluggish. Scientific advancement has assisted in
ascending the electronic media. In this modern age, electronic media is developing with the
fast pace. Its perpetual enhancement seems to be boundless.
Electronic media includes all means of communication, the network of which is scattered
though out the world. It is supposed to play a big role in spreading the social values, culture
and civilization. It has played a functional role in modifying the cultural and moral values of
society. Electronic media has wiped out distances between remote countries. It’s a chained
system in the form of a complete network.

Dish receiving system and modernization of Internet computer programming have brought
a revolutionary change in the moral ethics. A moral and culture change in a society some
times proves itself to be an insincere change fraught with social evils. Electronic media of
this modern century has specifically tried to decline the moral values of Muslim civilization
and it look as if they have succeeded in this vulgar effort. Their culture vulgarity is
doubtlessly obvious.

Modern film industry and descending culture values of European countries have played a
fundamental role in declining the cultural, social, moral and spiritual values of Muslim
countries by propagating the culture of their own society. Means of communication is
supposed to be responsible for such hollow changing moral and social values.

There are also some positive impacts of the electronic media. It’s widely spread programmes
have ascended the generosity, talent and vast knowledge of people in regard too universal
exploration. It has widened human mind and boundaries of imagination. It has also opened
man’s eyes a litter wider to the wonders and vastness of the universe around us. Electronic
media has also proved it self to be the phenomenon of revelation of the present age,
exhibiting in its modern form.
The Twentieth Century is An Age of Greed
To be greedy is two own more than what one can legitimately claim. This is very well
illustrated by the parable of the greedy dog, which wanted to have the bone seen in the
reflection. It lost the bone thereby. This is greed. All people are greedy; it is not only the
poor who are greedy but also those very rich. To avoid being greedy, the child must be
educated. The parents and hence the home have got a great responsibility in this respect.
Children must not be helped to own more than what they need, whether it is in food or
clothes. Greed and hence jealousy go together. Hence to avoid being jealous one should over
come greed.

Let us see if twentieth century is an age of greed. The First Great War was the result of
Kaiser’s ambitions to build a German empire. He was itching for it and the murder of the
prince at Sarajevo was only a pretext to start a war. Then came Hitler, from the beginning he
wanted to do where Kaiser failed. Slowly and steadily he build an army and the rape of
Czechoslovakia followed. After the second war many small things happened which viewed
properly is nothing but greed. Only the offending parties gave them different names as once
they looked upon African countries as white man’s burden.

Greed in modern politics shows different goals. Look at the Afghan War in which Russia has
deliberately invaded that country and has a political un-settlement there. Looking at the
individuals also we can say they are in no way worse than those who lived in previous
centuries. But one thing we can say that in this century which is becoming more and more
materialistic moral forces is on the wane. Now that there is a vast scope for material
possession, to that extent man is growing greedy. Temptation and greed are the two sides of
a coin. To over come the moral education is essential. Develop the will of the child so that he
grows he may not be greedy. So it can be conclude that this century is not an age of greed.

Five Things I Love the Most

This world is full of many wonderful and lovely things. Man is trying to utilize the maximum
resources of his intellect for finding out various types of inventions and discoveries and thus
endeavouring to make the things lovelier and worth enjoying. The process of beautifying the
worldly things is a continuous process.
Firstly, I have great love of Nature. I am fed from this artificial and momentary pleasure
which we derive from the city life. I am thinking to settle in some village where i will be able
to enjoy Nature. I wish to make friendship with nature because nature can be true friend
and real guide of man, who never deceives a person who loves her. Wordsword, the great
love of Nature, has also acknowledged this fact in his poems. I am very much anxious to go
and enjoy steep hills; greenery of the open valleys, cool breeze and other natural objects.

Secondly, I am very much interested to adopt teaching as my profession in future. I am

deeply pained to find illiteracy in my country. For the successful functioning of Democracy,
it is essential that we reduce illiteracy to the minimum extent possible. I have a great love
for this profession. I want every young man and woman must get education. There is a dire
need for spreading the education to every hook and corner of the country
Thirdly, I have a keen desire to read novels. Novels are my favourite pastime. Novels widen
the doors of knowledge. They give us an insight into the zig-zag ways of this world.
Sometimes we are able to resolve many difficult problems with the help of Novel reading.
We are able to chalk out many schemes which can be very useful in our day-today life.
Fourthly, I love my country. I can foreign anything just for the honour of my country. If
somebody were to ask me to go to a foreign land and serve there, and get a handsome salary.
I will be the first blunt young to refuse this offer. It is because I am very much fond of the
ways of life, the food, the sunshine, home, friends, parents and other relations. I will not be
doing justice to my Motherland.

The last but not the least, I love my sweet home. It is rightly uttered “East or West home is
the best.” I live in a small house which does not contain all the modern facilities, but still it
is not less than a paradise. I have been to my friend’s houses I find ultra modern
decorations. The houses contain dining rooms, sitting rooms, bedrooms etc. Further, very
rich and lavish food is served. In spite of all this, I don’t like this type of artificial life. That’s
why I have selected the above mentioned five things which are dearest to me and are the
essence of my life and living.

Trip to a Holiday Resort

We Sindhis are devotees and lovers of saints — The Men of Allah, who include Pir Fakhurs
alive and those whose last abodes are located in Sindh. My family members, parents, uncles
and aunties, cousins and my brothers and sisters are dedicated, fully devoted flowers of
Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalander of Sehwan Sharif. It was the month of June and it was too hot
at Karachi and even entire Sindh was burning scorching sunlight. I and my brothers and
sisters boarded in an air-conditioned bus of Blue Line Travels at 7 am in the morning from
Cantt Station Karachi. On the way we saw Mango orchards on both sides and in same places
large number of guava trees, orange and papaya trees and green refreshing banana trees. At
some places under desert condition with large number of palm trees loaded with yellow
bunches of dares. It was very beautiful. When the bus crossed Jamshoro its A/C
arrangement went wrong so the driver stopped the bus and by mobile phone sought the help
of mechanics from Blue Line Travel branch located at Hyderabad. The mechanics readily
arrived in a speedy company car and it look about two three-hours to repair the A/C

Value of Sports
Briefly speaking we can call this kind of essay as ” Importance of Games”. Every man,
working women and students and working youths who perform some manual work or any
kind of work needs some rest, some relaxation or the change from the monotony of this
work in order to avoid fatigue and exhaustion, the best to regain last energy and to be fresh
it is good that after the laborious work of day, one should play some kind of game to have a
feeling of freshness.
Game is an instructive in which all the living beings take part. Games and sports should be
compulsory for the students. They have a great value in character and personality building.
They help us to develop team spirit, discipline, respect for rules and sportsman spirit. In
Pakistan these physical activities are neglected and not well organized. this has resulted in
great lawlessness and indiscipline among the students.

Games have different physical mental and moral advantage. No body can know the value of
games in national character building. Now-a-days nations are judged on the play ground.
Victory on the field brings honor and glory to the country. Players and sportsmen are the
wondering ambassadors of the country. Games promote international amity, friendship,
brotherhood and peace. Just like India Pakistan Series 2004 was the best example of an
attempt of promoting relationship between India and Pakistan.

Physically games are best form of exercise. The group sports such as cricket, hockey,
football, volleyball and athletics are popular all over the world. By playing games,
coordination of movements of limbs of the body is produced. Mentally, players develop the
sense of quick and right decisions. They form the habit of right thinking. A true sportsman
hates to hit below the belt. A good sportsman never plays foul in life.

Man to Lead Woman to Follow

This is a very ticklish question. Eyebrows will look down upon the very question. The
question aims at equality between man and woman. It cannot be blind equality. Nature has
endowed man with certain capabilities and capacities, which are not found in woman. Man
also cannot claim some capacities peculiar to woman. Thus we speak of manly strength and
feminine grace.
Now late in the twentieth century to say that man sound lead may should absurd. But in
what he should lead lies the answer. Then there won’t be any controversy. Man by his nature
is given to hard work involving physical strength and also to be great extent, physical
endurance. Woman, as a rule are denied his physical strength. So, man has been a fighter all
along and these fighting qualities have always been in demand. So many came to be a
leader. Exploring, pioneering, climbing, fighting and such of these require many courage,
bravery and hardihood. Then society needed them badly. Man became the leader.

Woman as a rule, are the best homemakers. Their sense of duty, humility and patience make
them really the authority in the house. Their feminine touch has a lot to go in bringing up
children. If a country needs good youngsters, it is to the mothers it has to look to. The hand
that rocks the cradle rules the world. Man and woman are thus complimentary and
supplementary to each other and it will be useless to decide who leads whom.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a

Working Mother / Sister
Women play a very vital role in human progress and have a significant place in the society.
Women have always played an important position in the progress of a nation. In the early
days of Islam, women worked side by side with men. In the battlefield, they nursed the
injured, kept up the supplies and in certain cases even fought bravely. Florence Nightingale
was the woman, who led a very successful campaign for the reforms of hospitals and nursing
profession. Women had been great saints, scholars, poets, writers, reformers and
In modern age, women are going very well in all the fields of progress. They are
demonstrating their talents in the best. They are serving as teachers, doctors, Engineers,
Administrators and even head of the states. But of course such responsibilities could affect
their household responsibilities. It will impossible to pay required attention to her own
home, if she works some where out her home.

It is an obvious fact that most+ women work due to financial problems so in such cases
women sacrifice their comfort and come outside to do work. Working women could run her
home better as far as financial matters are concerned. But of course, it affects their
household responsibilities. It is very difficult for a working woman to look the household
matters as a household woman does.
In my opinion, a woman should do work if they are really going through financial problems.
It is not disagreeable at all. But if the situation perfectly sound and woman works at the
expense of household comfort then it is not good. women should take care of her
responsibilities as a mother or sister. If she can manage between the two then it is her
choice either to do job or not. But one cannot perfectly manage between them if she spends
a long time outside her home.