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DUE  |  MAY 8  |  NOON


In this assignment, due during our finals week period. You will create a design
package using what we’ve learned this semester (pick the media you’re best at).
The size of the design package should be roughly equivalent to what our
assignments have been so far: 3-5 minute video; logo, multiple posters, a menu,
etc. for visual design. This is a final project so dazzle me. Choose between:

1. Find a design problem in the wild and solve it through a prototype.

There are no safety signs on campus communicating this problem
Everyone thinks teachers in Oklahoma already make enough money
My roommate got robbed walking home the other night
Everyone misunderstands something that I want them to understand
Undergrads should really know about blank
2. Create a design solution for a client. 
My roommate’s sorority needs a blank
My friends micro-brewery needs a blank
My dad’s foodtruck needs a blank
The English Department needs a blank

My church group needs a blank

The instructor I’m student-teaching for is missing blank

April 9 A one page design brief that documents your client and problem (include
images if needed).

You must then interview (and document through photos, a summary including
4.30 + 5.2 quotes, a user persona based on your interview, and a competitive review) a
possible client/user of your design. Find out what they think of the
problem/client need and what they ideally want..

You must give a short presentation on your design and the process behind it.

Each one of these texts must be created in canva and must look good

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