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Energy Performance Assessment of Boilers

A step to reduce the steam cost

TUV India -
Boiler Efficiency Testing

Some boiler plants are so of the boiler is also likely to be interested in

fully instrumented and the results of periodic efficiency checks.
staffed that it is always
possible to ascertain Performance of the boiler, like efficiency and
without difficulty what evaporation ratio reduces with time, due to
efficiency is being "attained. poor combustion, heat transfer fouling and
At the other end of the scale poor operation and maintenance.
there are boilers equipped Deterioration of fuel quality and water quality
only with the instruments also leads to poor performance of boiler.
required by law. When fuel Efficiency testing helps to find out how far the
costs are a serious boiler efficiency drifts away from the best
consideration, boiler plant efficiency. Any observed abnormal deviations
manufacturers are nearly could therefore be investigated to pinpoint
always faced with the problem area for necessary corrective
contractual obligations to action. Hence it is necessary to find out the
meet specified efficiencies current level of efficiency for performance
on tests after the erection of evaluation, which is a pre requisite for energy
new plant, and the user conservation action in industry.
during the subsequent life

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Why Performance Test Our Expertise – TUV India

The purpose of the boiler performance test is to  Conducted extensive Boiler Efficiency Tests
determine actual performance and efficiency of the and closely associated with several energy
boiler and compare it with design values or norms. It conservation projects in the industrial sector.
is an indicator for tracking day to-day and season-to-
season variations in boiler efficiency and energy
efficiency improvements.  Pool of experienced boiler expert to conduct
Boiler Performance Assessment for all types
Reference Standards
of steam boilers in the industries, for e.g.
 British standards, BS845: 1987 Chemical & Petrochemical, Cement, Power,
 ASME Standard: PTC-4-1 Power Test Code for Sugar, Paper & pulp, Textile, Pesticides, Dairy,
Steam Generating Units Food Processing, Breweries, Pharmaceutical,
 European Standard: BS EN 12953-11:2003 - Fertilizer, Paints, Engineering, Ceramic,
Shell boilers for acceptance tests Synthetic Fibers and Hotel etc.

Our Approach Registered with

Basically Boiler efficiency can be tested by the (Gujarat Energy Development Agency)
following methods:  MEDA
(Maharashtra Energy Development
1) The Direct Method: Where the energy gain of the Agency)
working fluid (water and steam) is compared with
the energy content of the boiler fuel.
2) The Indirect Method: Where the efficiency is the (Petroleum Conservation Research
difference between the losses and the energy input. Association)
TUV India’s energy experts offer a set of (Energy Management Centre -Kerala)
sophisticated measuring instruments to measure the
 Accredited as PAT Verifier by BEE
key parameters accurately. This helps them to derive
the boiler efficiency test and recommend energy
saving opportunities wherever possible. For further information, please do get in touch with
The efficiency of a boiler is quoted as a percentage
of useful heat available, expressed as a percentage of Mr. Manojkumar Borekar
the total energy potentially available by burning the Sustainability |Energy |Water
(Accredited Energy Auditor – AEA200)
fuel. This is expressed on the basis of gross calorific
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