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L I wish to extend a global warning about the teaching
L principals and doctrines promoted to Jehovah Witnesses
by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of America

O The Great
U Watchtower
Deception (J.W. related illnesses P36)
E Watchtower is using Freud’s clinical “Conscious Hypnosis”
It is my contention the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of America use a form
E of hypnosis, not just brainwashing, “direct clinical hypnosis” to condition the
minds of it’s Jehovah Witness followers to have a deep seeded fear of blood. It is

D also my opinion, because the mind of every seasoned Jehovah Witness “shows the
evidence” of a hypnotic state, it may be possible to hold the Watchtower Society
responsible for the Jehovah Witness blood transfusion deaths, in a court of law?
Watchtower do not teach Jehovah’s Witnesses, from “ANY” bible
T On close inspection of the eight doctrines Watchtower is teaching it’s followers,
it is easy to see they do not come from any Bible “even their own”. None of their
O doctrines promote Christianity, yet Watchtower draw people in by advertising
they teach Christianity. Is it also possible Watchtower may be prosecuted in a
court of law for false advertising that results in death?

K I dedicate this report to Tully Ioannides who was 14 years old when she began
studying what she and her family were told was Christianity and, to 7yr old

Nathan. When a religion teaches “death-causing-doctrines” to children and calls
them Christianity, while building up a continuing death list of over 1000 people

annually since 1914 “surely” it is time to say, “no more!”

There is “NO COPYRIGHT” over this eBook. I give my permission to everybody, to copy,
W burn to CD, email to as many people and organizations as you wish (providing you are not guilty of
spamming), photocopy, and print out and bind to create hard copies to distribute amongst the general
population worldwide. For additional information, []
About the author
All the information offered in this book are “my opinions” and I therefore
urge you to investigate the information I offer, to make up your own mind

My name is Noel Batten, I am a Christian counsellor and qualified natural therapist who
specializes in central nervous and autoimmune disorders. I have studied anatomy and
physiology, nutrition and psychosomatics. I have used hypnosis to eliminate phobias and to
help athletes achieve excellence since 1961 but retired after becoming a Christian.
I began to investigate the Watchtower teachings after seeing a phenomenal number of
Jehovah Witnesses attend my office with depression and fatigue related illnesses. One such
client invited me to study with her and her colleague and when I did, I noticed they were
unknowingly using a form of direct clinical hypnosis on me, introduced through their study
magazines, which is the same as I have used to treat people for phobias. The only difference
was, they were using it on me “to give me phobias about life outside the Watchtower
movement” and for blood transfusion.
Death within twelve months!
Unrealized by the public, Jehovah Witnesses go into homes to teach what they are told is
Christianity and in some cases, within a time as short as only twelve months, these Jehovah
Witnesses have caused death, as a direct result of those teachings.
It is completely impossible to create a belief in the human mind, so strong it will make a
person instigate their own death in such a short time through normal black board teaching
and studying from the Bible, “completely impossible.” Because of the depths of deceit and
gross misrepresentation I personally see in Watchtowers teachings, it is my opinion they
are the most underestimated destructive force opposing Christianity. Aside from the
ongoing deaths they cause, it is my opinion they deplete the mental potential of thousands of
adults and children who attend expecting to be taught Christian ethics but instead, are
given a self-destructive attitude towards life and towards the efforts of personal
development in life.
The United Nations Religion Declaration requires, leaders of religion must be responsible
and their teachings, must not diminish mental capacity or cause difficulties to health. It is
my opinion the Watchtower Society is violating this Declaration and it is time they were
held accountable. After counselling many Jehovah Witnesses it is my opinion their mental
capacity to answer certain questions has purposefully been suppressed through hypnosis.
I have also observed the specific format of hypnosis used on them by the Watchtower Bible
and Tract Society is identical to Freud’s early clinical hypnosis. My interest in this matter
is purely for the welfare of our children. I am not promoting an alternative religion!
Jehovah Witnesses have had self-thinking skills removed by hypnosis. 7
Hypnotized people can be tested to prove hypnosis. 7-8
190 Christian doctrine scriptures that prove Watchtower is not
teaching Jehovah Witnesses from any Bible, even their own. 9
Watchtower have incorrectly changed the word “Lord” to “Jehovah”
so many times, their Bible contradicts itself. 12
The Trinity is our Godly example for “Family” on earth. 16
Watchtower is eliminating Jesus and Family, not Easter and Christmas. 21
Changes made to the J.W. Bible to eliminate “Christ” from Christ-ianity. 22
Christianity teaches children “live joyfully” and ”the truth is in Jesus”. 25
Freud introduced hypnosis to America in 1914, the same time as
Joseph Rutherford, student of psychology introduced the
Watchtower study magazines that utilize hypnosis. 26
Coca-Cola was banned from using Freud’s subliminal methods. 26
The Pokemon craze was started with the same
“four step business code” as the Jehovah Witness craze. 28
Compare the format of a Jehovah Witness meeting with
the format of a clinical hypnosis session. It’s exactly the same! 30-36
J.W. related illnesses. (Watchtower teachings provoke health problems.) 36
Misleading quotes from the Watchtower blood-transfusion study book. 38
The fifteen blood scriptures. 39
An example of the doom and gloom they are teaching our children. 43
Banned by the French Government where hypnosis began. 44
My life’s work is to encourage people to be positive in life “particularly youth”
At age 13, I experienced epilepsy due to focusing on the negative aspects of life and
due to my mother’s positive teachings my life was turned around and my epilepsy
was completely cured. To see Watchtower, an organization professing to teach
Christianity, teach children to have the same self-destructive negative focus that
caused me my epilepsy, is to me, a crime of the greatest proportion!

There is “NO COPYRIGHT” over this eBook. I give my permission to everybody, to copy,
burn to CD, email to as many people and organizations as you wish (providing you are not guilty of
spamming), photocopy, and print out and bind to create hard copies to distribute amongst the general
population worldwide. For additional information, []
This program is being distributed for three reasons
(1) To prove “none” of Watchtower doctrines promote Christianity and none of
them come from “any” Bible including their own. They are Anti-Christ teachings.

(2) To make the public aware, Watchtower arranges both, the congregation
meetings and home study, “exactly” the same as a therapist arranges a hypnosis
session, which is why they insist all meetings and home study sessions worldwide
must not vary from their unique study format outlined in their study magazines.
I make this claim after being a student of hypnosis for thirty years and my claim is
backed up by the Executive Director of the hypnosis society of Queensland.
I believe Watchtower creates an underlying fear of blood through hypnosis, to
encourage over 1.000 deaths annually. (Statistics from the book “Blood on the
Altar” by David Read, ex-Watchtower manager. ISBN 1573920592) On reading the
15 blood scriptures in totality (P39), it is “easy to see” they do not relate to blood
transfusion but to drinking blood and cannibalism, customs that were popular up
until 1150 AD. Even though I am concerned that hypnosis is being used on the
adults who attend these Anti-Christian meetings, my main concern is, “children as
young as 6 and 7 years old are included.” This is a tragedy that must be stopped.
(3) To supply an “easy to follow program” to people who wish to help J.W’s
realize Watchtower is misleading them and encouraging their depressions through
a continual world soon ending focus. J.W’s are given literature to counteract all
accusation made against Watchtower. On one occasion I was given the testimony of
a Greek Scholar, endorsing Watchtowers translation of original scriptures, which I
found to be completely unsubstantiated. (P24)

As well as the, “main INDEX, P2”, I give a “Watchtower doctrine INDEX, P 4, for
a quick reference when trying to help a Jehovah Witness realize, none of the
Watchtower magazine teachings agree with their very own Bible.
The Chapters listed on the “Watchtower Doctrine INDEX” that can be used to
show J.W’s that Watchtowers doctrines don’t agree with their own Bible, all have a
brief segment, between two double dotted lines, that lists “the best scriptures”
to use to point out Watchtower’s Anti-Christian teachings.
On commencing discussions with a J.W. it is best to start by going over each of
their eight doctrines and quote the “best” scriptures from their Bible that opposes
each doctrine, then if they choose to discuss one doctrine fully, turn back to that
chapter (guided by the Watchtower doctrine INDEX) and supply them with any
additional information I have listed, in continuation from the double dotted lines.
Watchtower Doctrine INDEX
I have listed this special INDEX for a quick reference for people who are
discussing Christianity with Jehovah Witnesses. On commencing discussions with a
Jehovah Witness I have found it is best to mention the scriptures you are reading
are exact wording from their own Bible. I have also found it best to begin by going
through each of their doctrines one by one and quoting one or two Scripture that
prove each doctrine Watchtower have taught them, has no Scriptural credence.
Try to get them to focus, as you go over each one and try not to let them divert you
away from your point, as they are hypnotized for meaningless diversion.
Scripture clearly says Christ is head of all “Christian” Churches
Watchtower teaches J.W’s, Jehovah is head of the congregation. 9
Scripture clearly says salvation is obtained through the grace of Jesus
J.W’s are taught, they “earn” Salvation by increasing membership. 9
Scripture outlines 3 requirements of salvation in Christianity
(A) Confess thy sins and repent. 11
(B) Accept “Jesus Christ” is Lord and Saviour “not Jehovah.” 11
Watchtower changed “Lord” to “Jehovah” so inaccurately
their Bible contradicts itself 12
(C) Pay tithes to support the needy. 13
Jesus – J.W’s are taught Jesus is not God, he was just a man. 14
The Holy Spirit – J.W’s are taught the Holy Spirit is just electric energy. 14
Trinity -- J.W’s are taught the Trinity plays no part in Christianity. 16
The Soul - Jehovah Witnesses are taught they don’t have a separate soul. 18
Watchtower is eliminating Jesus and family, not Easter and Christmas 21

If you try to help a J.W., remember, you must remain in control of the conversation
and hold their focus on the Christianity scriptures. As they are all hypnotized to
revert to specific scriptures that don’t actually support Christianity, it takes patients
and persistence to keep their attention. It is difficult to work through their blocked
minds, so we can only sew the seeds and put in prayer for the God loving Jehovah
Witnesses who we try to help. (2Cor 3:14-17) is a helpful prayer verse.
In the mighty name of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour,
may God bless everyone who helps with this extremely important issue.
I dedicate this program to
2 Jehovah Witness youngsters
As a qualified natural diagnostician and counsellor, I have treated many people for
depression, sleep deprivation and chronic fatigue but the cases that hurt me the
most are children who’s conditions are caused by adult leadership abuse.
Nathan was 7 years old when he was brought to me with depression and chronic
fatigue. His mother explained he had lost all interest at school and had shut himself
off. Anyone could notice the lost oppressed look on his face and his counselling
session soon revealed, his belief the world would soon end, was the cause.
After asking him about the uplifting aspects of his prior accomplishments and
encouraging him in his potential, I noticed this positive conversation caused his
facial expressions and general well being to light up like a Christmas tree.
Thousands of Australian children attend Jehovah Witness meetings every week only
to be taught, all people outside the J.W. movement are evil and the world will soon
end and through this constant negative focus and Jehovah Witness leadership
encouragement towards negativity, their depression begins.
Tully Ioannides was only 14 years old when she began studying “what she was
told was Christianity” with Jehovah Witnesses. On December 27 th, 1998 the story
of Tully’s hospitalization along with her photo, appeared on the front page of the
Sunday Mail accompanied by this quote from her friends:- (The “fear” in her eyes
. . . the thought that they were going to give her blood scared her more than dying.)
Tully had sadly passed away the week before, after showing signs of being terrified
at the thought of being given a blood transfusion.
It is my professional opinion as a hypnotherapist with many years experience,
Watchtower used a form of hypnosis on 14 yr old Tully in meetings and home study,
“to establish a deep-seeded fear” of blood transfusion, to cause her death. It is
impossible to create “mindful fear” so strong it will cause a person to instigate
their own death, through normal black board teaching. Only hypnosis can do this.
It is also my opinion as a physiology student, Watchtowers medical teachings on
blood are dangerous and disrespectful to medical efficiency. (Refer P36-41)

This program supplies evidence from medical journals and books written by
medical professors and experts in psychology (P37) that confirms, the negative
focus taught by Watchtower will encourage depression and depression related
disease such as fatigue, epilepsy and cancer etc. I supply this evidence for the
consideration of others and to protect the potential of our growing children.
I support freedom of religion however I distribute the enclosed
information based on “The UN Declaration On The Elimination Of All Forms Of
Intolerance And Of Discrimination Based On Religion and Belief”. This clause
provides protection against any person or group that may teach or encourage
individuals in a manner which will predispose them to ill health or danger, or
diminish their freedom. Article (1) Clause (3):-
“Freedom to manifest one’s religion or belief may be subject only to such
limitations as are prescribed by law and are necessary to protect, public safety,
order, health or morals or the fundamental rights and freedoms of others”.

As an experienced clinical hypnotist who studied the early principals of Charcot

hypnosis introduced to America by Freud in 1908, I believe the chairman of the
Jehovah Witness movement at that time, Joseph Rutherford, a student of
psychology, applied Charcot’s hypnosis to the format of the J.W. meetings in 1914
and this hypnosis format is being used to this day. The way “all” Jehovah Witness
minds are blocked off from understanding specific simple sentences, is my proof.
As a counsellor and motivation speaker who has witnessed the necessity and
benefits of encouraging youth to be positive in life and develop their talents,
I am completely opposed to children being allowed to attend Jehovah Witness
meetings and being constantly bombarded with “world soon ending themes” and
fearful impressions of people outside the movement, that can destroy their health
and their potential to become excited about personal development goals.
As a past student of Jehovah Witness theology and a present student of orthodox
Christianity taught by the Christian Outreach Movement in Australia, I have
noticed the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of America is attracting individuals
through advertising, they teach Christianity, when they are not, a definite breach of
advertising laws. I call for a stop to this deceitful and dangerous false advertising.
After closely examining the study booklet “How Can Blood Save Your Life”,
distributed by the Watchtower Society and used to educate all it’s followers
“including children” and to advise them on the use of transfused blood, it is my
opinion as a professional natural health consultant and specialist in central
nervous and autoimmune disorders, this study magazine is non-factual and
dangerously misleading. In excess of 1.000 J.W’s die each year through refusing
blood transfusion but how many more pass away each year from associated
depressive diseases and how many families suffer a long life of depression?
Jehovah Witnesses have had their self-thinking
skills removed through hypnosis!
After counselling many J.W’s and studying with them, I came to the opinion that
hypnosis has been used to stop them from thinking for themselves. By using the
enclosed 190 scriptures worded from their own Bible, anyone can test J.W’s to
prove their mind has been hypnotized to remove reasoning and self-thinking skills.
Watchtower use hypnosis on J.W’s and questioning them with the scriptures
enclosed will enable you to notice, their minds have been hypnotically blocked
Jehovah Witnesses are sincere people who truly believe they are going to help you
and in their mind, they are totally convinced they are teaching Christianity.
All J.W’s worldwide will give you the same parrot like answers and will display an
obvious inability to think for themselves, due to their hypnotized mind. They come in
pairs, looking for people not happy with life and Watchtower have conditioned them
to introduce newcomers to study from their unique Watchtower magazines “as soon
as possible” to begin the subtle hypnotic effect on you, early.

They never study from a Bible! One will read a little bit of their study story and the
other will read the Bible verse quoted in the story from the Bible, a bit of story, then
a Bible verse, etc. As you read along with them, the little bit of story stimulates your
right brain and the Bible verse stimulates your left brain, so it causes a continuous
and definite back and forth thinking action, which creates the same effect as a
swinging pendulum. This specially designed study story will have a gradual
hypnotic effect even if you only study with one of them as it is the different subjects
of reading, causing the left brain-right brain use. When two of them are present
however, this back and forth action of the mind is further stimulated by hearing the
person on your left, then the person on the right. Back and forth, back and forth.
This prevents your mind from finding time to examine the information, which is the
prerequisite of hypnosis. Their main meetings follow the same format and have
done, since Joseph Rutherford, learned this principal from Freud around
1914.(Questioning J.W’s with the enclosed scriptures will show the blocked mind.)

The hypnotized mind can be tested, to prove it is hypnotized

A person can easily be hypnotized to believe the colour blue is red and when they
look at it, their mind will see it as red. A person can also be hypnotized not to see a
certain number, eg “6”, and when asked to read the numbers 1 to 10 written on a
piece of paper, their mind will block out the “6”. All Jehovah Witnesses worldwide
can be tested with the eight groups of scriptures in this report and they will find it
very difficult to see the obvious meanings of these 8 Christianity doctrine verses.
It is very easy to observe that the Jehovah Witness mind has been hypnotized
To explain Christianity to Jehovah Witnesses, I offer the Scriptures on the following
pages, worded from their own Bible, to read to them. The meanings of these verses
are obvious to the unblocked mind but you will soon see the J.W. mind is incapable
of taking them in. When reading them a verse that openly proves them wrong, every
J.W. worldwide is programmed to say, “you need to study the full Bible, or chapter,
to understand, what that verse says, isn’t correct.” In essence, every single J.W. is
programmed to justify all contradictions to their beliefs by saying, “if you study the
Bible, the meaning of that verse will change”, which is a literary impossibility.
This is a hypnotic blocking mechanism Watchtower has implanted in them to stop
them focusing on the actual Christianity scriptures when they are pointed out to
them. Blocking mechanisms are used in phobia removal hypnosis to prevent clients
refocusing on negative information that developed their phobias in the first place.
They never study from a Bible, yet they are totally convinced they do
When J.W’s study, they don’t study from a Bible but the Bible is present to read one
verse here and there, to work back and forth between the left and right brain. J.W’s
are told, Watchtower supplies study magazines to simplify Bible study and to have
all J.W’s worldwide study the same subject at the same time to make study a
combined world-wide effort. I soon realized however, the magazines are supplied to
all J.W. halls worldwide from one office in America so everyone is subjected to the
hypnosis procedures that the study stories are designed on. Comparing the script
for a hypnosis session with their study stories, exposes this fact. (Refer P30-36)
They are conditioned to be fearful of all other religions
From the hypnotic stories J.W’s are conditioned to believe all other religious
organizations are satanic, to stop them from venturing into a true Christian church
and figuring out the doctrines they are learning from Watchtower study magazines
are not from “any” Bible and are actually anti-Christian. (If you try to help a J.W.
realize they have been mislead, don’t forget they are very caring people who have
very good intentions, they have just been deceived. Be patiently persistent.)
They are hypnotized to refer back to misleading “base scriptures”
When reading the Christianity scriptures to a J.W., concentrate on one Scripture at
a time and don’t allow them to divert you away when you try to get them to focus on
it to realize its obvious meaning. They are hypnotized to divert to “base scriptures”
for each doctrine they study in the magazines, which don’t actually mean anything.
You can use each scripture to observe their response and their inability to think for
themselves whilst they continue to try and divert you with meaningless reasoning.
Christian Doctrine Scriptures
The following 190 scriptures will prove, the main doctrines Watchtower
teaches to its Jehovah Witness followers, go against the writings of
“all” Bibles “including their own” and they are all anti-Christian doctrines.

(1)Christianity teaches: Jesus must be head of the church and of man

The most important symbol of Christianity is, Jesus is head of the Christian Church
and of man. Even though scriptures from the J.W. Bible say, Jehovah wants us to
hold His Son head of the Church and of man, the J.W. mind believes Jehovah must
be head of the congregation and of man, and cannot mentally compute these verses.
(Ephesians 1:20-23) (20)“---he raised him up from the dead---” (22)“He also
subjected all things under his feet, and made him head over all things
to the congregation, (23) which is his body, the fullness of him” etc.
(Colossians 1:18) “and he is the head of the body, the congregation.”
(1 Corinthians 11:3) “- - the head of every man is the Christ;”

(Ephesians 5:23) “because a husband is head of his wife as the Christ also is
head of the congregation, he being a savior of [this] body.
(Colossians 2:10) “And so you are possessed of a fullness by means of him,
who is the head of all government and authority.”
(1Cor 12:27) “you are Christ’s body” etc.

(2)Christianity teaches deeds won’t earn salvation “so men won’t boast”
Watchtower teaches J.W’s, the more they help outsiders study from Watchtower
magazines and sell the magazines into the world to bring more people into the
congregation, the more chance they have of “earning” their own salvation. On
showing a J.W. these scriptures from their own Bible, that point out we cannot earn
salvation through doing deeds, it can be seen, their mind cannot understand the
concept. They will continue to believe, selling Watchtower magazines and
encouraging people to become Jehovah Witnesses, earns them their salvation.
(Eph 2:8-9) “-you have been saved through faith; and this not owing to you,
it is God’s gift. (9) No, it is not owing to works, in order
that no man should have ground for boasting.”
(2Timothy 1:9) “He saved us and called us with a holy calling,
not by reason of our works, but by reason of his own purpose” etc.
I feel Watchtower changed the J.W. Bible to get followers to sell magazines
It is my opinion, certain verses in the J.W. Bible have been changed to support
Watchtower magazine stories that claim door knocking earns Salvation. Original
writings describe souls in heaven who were killed for living in Christianity and
holding “a testimony” of their personal relationship with God.
Original writings
(Rev 6:9) “And when he opened the fifth seal, I saw underneath the altar the souls
of the ones having been slain because of the word of God and because of their
testimony which they were keeping.”
King James Bible:-“---- and for the testimony which they held.”
Jehovah Witness Bible
(Revelation 6:9)“And when he opened the fifth seal, I saw underneath the altar the
souls of those slaughtered because of the word of God and because of the witness
work they used to have.
In Christianity a testimony is a personal relationship with God and there are many
Christians in this day and age who receive response from Jesus in their personal
experience with him. (John 10:1-18 “His sheep will know his voice”) Salvation has
nothing to do with the deed of knocking on doors doing “witness work”.
Jehovah Witnesses are trained to think they are God’s disciples yet they can’t
hear God and have no “testimony” of a personal relationship with God
Disciples following in Christ’s footsteps needed to hear God’s directions to do his
work. God told all his disciples where to go, where not to go, who to speak to and in
many cases, what to say. Watchtower teaches all J.W’s, only Watchtower leaders
can hear God’s voice and J.W. disciples or “slaves” as Watchtower calls them,
must not pray in the spirit and try to establish a personal relationship with God as
they are only capable of hearing the voice of Satan. Not one disciple from the Bible
knocked on doors selling magazines. All of them followed God’s promptings.
Christians close to Jesus who pray extensively, “hear his voice”
Many Christians worldwide, who spend lengthy time in prayer and live their life in
complete truth, often have visions and hear God’s voice and there is no reason to
believe God stopped speaking to his people after the Bible had been written.
(John 10:3-16) “The doorkeeper opens to this one, and the sheep listen to his
voice, and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. (4) --- and the sheep
follow him because they know his voice. (14) I am the fine shepherd, and I know my
sheep and my sheep know me, - (16) - and they will listen to my voice.”
(Colossians 4:2-3) “Be persevering in prayer, remaining awake in it with
thanksgiving, (3) at the same time praying also for us, that God may open a door of
utterance to us, to speak the sacred secret about the Christ” etc.
Several changed verses suggest witnessing, selling magazines, “earns” salvation?
Christianity teaches confessing our sins, is a major requirement of Salvation.
(Luke 13:3) “unless you repent you will all likewise be destroyed.”
(2 Corin 7:9-10) (10) For sadness in a Godly way makes for repentance to
salvation that is not to be regretted,” etc. (Ezek 18:30, 2Pet 3:9, Heb 12:17.)
It is this requirement of salvation that began the hearing of confession in the Roman
Catholic Church. This requirement of confession is also mentioned in (Romans
10:10) although when I compared (Rom 10:10) from the J.W. Bible with the King
James, then with original writings, I found the J.W. Bible was different. It is my
opinion Watchtower has also rearranged this verse to convince its J.W. followers,
door knocking doing witness work, selling magazines, “earns” salvation.
Original Scriptures state, confession of sins leads to salvation
(Rom 10:10) “With [the] heart for one believes resulting in righteousness, with
[the] mouth and one confesses [resulting] in salvation.
The King James Bible supports confession of sins
(Rom 10:10) “For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the
mouth confession is made unto salvation.”
Jehovah Witness Bible
(Rom 10:10) “For with the heart one exercises faith for righteousness, but with the
mouth one makes public declaration for salvation.”

(3) In Christianity there are 3 main requirements of salvation (A,B,C.)

(A) Confess our sins and “repent”. (B) Accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.
(C) Pay tithes to help the needy. (As J.W’s study from non- Christian magazines
they are not aware of all three of these salvation requirements.)
(B) Christianity teaches, the Father stipulates, we must “only” accept Jesus
as our Saviour and our judge, and only He, can open our door to heaven
Even the J.W. Bible says, Jehovah instructs us to gain salvation through Jesus in:-
(1 Thess 5:9) “God assigned us - - - to the acquiring of salvation through our
Lord Jesus Christ.” However, Jehovah Witnesses are divided in their
understanding of this instruction because two other scriptures
in the J.W. Bible contradict it.
(Isaiah 43:11) “I – I am Jehovah, and beside me there is no savior.”
Watchtower’s J.W. Bible contradicts itself
So if you ask Jehovah Witness’s, “who is your Lord and Savior? some will say
Jehovah and some will say Jesus. When the J.W’s who say Jesus, see the scripture
that says Jehovah is the “only” savior, they are confused, and when the J.W’s who
say Jehovah, see the scripture that says Jehovah instructs us to seek salvation
through his Son, they are also confused. This is one of the greatest flaws in the
Jehovah Witness Bible. In original writings and in the King James Bible:-
(Isaiah 43:11) reads “I, even I, am the Lord; and beside me there is no saviour.”
Watchtower changed the word “Lord” in this verse, to “Jehovah” when it actually
relates to Jesus. How many more changes have they made that are incorrect?

Watchtower’s Bible says

Jehovah is the “only” Saviour AND, Jesus is also the “only” Saviour!
Another example of how Watchtower’s changing of the word Lord to Jehovah has
caused the Jehovah Witness Bible to contradict itself, is seen by comparing
(Hosea 13:4 & Isaiah 43:11) with (Acts 4:10-12 & Hebrew 5:8)

In the Watchtower Bible (These two say Jehovah is the only Saviour)
(Hosea 13:4) “But I am Jehovah your God from the land of Egypt, and
there was no God except me that you used to know;
and there was no savior but I”
(Isaiah 43:11) “I – I am Jehovah, and beside me there is no savior.”

Jehovah Witness Bible (These three say Jesus is the only Saviour)
(Acts 4:10-12) “---- that in the name of Jesus Christ ---
(12) there is no salvation in anyone else, ---- “
(Hebrew 5:8) “Although he was a Son, he learned obedience from the things
he suffered; (9) and after he had been made prefect
he became responsible for everlasting salvation.”
(1Thessalonians 5:9) “because God assigned us, not to wrath, but to
the acquiring of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.”
Many verses in the Jehovah Witness Bible describe Jesus as our Savior
(1 John 4:14) “—the Father has sent forth his Son as savior of the world.”
(John 4:42) “--- this man is for certainty the savior of the world.” (Jesus)
(Titus 2:13) “---- and of [the] savior of us, Christ Jesus.”(Titus 3:6) (2Tim1:10)
The proof that where the word “Lord” in Hosea and Isaiah relates to Jesus being
our Savior and not Jehovah, is in: (1 Thess 5:9) “because God assigned us; not to
wrath, but to the acquiring of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.”
Another contradiction is (Rom 10:13) and (John 14:6 with 1 Thess 5:9 etc)
(Rom 10:13) “For “everyone who calls on the name of Jehovah will be saved””
(Original writings read “kuriou” meaning “Lord” which, in this verse, relates to
Jesus as shown in 1 Thess 5:9. Using the word Jehovah contradicts 1 Thess 5:9)
(1 Thess 5:9) “God assigned us - - - to the acquiring of salvation through our
Lord Jesus Christ.” (The following verses also contradict Rom 10:13)
(John 14:6) “No one comes to the Father except through me.”
(John 5:22) “the Father judges no one at all, all judging to the Son.”
(John 10:9) “I am the door whoever enters through me will be saved” (2 Pet 1:11)
(Matthew 28:18) “All authority has been given me in heaven and on earth.”

(4) Tithing is the third requirement of salvation

Watchtower teaches J.W’s; God does not require them to tithe, as their deed of
doorknocking, bringing more people into the congregation is sufficient to substitute
tithing. As Watchtower itself does not contribute to benevolence in any way, one
could easily assume Watchtower teaches its followers not to tithe, to justify their
own inability to practice Christianity. Christian organizations that do tithe
however, finance ongoing local community support programs, and many, arrange
overseas missionary programs that supply food and clothing parcels and teach the
benefits of prayer and togetherness in Christianity. Two of the Christian Outreach
Churches I attend, send missionary teams to India, Fiji, Vietnam, Indonesia and the
Solomon Islands on a regular basis and supply food, clothing and encouragement.

(C) Salvation requires us to give food clothing and encouragement to the needy
(Matthew 25:14-46) (42) Not giving food clothing and encouragement to the needy,
is (45) the same as not giving to God himself and (46) this will attract everlasting
punishment. Those who do give these things however, will go into eternal life.
Other tithing verses
(Proverbs 3:9) “Honour Jehovah with your valuable things and with the firstfruits
of all your produce.”
Original writings relate to produce or money:- The Hebrew word used for
produce, refers to earnings which in those days could be either produce or money.
King James:- “Honour the Lord with your possessions, And with the firstfruits of
all your increase” (Mal 3:10-11, Mat 25:40, Prov 19:17 & 22:9, 2Cor 9:6-8.)

(5) Christianity teaches Jesus and God the Father

are one and the same and, Jesus was not just a man
The mind of the J.W. is conditioned to believe Jesus was just a man, a clever man
but just a man and, he and the heavenly Father Jehovah God are not one and the
same. On showing a J.W. the following 5 verses “from their own Bible” they can’t
see the meanings and will keep claiming Jesus is not God.
(John 14:6-9) “--- he that has seen me has seen the Father [also].”
(John 8:14-24) “I am from the realms above. You are from this
world; I am not from this world. (24) if you do not believe that
I am [he], ye shall die in your sins.” (Jesus speaking!)
(John 10:30) “I and the Father are one.” --- Also (John 10:37)

The next two combined show Jesus and Jehovah are one and the same
(Revelation 1:8) “I am the Al’pha and the Ome’ga, says Jehovah God, the
one who is and who was and who is coming, the Almighty.”
(Revelation 22:13-20) “I am the Al’pha and the Ome’ga, the first and the last, the
beginning and the end (16) I Jesus --- etc (20) I am coming quickly.”
(Isaiah 9:6) “----- there has been a Son given to us; and the princely
rule will come to be upon his shoulder, And his name will be called
Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.”
(Hebrew 3:12) “the living God” (14) referring to Jesus. (All wording from J.W. Bible)
(1 Tim 4:10) “For to this end we are working hard and exerting ourselves, because
we have rested our hope on a living God, who is a Savior of all sorts of men,
especially of faithful ones.”
Original scripture (1 Timothy 4:10) “To this [end] for we labour and strive,
because we have put [our] hope on God a living, who is a savior of all men,
especially of believers.”

(6) Christianity teaches the Holy Spirit is a personality of

the Godhead who can speak to us and guide us on earth
Christianity teaches the Holy Spirit can comfort us and teach and guide us by
intuitive gut feelings, dreams and visions and speaks to us in what elders call “word
of knowledge”. Watchtower teaches the Holy Spirit is just electric energy and
cannot speak, teach, forbid, make decisions or be grieved by our wrong doing. This
is not Christianity and even in the J.W. Bible, the Holy Spirit is described doing all
these things. Ask J.W’s to read the following verses and see how they are blocked
from realizing this Scripture says, the Holy Spirit is using “his own voice”
(Hebrew 3:7) “For this reason, just as the holy spirit says: “Today if you
people listen to his own voice, do not harden your hearts” etc.
(Mark 13:11) “But when they are leading you along to deliver you up, do not be
anxious beforehand about what to speak, but whatever is given you in that
hour, speak this, for you are not the ones speaking, but the holy spirit is.”
Electric energy cannot feel the emotion of grief, as this scripture explains
(Ephes 4:30) “And grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are
sealed until the day of redemption.” (All wording from the J.W. Bible)

(Acts 21:11) “----“Thus says the holy spirit” etc.

(Acts 13:2) “As they were publicly ministering to Jehovah and fasting,
the holy spirit said: “ etc.
(Acts 20:23) “except that from city to city the holy spirit repeatedly bears witness
to me as it says that bonds and tribulations are waiting for me.”
Original Greek writings read:- “except that the spirit holy in every city testifies
to me saying that bonds and tribulations for me are waiting.”
(Luke 12:12) “for the holy spirit will teach you in that very hour –” etc.
(Acts 16:6) “they were forbidden by the holy spirit to speak the word -- etc”
(John 14:16-17) “and I will request the Father and he will give you another helper
to be with you forever (17) the spirit of the truth, which the world cannot receive,
because it neither beholds it nor knows it.”
If the Holy Spirit were just electric energy, God would not demand more
respect for the Holy Spirit, than for Jesus (Mark 3:29, Luke 12:10, Mat 12:32)
(Matthew 12:32) “whoever speaks a word against the Son of man, it will be
forgiven him , but whoever speaks against the holy spirit, it will not be forgiven
him, no, not in this system of things nor in that to come.” J.W’s often comment “If
the Holy Spirit is a personality why isn’t he known by name in scripture, but just as
a woman forfeits her name when she becomes one with a man in marriage, the Holy
Spirit who represents woman (the comforter) is only known as God’s Holy Spirit.

God wants “the women in a family” protected more than our sons
Scriptures example how we are to create harmony in society. Each Scripture tells
us how God wants us to act by giving us a precise example. God’s scriptures
demanding more respect for the Holy Spirit than for Jesus is his example for how
we must protect “our comforters” above all else, even our sons. The main reason
for disharmony in marriage being lack of security and protection over women.
The fact that Watchtower teaches, the Holy Spirit has no ability to speak, make
decisions, guide us and feel emotion over our actions as Scripture clearly points
out, is blasphemy in Christianity. Watchtower is not teaching Christianity!

(7) Christianity teaches the Trinity (the heavenly family) are three
Gods “as one” and Christian family life is based on this model
Watchtower opposes Christian doctrines that teach “the Family in Heaven”
(Father, Son and Holy Spirit) is the example the Father wants us to follow to give
our children and our society a togetherness base for moralistic values. The
heavenly Father is the model for a Father and husband. The Holy Ghost “the
comforter” a model for the mother and wife and Jesus, a model for how we must
teach our children to behave on earth and as a family, our most important message
is, stand together “as one” the same as Scripture describes the heavenly family.
(Ecclesiastes 4:12) “And a threefold cord cannot quickly be torn in two.”
(The Holy Ghost is described as the comforter in John 14:26, 15:26 & 16:7)
The Trinity is well described in the Jehovah Witness Bible
(Mat 28:19) “Go therefore and make disciples of people of all nations, baptizing
them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,”.
(1John 5:6-9) (6) “This is he that come by means of water and blood, Jesus Christ,
not with the water only, but with the water and with the blood. And the spirit is that
which is bearing witness, because the spirit is the truth. (7) For there are three
witness bearers, (8) the spirit and the water and the blood, and the three are in
agreement.” (Exact wording from the Jehovah Witness Bible.)
Original Scripture reads:- (6) “This one is the one having come by water and
blood, Jesus Christ, not in [by] the water only but in [by] the water and in [by] the
blood, and the spirit is the one giving testimony, because the spirit is the truth. (7)
Because three there are giving testimony, (8) the Spirit and the Water and
the Blood, and the three for the one testimony are.

The Trinity is the base for Christian family life

Watchtower supplies a study magazine “Should You Believe in the Trinity?” which
declares there is no such thing as the Trinity yet it is the base for Christian family
life and without it, family, respect and moralistic values would crumble.
QUOTES from the Watchtower Trinity study magazine.
(Page 4)“it has little or no effect in day to day Christian life” (The Trinity)
(Page 12) “If people were to read the Bible from cover to cover without any
preconceived idea of a Trinity, would they arrive at such a concept on their own?
Not at all.” (I presume the author of this study magazine is a Watchtower leader
who has no idea of the message offered in every book of the J.W. Bible.

Every book of the Jehovah Witness Bible examples rules and guidelines that all
evolve around “developing our family togetherness” and how we must all stand by
each other in every aspect of family life and must continue loving, respecting and
supporting each other unconditionally. This Trinity family structure is what every
aspect of Christianity is all about and the family is the highest form of Godly
presence for good will to man on earth. The Trinity is our family God base!

As Moses wrote the book of Genesis directed by God’s instructions he was told
there were three Gods “as one” as a triune government in heaven even before the
time of Jesus. (Gen 1:26) “let US make man in OUR image after OUR likeness”.
Daniel the Prophet also wrote “Holy Gods” plural. (Dan 4:8-9 &18 & 5:11.
(Wording from the Jehovah Witness NTW Bible)

Even our personality develops by the Trinity, in three necessary aspects

The way we eat our meals is based on the Trinity. At supper, the last meal of the
day, the father (representing our spirit for discipline) is in charge and the respect
displayed for his authority, influences a siblings ability to accept discipline in
society and apply self-discipline in life. At breakfast, the first meal of the day, the
comforter (representing our soul for emotion) is in charge and the respect
displayed for the comforter’s efforts influences a siblings compassion portion of
personality development. At the midday meal each family member will act in the
world (while putting the body to work) according to what they have been taught at
morning and evening mealtimes. The respect and parental example experienced
during these mealtimes, influences three different aspects of a child’s personality as
they grow. Each time we eat, giving thanks to Jesus (who represents us as
individuals) will enhance our digestive abilities. (1Cor 11:20-34, John 6:32-63)

As individuals we are, a spirit, a soul and a body

Just as the Trinity Heavenly Family, the Father representing a spirit for discipline,
the Son representing a body for accomplishment and the Holy Ghost representing a
soul for compassion, are considered “as one” we as individuals are made up of a
spirit, a body and a soul “as one”. Just as the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost
create harmony working together, as individuals we only experience harmony by
developing and applying these three parts of our character together.

(1Thess 5:23). The following wording is from original Scriptures.

“Himself now the God of peace may he sanctify you wholly, and
whole your spirit and soul and body blameless in (at) the coming of the Lord of
us Jesus Christ may they be preserved.”
(8) Christianity teaches we have a separate soul that gives us our
instinct, to know truth and lives separate from our body and can speak to God
The mind of a J.W is conditioned to believe we don’t have a separate soul, which, in
Christianity, is our spiritual body that leaves us after we die and goes to heaven in
salvation. Watchtower conditions J.W’s to believe the word “soul” just means
“life” or “personality” and a soul isn’t a form that can live, feel, speak or be seen.
The following 34 verses of which the first 2 describe souls in hell and the last 2
describe souls as living speaking forms in heaven, supports the Christian belief. It
is also how God knew us before we were formed in the womb. (Jeremiah 1:5)
“Before I was forming you in the belly, I knew you,” When J.W’s read these
verses from their own Bible, they simply can’t see the meanings and continue trying
to convince you, we don’t have a separate living, feeling, speaking soul. Their
minds are blocked to the true Christian concept.

The soul is a separate entity from the body, that can go to Hell
(Psalm 16:9-10) (9) “—my own flesh will reside in security. (10) For you will not
leave my soul in She’ol.”
(Acts 2:24-27) (24) “But God resurrected him by loosing the pangs of death,--“
(26) On this account my heart became cheerful and my tongue rejoiced greatly,
Moreover, even my flesh will reside in hope; (27) because you will not leave my
soul in Ha’des,” (She’ol and Ha’des = Hell) (Jer 18:20) “-- a pit for my soul.”

Alternatively, the soul can go to heaven in salvation

(1Peter 1:9) “as you receive the end of your faith, the salvation of your souls.”
(Hebrews 10:39) Now we are not the sort that shrink back to destruction, but the
sort that have faith to the preserving alive of the soul.”

The soul is not the body, as it is described as a separate form

(1 Thess 5:23) “May the very God of peace sanctify you completely. And sound in
every respect may the spirit and soul and body of you [brothers] be preserved” etc.
(Isaiah 10:18) “He will bring to an end, even from the soul clear to the flesh,” etc.
(Matt 10:28) “And do not become fearful of those who can kill the body
but cannot kill the soul;” etc

The soul is not life, as it is mentioned as “having” life

(Prov 3:21-22) “and they will prove to be life to your soul” etc.
(2 Samuel 11:11) “as you are living and as your soul is living,” (David’s soul)
(1 Samuel 20:3) “as Jehovah is living and as your soul is living”(David’s soul)
(Also in 1 Samuel 25:26, 2 Kings 2:2, 2:4 & 2:6)
(Hebrew 10:39) “ Now we are not the sort that shrink back to destruction,
but the sort that have faith to the preserving alive of the soul”.
(Psalm 119:175) “May my soul keep living and praising you,”
(Matt 10:28) “do not become fearful of those who kill the body but cannot
kill the soul; but rather be in fear of him that can destroy
both soul and body in Ge-hen’na.”
(Genesis 12:13) “—and my soul will be certain to live due to you.”
(Genesis 19:20) “—and my soul will live on.”
(Psalm 66:9) “He is setting our soul in life,”

The soul is not our personality, as it has “separate” emotion

(Job 10:1) “My soul certainly feels a loathing towards my life.”
(2 Samuel 5:8) “hateful to the soul of David!”
(King James Bible:- 2 Samuel 5:8) “that are hated by David’s soul,”
(Jeremiah 50:19) “—his soul will be satisfied.”
(Lament 1:16) “—refresh my soul.”

The soul is not personality, as it can speak for itself

(Lament 3:24) ““Jehovah is my share,” my soul has said, “that is why I shall
show a waiting attitude for him.”” (Also last two listed. Rev 6:9-10 & 24)

The soul is not our personality, as it has a memory

(Lament 3:20) “Without fail your soul will remember and bow low over me.”
(King James Bible reads:- “and is humbled in me.”)

The soul is not personality, as it can think for itself

(Job 7:15) “So that my soul chooses suffocation, Death rather than my bones.”
(Psalm 77:2) “—My soul has refused to be comforted.”
(Job 6:7) “My soul has refused to touch [anything].”

The soul is not personality, as it thinks for itself to give us instinct

(1 Samuel 20:4) “And Jon’a-than went on to say to David:
“Whatever your soul may say I shall do for you.” Etc”
(Psalm 139:14) “—Your works are wonderful, As my soul is very well aware.”

If we are sensitive to our soul instinct,

it will guide and comfort us
(Job 9:21) “Were I blameless, I would not know my soul, I would refuse my life.”
(King James Bible reads:- “Though I were perfect, yet would I not know my
soul: I would despise my life.”)

The soul is not personality, as it can speak and be seen in heaven

(Revelation 6:9-10) “And when he opened the fifth seal, I saw underneath
the altar the souls of those slaughtered because of the word of God and because of
the witness work they used to have. (10) And they cried with a loud voice, saying;
“Until when, Sovereign Lord holy and true, are you refraining from judging -” etc.
(Rev 20:4) “And I saw thrones, and there were those who sat down on them, and
power of judging was given them. Yes, I saw the souls of those executed with the ax”
(Lamentations 3:24 also described the soul speaking)

Discoveries in Science
Scotish physician Dr Duncan McDougall weighed terminally ill patients and
observed a 21 gram weight loss at the moment of death. As muscle weighs the same
flexed or relaxed and as the difference cannot be explained by loss of body fluid,
science postulates this weight loss is caused by the soul leaving the body. His book
“Life Without Death” details these findings.

Changes made to the J.W. Bible to remove the truth about salvation of the soul
(1 Peter 4:19) Original writings
“Wherefore let them that suffer according to the will of God commit the keeping
of their souls to him in well doing, as unto a faithful Creator.”
King James Bible (1 Peter 4:19)
“Wherefore let them that suffer according to the will of God commit the keeping of
their souls to him in well doing, as unto a faithful creator.”
Jehovah Witness Bible (1 Peter 4:19)
“So, then, also let those who are suffering in harmony with the will of God keep on
commending their souls to a faithful creator while they are doing good.”

It is my opinion, people who have lost a family member who became a Jehovah's
Witness and died because they refused a blood transfusion, could take the Watchtower
organization to court and sue them for using hypnosis to create the fear that caused the death
of their loved-one. Any psychologist who has studied hypnosis will confirm that the format of a
Jehovah's Witness meeting, as I have described it below, is designed "exactly" the same as
an advanced clinical hypnosis session, thus giving a very strong foundation for a lawsuit.

Watchtower is eliminating Jesus and family,

not Easter and Christmas
Watchtower teaches J.W’s, it is not ethical to celebrate Easter and Christmas as
they are celebrations that were introduced by Pagans 2000 years ago. Christians
on the other hand celebrate the birth and resurrection of Jesus by singing songs of
praise and participating in communion to show respect for his sacrifice at Calvary.

Watchtower bans J.W’s celebrating their children’s birthdays

The birthday celebration is also an event introduced by the Pagans over two
thousand years ago and as the Watchtower society seems to be holding a grudge
against the 2000 year old Pagans, Jehovah Witnesses are not allowed to honour the
addition of their children as the third party to establish the three fold cord in a

Birthdays are necessary for “growing” psychological reassurance

Celebrating the birth of our children by giving them a birthday party has long been
identified in psychology as a necessity for boosting the five different stages of self-
esteem in children as they grow through their mind development stages each year.
Each stage of a child’s brain development has been associated with the twelve-
month cycle of seasons. Starting from the month of birth, every time one year goes
by, a child’s mind begins to develop into the next stage of maturity and new brain
nerve synapses begin to form. (Walking, recognizing possessions, responding to
authority, going to school etc, etc.) This is regulated by the brain, circadian clock.
(Supra-chiasmatic-nucleus of the hypothalamus.)
Every year during this time, new hormonal release patterns develop which causes
small bouts of insecurity similar to the large bouts synonymous with the terrible
two’s and puberty. If children receive a strong reassurance from their parents that
their birth is an ongoing reason to celebrate their presence at that precise time of
year, each stage of brain maturity, new synapse growth and hormonal release
changes, will be encouraged to develop efficiently to develop maximum self-esteem.
Not only does this promote positive personal development but it also continually
reinforces togetherness in a family.
Family togetherness is also encouraged by celebrating Christmas and Easter and it
is my opinion Watchtower ban these celebrations as families that become strong
will not allot time to knock on doors and will not be easily convinced they need to
save the world before it all ends.
During counselling adults who report, “their parents never celebrated their
birthdays in childhood”, display a terrible lack of self-esteem and self confidence
and usually break down and cry just from the thought.

Watchtower is eliminating Jesus and the power of the blood

The Pagans also began the celebration of marriage, if Watchtower are so intent on
eliminating Paganism, they would frown on this as well. Perhaps Watchtower don’t
realize Paganism faded out back in 1150 AD and Christians who believe in
encouraging their children’s self-esteem and confidence within the family circle,
are now praising Jesus.

Watchtower Bible changes eliminate the recognition of Jesus in Christianity

When comparing scriptures in the Watchtower Bible to original scriptures that
describe Jesus as creator of the World, our Saviour, God and one worthy of our
praise, it is easy to see specific changes have been made to the Watchtower Bible to
purposefully strip Jesus Christ of his authority.

This Bible change was made to support the Watchtower study book
“The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived” which teaches, Jesus is not God
Jehovah Witness Bible
(Hebrews 1:6-8) “But when he again brings his first-born into the inhabited earth,
he says: “And let all God’s angels do obeisance (bow and respect) to him.” (7)
Also, with reference to the angels he says: “And he makes his angels spirits, and his
public servants a flame of fire.” (8) But with reference to the Son:
“God is your throne forever” and ever, and [the] scepter of your kingdom is the
scepter of uprightness.”
Original writings
“When again he brings the first-born into the world, he says, and let worship him all
the angels of God. (7) And to the angels he says, the one making the angels of him
winds and the servants of him of fire a flame, (8) to and the Son, the throne of you
O God is to the age of the age and the scepter of the righteous is the scepter of the
kingdom of you.”
King James Bible
(6) “And again, when he bringeth in the first-begotten into the world, he saith, And
let all the angels of God worship him. (7) And of the angels he saith, Who maketh
his angels spirits, and his ministers a flame of fire. (8) But unto the Son he saith,
Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever: a scepter of righteousness, is the scepter
of thy kingdom.”

This Bible change has been made to support the Watchtower

teaching, Jehovah Witnesses only serve Jehovah!
All study literature put out by Watchtower, emphasizes Jehovah Witnesses only
serve, honour, praise and accept Jehovah as their God and Saviour. Jesus is only
the Son of Jehovah and is not worthy to serve, praise and accept as their God and
Saviour, which is the complete opposite to what CHRISTianity, is all about.
Many describe Watchtower as an “Anti-Christ movement” due to these changes
and the blood transfusion deaths they cause.
Jehovah Witness Bible
(John 12:26) “If anyone would minister to me, let him follow me, and where I am
there my minister will be also. If anyone would minister to me, the Father will
honour him.”
Original writings
(John 12:26) “If me anyone serves, me let him follow, and where I am there also the
servant of me will be. If anyone me serves, will honour him the Father.”
King James Bible (Christians are taught to serve Jesus)
“If any man serve me, let him follow me; and where I am, there shall also my
servant be: if any man serve me, him will my Father honour.”

Watchtower teaches, not calling God the Father

by his first name is disrespectful
Watchtower claims, all other Bibles have printed the word “Lord” where it is
supposed to read “Jehovah”, claiming it is an insult to God the Father not to print
his first name in literature and an insult not to call him by his first name.
Christians believe calling the Father “Jehovah” shows disrespect
Christians believe, calling God the Father by his first name shows disrespect and it
is from this old Jewish custom, our family custom of not allowing our children to
call their natural fathers by their first name, began. Watchtower clearly does not
agree with this Christian “family” tradition of parental respect.
As a result of this Watchtower teaching, Watchtower have changed the word
“Lord” in the Jehovah Witness Bible to “Jehovah” but they have obviously done it
so randomly, they have put the word “Jehovah” where it sometimes means Jesus.
Is a scholar’s endorsement of the J.W. Bible changes, misrepresentation?
Since an American court found Joseph Rutherford guilty of un-Americanism and
exposed misleading Scriptural changes, many have continued the accusations. As a
result, Watchtower distribute a pamphlet to its followers that gave an endorsement
by Thomas Winter a supposed Greek scholar from the University of Nabraska,
claiming Watchtowers changes are accurate. It is my opinion this pamphlet titled
“New World Translation [Credibility] has no credibility. The New World
Translation Committee being a group of Watchtower managers who made the
changes, none of whom can claim to be accredited scholars of scriptural language.

New World Translation [Credibility] - has no credibility!

The comparison of this verse below is one of many I found to be wrongly translated,
suggesting the Greek scholars endorsement is misrepresentation?

The truth is in Jesus

Providing we study Christianity from a Bible, it is easy to see Jehovah God the
Father and Jesus, are one and the same and, salvation is encouraged by God the
Father, to be obtained through Jesus Christ. The reason our heavenly Father
stipulates we must accept Jesus as the head of our congregation, is to acknowledge
him sacrificing his Son to enable us “all” to be set free. Not acknowledging Jesus
as head of our congregation and praising him and accepting him as our Savior is
indicating to the Father, he sacrificed his Son, for nothing. There could be no
greater insult than to make our heavenly Father feel as though we don’t really wish
to acknowledge the sacrifice of his Son and respect his requests.
We can see through Scripture, God the Father not only asks us to accept his
Son as Lord and Savior but also asks us to respect him as the head of our
congregation and hold communion to him every time we gather to study the New

(1 Cor 11:25) It should also be easy to see, we would further please our heavenly
Father if we sing songs of praise to Jesus and celebrate him at Easter and
Christmas, the two most significant times in the life of our heavenly Father’s Son.

It appears to me, not only do Watchtower oppose all the doctrines of Christianity,
they are also diverting God loving people away from obtaining salvation of the
soul, “through Jesus Christ”. There are so many verses even in the changed J.W.
Bible that describe Jesus being God and our Savior and our soul leaving the body
after our demise and going to heaven in salvation, that we could not possibly
dispute, this is how salvation takes place. There are also many scriptures that show,
Jehovah our heavenly Father wants us to be joyful in praise to His Son.

(1 Phil 1:24-26) “- for me to remain in the flesh is more necessary on your account
(25) I know I shall remain and shall abide with all of you for your advancement and
the joy that belongs to [your] faith. (26) so that your exultation may overflow in
Christ Jesus by reason of me through my presence again with you.”

Christianity teaches children to live joyfully!

As our soul within us will response instinctively to the things we focus on
to keep us in truth, people who continually focus on world soon ending themes
will easily encourage their own depression and depression related disease.

Christian attitude stipulates we teach children positive encouraging outlooks

not fearful people avoidance and world soon ending self-destructive themes
It is the delight of Christians to “live joyfully” (Eccl 9:9) and to teach everyone
“This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it”
(Psalm 118:24) and to help people see “the truth is in Jesus.” (Ephes 4:21).
Freud introduced hypnosis to America around 1914
around the same time J.W study magazines were introduced
Between 1908 and 1920 Sigmund Freud and Joseph Breuer delivered many lectures
on psychoanalysis and hypnosis at Universities in America. As a result of this, many
other psychologists also began to lecture, which gave hypnosis wide spread
attention. This incredible interest in Freud’s principals drew attention, not only
from psychologists but businessmen as well. Big business realised some of Freud’s
ideas could be adapted to advertising, to encourage people subliminally, to buy
product and to feel a raised self-esteem through owning the product, even though it
may actually be harmful. “The Marlborough Man image” used to promote the sale
of Marlborough cigarettes is only one example of the use of self-esteem in sales.
Freud and Breuer learned hypnosis from French psychologists Charcot, Janet,
Lebault and Banheim and their basic principals are responsible for all modern day
hypnotherapy ideals. The latest procedure, Eye Movement Desensitization
Reprogramming, (E.M.D.R.) is a procedure, modern psychologists claim to have
invented however this is also based on Freud’s teachings. Even subliminal cassette
tapes for reprogramming people as they sleep, came from Freud.
How subliminal cassette tapes condition the mind as you sleep
The best subliminal effect comes from wearing a set of stereo headphones as you
sleep and a tape is played to deliver triggering phrases written into dialogue,
covered with music. One ear hears some dialogue, then the other, (left-right, left-
right) causing a back and forth effect on the unconscious mind, the same as the eyes
experience watching a swinging pendulum. Even though the stereo phrases may not
be heard consciously “the back and forth action” on the unconscious still creates a
hypnotic effect. Without the stereo headphone effect, the phrases are designed on
the opposing subjects dealt with by the left and right brain. The more a person is
predisposed to accepting the phrases, the quicker the mind is taken over.
Coca-Cola used Freud’s methods in advertising, but they were banned
Freud’s principals were adapted to many advertising campaigns and are still used
to this day. Coca-Cola used them in 1916 to create one of the most remembered
effects in advertising history. A small picture of a Coke bottle was placed on every
tenth frame of a movie theatre film, preventing it from being seen by the naked eye.
Some pictures on the left of the roll and then some on the right, then the left, then
the right, so that as the unconscious mind saw them, it triggered a continuous left-
right, left-right pendulum effect. After the film finished being viewed by the
audience, theatre sales of Coca-Cola increased five-fold. As advertising officials
realized, minds were being manipulated, this procedure was banned.
Starting a craze, relies on “Triggering Phrases”
To reach the unconscious mind and program it to have an “uncontrollable” desire
to behave in a certain manner, it is necessary to use “triggering phrases”. These
are unique phrases which the mind will only associate with a particular result or
product, eg, Coca-Cola, Marlborough Man, Pokemon Trader, Jehovah Witness.

If these phrases are promoted with a self-esteem value and used with subliminal
suggestion or hypnosis to be lodged into the unconscious, they can overpower a
persons free-will so strongly, they can drive people to spend money irresponsibly or
easily create enough fear to make a person instigate their own death. The strength
of the hypnosis depends on how predisposed “or how young” the victims are.
In relation to blood transfusion, Watchtower use the triggering phrase “abstain
from blood” a phrase used in the Bible in relation to the early time custom of
drinking blood but Watchtower use it in conjunction with hypnosis “as a
generalized term” to cover “anything” that has to do with blood. This is why, on
reading the blood scriptures in totally, to J.W’s, clearly showing them “abstaining
from blood” is only a dietary phrase, their mind simply can’t see past the words
“abstain from blood” to recognize the dietary references within the Scriptures.
Even though their life depends on it, they won’t place any effort into showing
any investigative interest, or examining the full literary context because their mind
is totally blocked off to self-thinking. Normally if a persons life depended on “the
interpretation” of scriptures, that person would be investigative about the wording
and would have a strong compulsion to discuss opinions, yet Jehovah Witnesses
will show a blank hypnotized fear and reject all suggestion to investigate.
Triggering phrases are used in hypnosis sessions to eliminate phobias
Before a hypnosis session begins, a therapist collects specific “negative phrases”
used by the client to describe a phobia or problem. For example “I am scared of
heights” or “nagging wife”. With heights, the therapist first explains the positive
aspects of heights. (Winning places a competitor higher on the podium, the higher
the hill the better the view.) A positive triggering phrase to describe heights during
the session, then becomes “a proud height” or “a winning height” which changes
the unconscious focus away from the low self-esteem negative aspect of “being
scared” and introduces it to the high self-esteem positive.

Using the word “mate” or “queen” instead of “wife” can unconsciously encourage
a man to re-stimulate his courting interests towards his wife instead of considering
her someone he must answer to. Repeatedly using the word “castle” during a
therapy session, instead of “house” can unconsciously encourage a person to show
more pride in the home. This self-esteem, triggering phrase principal can also
be applied to a cassette story or magazine study story and used in a continuous
back and forth procedure that continually bombards the left and right brain to
create a hypnotic urge to act according to the therapists desired result.
Even though Freud eventually rejected unconscious hypnosis, his use of
“triggering phrases” in conscious hypnosis has often been utilized in business to
maximize profits. Around 1914, the business world used all Freud’s procedures to
create what was named “the four step promotion code” which is the system
Joseph Rutherford adapted to the Watchtower magazines in 1914 when he took
over leadership. Following this code guarantees to create a craze that gathers
momentum and many businesses have used it over the years.

The four steps of this code that companies follow, are:-

(1) To design unique descriptive names, called “triggering phrases” that the
unconscious mind can easily associate with the product being marketed.

(2) To establish an atmosphere of competition that conditions people to “think”

they are winners, when they actually don’t win anything at all.

(3) To create an image that appears envious to others, and that also appears to
accompany a high self-esteem.

(4) To lay claim to having a unique product or service that no other company

The Pokemon craze is only the latest example of how subliminally influential this
“four step code of promotion” is, in big business. “The code” was designed to
excite four aspects of human nature by raising self-esteem and making people feel
rewarded and special, even though there is absolutely no reward and no tangible
reason to feel special.

Compare how this four step business code was used to create
both, the “Pokemon craze” and the “Jehovah Witness craze”
(1) Triggering phrases
Nintendo use “POKEMON” and “POKEMON TRADERS” as their unique
“triggering phrases” with 151 characters, all having unique
names that can only be associated with Pokemon.
Watchtower use “JEHOVAH“ and “JEHOVAH WITNESSES” as their unique
“triggering phrases” which can only be associated with Watchtower.

(2) Atmosphere of competition

Nintendo promote an atmosphere of competition in saving the most characters.
Watchtower promotes an atmosphere of competition in saving the most souls.

(3) Envious image

Nintendo promotes the Pokemon traders who collect the most characters,
in publicity videos and magazines as “the envied ones”.
Watchtower promotes Jehovah Witnesses who collect the most newcomers
to the congregation, in publicity videos and magazines as “the Holy Ones”.

(4) Product or service unique to that company alone

Nintendo claim to be the only company that offers the Pokemon characters.
Watchtower claims to be the only religion that can offer salvation.

Both these companies give the impression people are participating for some sort
of reward yet they win absolutely nothing. The only reward is the financial
rewards both companies gain from the people participating and both companies
encourage participants to get others to interact with them, in order to expand
“the craze”. Both companies encourage their followers to be proud to carry their
membership cards.

Behind the scenes at Watchtower in America a personal

membership card is supplied that prohibits blood transfusion
Each Jehovah Witness records “product sold and newcomers collected” and all
records are sent to America to gauge the winners who will be termed “the Holy
Ones” who, according to Watchtower are given the highest guarantee of salvation
and “paradise on earth“. (All collectors are supplied with a personalized blood
transfusion card to supply hospitals, which they are very proud to own, even though
the only single benefit this card has to offer, is their death.)
Only hypnosis can create “a pride” in following a suicidal belief!
During their competition for salvation, everything is recorded
Jehovah Witnesses record all details down to the address of each potential
newcomer and even the houses to avoid. Each Jehovah Witness is taught to respect
newcomers introduced by their fellow J.W’s as they know each one of them is
working hard to earn their salvation and have their name added to the honor list of
“Holy Ones”.
This is not Christianity, it is a tax free business operating on Frued’s business code!
The difference between Pokemon and Watchtower
The differences between Nintendo and Watchtower is, Nintendo uses subliminal
procedures acceptable to authorities and the fruits of their project create positivity
and happiness in children. As the children who enjoy Pokemon, can also be seen
to loose interest as they mature and grow towards puberty, it is easy to realize there
is no intrusive hypnotic effect, which cannot be said for Jehovah Witness children.
Watchtower on the other hand, has taken the four-step business code and added
to it, the seven requirements of conscious hypnosis. They have designed the
format of their meetings exactly the same as a therapist runs a hypnosis session
and the heretic effect can be observed by showing any of the Christianity
scriptures to any seasoned Jehovah Witness worldwide. They will all respond by
saying, “if you study the full Bible the meaning of that scripture will change”.

Compare a Jehovah Witness meeting with a clinical hypnosis session

On comparison between a therapist conscious hypnosis session and a Watchtower
study session, it is easy to see Watchtower’s Joseph Rutherford applied the seven
needs of hypnosis. (1) A three-stage format of relaxation, therapy and question time
and therapy content that caters for (2) Eyes (3) Ears (4) Self-esteem (5) confidence
controlled by (6) A frontal conscious diversion. (6) A side-talk reader.

The format of a hypnotherapy session is designed in three stages

“relaxation”, “hypnosis session” and “question time”
A client is seated and relaxed. Once relaxed, the client is asked to look at an article
of focus directly in front, to keep the conscious mind busy to make the unconscious
vulnerable. The whole idea of hypnosis is to keep the conscious mind as busy as
possible through as many of the senses as possible, so it doesn’t have time to figure
out whether the information given is truthful or not. Hypnosis relies on diversion.

Hypnosis works best when “eyes, ears, thought and emotions”

are kept busy to allow the information past, into the unconscious
(A) The eyes. The article of frontal focus is visual and is termed “the continual
conscious diversion”. (Freud used a swinging, ticking pendulum.) The therapist
then sits “off to one side” and speaks to the side of the client’s head, using an
uplifting story designed to raise self-esteem and remove depression or fear.
(B) The ears. Hearing the ticking pendulum as well as the therapists story, creates
a second left-to-right hearing effect. (Keeping the ears occupied as well, allows the
unconscious to become more vulnerable.) In the “side talk”, the therapist then uses
a technique, essential to make the unconscious release harmful depressive or fear
based belief patterns and exchange them for positive motivating ones.
(C) Self-esteem. The therapist creates a third “backwards and forwards” effect
by talking between negative self-esteem phrases and positive self-esteem phrases, in
a way that replaces the negative with the positive. (The eyes and ears “must” be
kept busy on both left brain – right brain effects to stop the clients mind from
having time to figure out if the self- thinking information is truthful or not.)
(D) “To overcome a fear phobia”, emotional confidence also must be encouraged
During the session the therapist “must” work between the positive and negative
triggering phrases “in an uplifting way” that builds the clients self-confidence and
self-esteem. Only when each individual is effected emotionally, will the mind lock
be opened completely to accept the programming of the side talk “unquestionably”.
Repeatedly encouraging the client positively while using all three backward and
forward effects, allows the phobic mindset to be replaced by the positive uplifting
mindset at an unconscious level. In time, this creates a hypnotic compulsive effect
that becomes completely ‘and unquestionably’ overpowering.

The mind lock is a valve like portion of the brain that normally allows information
through into the unconscious mind, only after a person has taken time to examine it
and think about it properly and first deem it acceptable as truth, in the conscious.
(The mind lock is an interaction between the locus coeruleus and the hippocampus.)
Question time at the end of a session is important for long-term conditioning
When a session is finished, the therapist “MUST” ask questions about the session
to keep the client pointed in a non-investigative direction at a time when they are
not being subjected to the backward and forward diversions of the session and the
conscious is no longer being purposely kept busy. This is when they are about to
leave, and unless “consciously” pointed towards the positive removal of the phobia
as well as unconsciously, they can slip backwards before the next session. It allows
the therapist to ensure the client was reacting to the triggering phrases as intended.

The format of a Jehovah Witness study session

Watchtower use the same method in reverse, “to create” a fear phobia
Watchtower is using this exact procedure except they remove positive self-esteem
and positivity about life and replace them with low self-esteem, negative outlooks
on life and fear of all people outside the J.W. movement, including the medical
profession. The questions J.W’s are trained to use, target people predisposed to
fear through previous hardship and on finding newcomers, they record all
information including career status. Many extremists such as the Watchtower
Society use the rule “any person kept in fear is easily controlled.”
Watchtower meetings are designed to progress in three stages “Relaxation”,
“hypnosis session” and “question time” the same as a hypnosis session
All meeting world-wide commence with a relaxing talk and singing specific songs
supplied on cassette tapes from one office in America, accompanied by the
Watchtower songbook. Every song is slow and rhythmically relaxing and every
study story has specific songs recommended by Watchtower to accompany each
story. The songs are listed at the bottom of each story and J.W. leaders are
instructed to only sing the songs listed for that story. It is all completely mechanical
and designed to ensure everyone is relaxed in preparation for the hypnosis session
that follows. Watchtower will not allow them to sing other up-beat songs at
meetings. There are 225 songs and only five mention Jesus “once” in each song
and never in relation to him being head of the church, his sacrifice at Calvary, or in
actual praise. (These are not songs that support the doctrines of Christianity.)
Watchtower’s stories are printed the same as a positive negative hypnosis script
Every J.W. meeting worldwide has to follow the specific story from the study
magazine supplied to the members at all witness halls worldwide “on subscription”
from one office in America. The magazines come complete with triggering phrases,
also written into their personal Bible. For example “Jehovah Witnesses”, “abstain
from blood”, “God’s chosen people” and “public declaration” etc.
After everybody has been relaxed by the songs and a talk, the hypnosis begins
Scriptures are written into each paragraph of the story. As the story is read out, the
congregation watches an official reader standing to the left of the stage reading a
little bit of the story and another person standing center stage (or to the right in a
home study session) reading the Bible verse. This establishes the article of frontal
focus to create “the continuous conscious diversion”. Left-right, left-right brain
action effecting vision and hearing the same as Freud’s swinging ticking pendulum.
(A) The eyes. These two people work to create the backwards and forwards effect
on the eyes simply by following the designated story in the weekly study magazine
supplied from head office. The reader reads a bit of the story then the compere
reads the Scripture, then the reader reads, then the compere reads and on it goes
throughout the whole story. Meanwhile the eyes of the congregation move from left
to right continuously, just as though they were watching a swinging pendulum.
(B) The ears. Listening to the official reader reading out the story from the study
magazine, then the compere reading the Bible verse, also creates a left-to-right
effect on the hearing. Again, keeping the ears occupied as well, allows the
unconscious to become vulnerable to accepting the facts of the story, truthful or not.
(C) Self-esteem. All Watchtower study stories are also designed to have a
“backwards and forwards” effect by working between negative fear phrases eg,
“the wicked world” and positive phrases eg, “Watchtowers paradise” in a way that
continually destroys any previous will, to be active in the world. The goal of all this
backward and forward programming is to convince everyone they must let go of all
independent thinking and connections with the outside evil world and trust totally in
Watchtowers ability to deliver them into a perfect fantasy world to come. (In my
opinion this is in fact “establishing” a fearful phobia about people and life outside
the Watchtower confines, to collect tax-free magazine selling slaves.)
(D) To “CREATE” a fear phobia, emotional confidence must also be destroyed
Watchtower has designed the stories on the opposite emotional aspects of a hurtful
world outside Watchtower and, Watchtower’s promise of paradise, to create the
“emotional” opposites needed for hypnosis. While Watchtowers concepts cater for
people previously hurt in life, the Watchtower stories keep reminding them of their
hurts “in a destructive way” to keep them prisoners, feeding on their own fears.
During Watchtower study sessions the stories then teach participants not to think
for themselves or rely on emotion, as this is how their past hurts eventuated in the
first place. It is my opinion Watchtowers teachings discourage independent
character development in adults and children, at an unconscious level, and it is so
compelling it causes followers to accept Watchtowers word on everything even their
unsupported belief, they should die before accepting a life saving blood transfusion.

Just as a clinical hypnotist asks questions after the back and forth hypnosis
session is finished, so does the compere at a Jehovah Witness meeting
After the reader and compere finish reading the story and Bible verses as the main
activity of the meeting, they have a brief pause and then the congregation is asked
specific questions written at the bottom of the story. When congregation members
study the story at home during the week, Watchtower trains them to underline the
answers within the story so it is easy for them to refer to the answer at the main
meeting. This ensures the congregation was paying attention to the triggering
phrases and they are using the questions on themselves to complete the session.

Because Watchtower has trained everyone to focus on the questions and answers,
they have taken control of their concentration to take their attention away from
checking the facts of the story. On close examination of the questions it is easy to
see they do not help congregation members learn Christianity or to study the Bible,
as it is all only designed for hypnosis, not Bible study. As can be seen by the eight
doctrines of Christianity outlined earlier, Jehovah Witnesses are not Christians, yet
they are convinced they are, due to these diversionary study stories.
The official reader stands off to one side of their stage reading the weekly
study story that may contain anything from world ending doom and gloom, to their
rule of abstaining from a life saving blood transfusion.
(There is no doubt, this person is delivering the “side talk” the same as a therapist.)
The compere stands in the middle of the stage referring to each Scripture as the
story progresses, asking the questions at the bottom of the page, after the reader
has finished. Both the scriptures and the questions combine to create the diversion.
The question answer game establishes an atmosphere of competition, designed to
distract the congregation from investigating the true context of the phrases that
form the hypnotic effect. (There is no doubt, this interaction of reader and compere
creates the “continuous conscious diversion” to open the mind lock.)
Several ushers with microphones on poles walk the isles, brandishing the
microphones to those who wish to answer the compere’s questions to further
support “conscious diversion”. (All in all, this a hypnosis session.)

These procedures are identical to a clinical hypnosis session and they

are designed to achieve the same result as a clinical hypnosis session
It is one thing to claim the Watchtower Society is using hypnosis in a way that
causes death through their establishment of the blood-transfusion phobia, but this is
an accusation that is easy to prove.
The same as it is easy to prove a person has been hypnotized not to see number “6”
written on paper by having that person read the numbers from one to ten, it is also
easy to prove the J.W. mind is hypnotized to fear blood by asking them to read the
blood scriptures. Even though their lives depend on accurate interpretation of these
scriptures, they will completely ignore all encouragement to read and mentally
assess them “to save their own lives”. This fear response is only possible through
hypnosis. Most seasoned J.W’s will also become noticeably agitated as soon as the
subject is brought up, a reasonable indicator of a suppressed fear phobia. I have
also noticed the pupils of Jehovah Witnesses constrict the very moment I tried to
discuss the subject which is, to me, a definite sign there is a suppressed unconscious
fear. I have noticed this same constriction reaction triggered through mentioning
the word “toads” to a friend of mine who has a fear phobia of cane toads.

The questions at the bottom of each study story don’t teach Christianity,
they enforce Watchtowers control over congregation members
While attending a Jehovah Witness meeting I took particular notice of the quality of
questions the congregation was asked to answer, from the story.
A typical go nowhere question from a Watchtower story, Sept 15, 1998 P10
Question 1. “How did Jesus answer his apostles’ time oriented questions?”
Answer. “It did not belong to them to get knowledge of the times or seasons
which the Father placed in his own jurisdiction.”
After a congregation member answered, the compere enforced the Watchtower
concept that J.W’s are not supposed to understand or question the things
Watchtower teaches them, but as “slaves” as they are called, they must simply be
obedient. Another question was used to point out how soldiers in battle lost their
lives because they trusted emotions and J.W’s were then reminded not to listen to
their emotions.
Many of Watchtowers questions are used to discourage J.W’s from independent
thinking and to encourage them to believe everything Watchtower teaches, without
question, and without searching amongst the Bible themselves for answers.
In a two-page Watchtower story in their study magazine “How Can Blood Save
Your Life” it was mentioned nine times, “God says we must not eat blood to sustain
life”. The whole story outlines concepts on how we must not eat blood to sustain
life. This message is then generalized in Watchtower study sessions, that “not
eating” means “not taking in” which, when used in a Watchtower hypnotherapy
session, commands the unconscious mind to avoid all aspects of taking in blood.
In literary truthfulness, the blood scriptures only advise us not to “drink or eat
blood”, but Watchtower generalizes the meaning to create death. These
Watchtower study questions are not designed to help people study Scripture, but to
give examples on why people must obey Watchtower and accept that Watchtower
are the only ones who can bring them to God which is a non-Christian belief.

Watchtower insists all Jehovah Witness meetings

worldwide “must not deviate” from their meeting format
Since psychology student Joseph Rutherford designed the following meeting format
in 1914, it has never changed and J.W. elders are instructed they are not allowed to
change the meeting format in any way. They are also supplied with monotone music
tapes and songs from America which have the story triggering phrases written into
them, which are designed to further support the hypnotic stories.

Watchtower also insists all Jehovah Witness “home study”

worldwide, must not deviate from their study format
Rutherford also designed the way Jehovah Witnesses do home study with potential
newcomers in their home and witnesses are told they must stick to the study format.
How Jehovah Witnesses use hypnosis in home study.
Watchtower insists newcomers study with two J.W’s, so the session follows the
exact format as their general meetings, so the hypnosis effect of “conscious
diversion” and “side talk”, begins even in your own home. When I studied with
them, one read the story, the other asked the questions and the Bible was used to go
back and forth to maximize the effect of the triggering phrases written into the study
story and Bible. The seeing and hearing, back and forth effects and the questions
are the conscious diversions, the reader off to one side is the therapist and the back
and forth conversation between the negative evil world phrases and positive
promise of paradise, establishes unconscious acceptance of the story, ‘truthful or
not’. Several weeks of this procedure will have little effect but twelve months or
more will easily cause a hypnotic, heretic, mindlessness personality, in persons
predisposed to the negativity and the positive and negative triggering phrases used.

Jehovah Witness related illnesses

Is Watchtower guilty of diminished responsibility?
During my career as an athlete and in my profession as a natural diagnostician and
counsellor I have noticed the tremendous rewards of encouraging youth to develop
their talents and to have a “positive” focus. People who become leaders have a
responsibility to ensure our youth continually receive three basic encouragement’s.

(1) An interest in academic skills to develop leadership security. (Father qualities)

(2) Development of personal talents to assist social skills and to give them a
recreation to use as an outlet in adult years. (Self-expression, Son qualities)
(3) A positive compassionate outlook on life. (Holy Spirit qualities)

These subjects complete a child’s thinking in all aspects of psychology, which also
follows the Trinity aspects of a child’s personality development. Security examples
the Father. Personal achievement examples the Son and a positive compassionate
outlook examples the Holy Spirit. (Genesis 1:26 & 1 Thessalonians 5:23)

Children are very special; they need “positive” encouragement’s to help them
develop. Watchtower promotes their leaders to bombard adults “and youth” with a
huge array of doom and gloom themes outlined in their study stories, in a way that
can eventually destroy enthusiasm to develop in these three areas that will endorse
their success of family life. This constant negative focus also has potential to
establish “hopelessness” the main cause for lack of R.E.M. sleep, depression and
disease, through excessive nighttime release of the hormone “cortisol” one of the
three factors that cause cells to become cancerous.
Negative focus, is the cause of depression and depression related disease
In the Watchtower study magazine “How Can Blood Save Your Life” it states on
P8and 9, blood transfusion is the cause of cancer returning after operations, which
is “blatant hogwash”. There are many statements relating to blood transfusion in
this magazine that I consider to be deadly dangerous particularly as they are
teaching this information to children. A return of disease after operation is due to
lack of stress management and counselling to reduce negative focus, which reduces
“cortisol” hormonal release, and, awareness of diet and exercise. These facts along
with depression being the main cause for disease, are confirmed in “numerous”
Medical books and Journals worldwide and are available at all hospital libraries.
Three book examples.
Stress and Breast Cancer. Research by 13 cancer institutes.
ISBN 0-471-91744 3, 1988 John Willey & Sons.
Psychotherapeutic Treatment of Cancer Patients. Research by 17 cancer
specialists. ISBN0-02-911960-X. Macmillan”Free press”.
Topics in Pshchoendocrinology. Researched by ten university professors and two
research psychiatrists. Grune and Stratton 1975.
Five Medical Journals entries from 1950 to 1980. There are thousands more
Psychosomatic Medicine 1954 Vol. 16 Pages 277-286.
British Journal of Medical Psychology 1964 Vol. 37 Page 203.
Annals of New York Academy of Sciences. 1965-66 Vol. 125, Bks 1&3.
“ “ “ “ “ 1969 Vol. 164 Pages 476-482.
Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics 1983 Vol 40 Pages 191-210.
In psychosomatics it is taught, for our body to be free of disease, our mind must be
free from turmoil and happy with our present standing in life. Bottling up our
emotional stress is one of several aspects that contribute to disease and this fact of
health is even mentioned in Scripture as is every aspect of psychology and health.
(Psalm 32:3) “When I kept silence, my bones waxed old through my roaring all the
day long” (This verse explains how suppression causes anxiety and procrastination
and interferes with calcium absorption, factors endorsed by medical science.)
Numerous medical surveys have proven, the people who improve their lifestyle after
an operation are the ones who don’t experience a return of their disease. Surveys
also show that people who experience relationship improvement where love is
rekindled after an operation, disease is less likely to return. The emotion of love
causes a release of the hormone “dopamine”, one of the strongest immune
hormones which also encourages R.E.M. sleep, our time of body healing.
A woman who is appreciated positively by her husband, a husband who is
motivated positively by his wife, and children who are encouraged to develop
positively by both parents, all have a foundation for happiness and, happiness
creates health through dopamine release and regular R.E.M. healing sleep.
However this is only the foundation as, challenge, personal development and self-
expression and social interactions are ancillary factors. (Proverbs 29:18)
Watchtower teachings encourage depression, which in turn provokes disease
After attending public meetings, home study sessions and sales meetings with the
Jehovah Witnesses I quickly learned, the procedures the Watchtower society of
America makes their members follow, do not apply positivity, security and personal
development and do not create inner happiness. Watchtower promotes a constantly
negative fear based teaching, which I don’t believe children should be exposed to.
It is my opinion they promote these negative fear based teachings to prevent the
members of Jehovah Witnesses families from becoming close and homely, so they
will continue being slaves to sell magazines and collect donations door to door.

Watchtowers medical teachings on blood are dangerous and blatantly incorrect

Misleading quotes from the Watchtower blood transfusion
study booklet that shows disrespect for the medical profession
When I first saw the following statements in this Watchtower study magazine I
could not believe my eyes. These statements are taught to children who attend J.W.
meetings and they would clearly diminish confidence in the medical profession.
One very dangerous Watchtower recommendation is
“nonblood management may have a lower risk”
Page 22 QUOTE “Medical knowledge is not sufficiently advanced to enable a
physician to predict with reasonable certainty that his patient will live or die”
Page 30 QUOTE “The general view that doctors know best causes most patients to
defer to their doctors skill and knowledge. But how subtly dangerous it would be for
a physician to proceed as if this phrase were a scientific fact and to treat patients
accordingly.” UNQUOTE.
Page 20
In relation to blood transfusion:- QUOTE “A considerate patient will not pressure
a physician to use a therapy at which the doctor is unskilled UNQUOTE.
P18 QUOTE “Actually, nonblood management may have a lower risk” UNQUOTE
Page 19 (In relation to blood.) QUOTE “it must be considered unavoidably non-
safe. It is the most dangerous substance we use in medicine.” UNQUOTE.
Page 22 QUOTE
“Each year thousands die as a result of transfusions; multitudes more get very sick
and face long term consequences.” UNQUOTE.
Page 16-19 projects that great success can be made when refusing transfusion and
it dangerously infers it poses no extra problems.
Page 11 projects that doctors themselves are dubious about blood transfusion.

There are many opinions outlined in this magazine about medical practices
accompanied by advice that, in my opinion, displays diminished responsibility on
behalf of Watchtower and Jehovah Witness leadership, particularly in the case of
minors. In consideration to the 1990 experiments of ozone used in treating stored
blood for transfusion usage, all the statements relating to impure blood in this study
magazine are outdated and incorrect.

(Mat 12:7, Mercy not sacrifice)

There are 15 blood Scriptures and every one relates to diet, “not death”
The following verses are exact wording from the Jehovah Witness Bible.
These 12 verses clearly state, “we must not eat blood” and the only penalty for not
abstaining from blood, is exile, not death.
(Genesis 9:4) “Only flesh with its soul-its blood- you must not eat.”
(Leviticus 3:17) “- - You must not eat any fat or any blood at all.”
(Leviticus 17:10) “- - I shall certainly set my face against the soul that is eating
the blood, and I shall indeed cut him off from amongst his people.”
(Leviticus 17:12) “- - No soul of you must eat blood and no alien resident who is
residing as an alien in your midst should eat blood.”
(Leviticus 17:14) “- - You must not eat the blood of any sort of flesh,- -
Anyone eating it will be cut off.”
(Leviticus 19:26) “You must eat nothing along with blood.”
(Deuteronomy 12:23) “Simply be firmly resolved not to eat the blood,”
(Deuter 12:24) “You must not eat it. You should pour it out upon the ground”
(Deuter 12:25) “You must not eat it, in order that it may go well with you and
your sons after you,”
(Deuteronomy 15:23) “Only its blood you must not eat.”
(1 Samuel 14:33) “- - The people are sinning against Jehovah by eating
along with the blood.”
(1 Sam 14:34) “- - and you must not sin against Jehovah
by eating along with the blood.”
These three verses were not intended to cause any harm,
they are intended to encourage self-improvement
Thirteenth verse
(Acts 15:19-20) (19) “Hence my decision is “not to trouble” those from the nations
who are turning to God, (20) but to write them to abstain from things polluted by
idols and from fornication and from what is strangled and from blood.”

The statement “not to trouble those who are turning to God.”

This statement clearly infers, people who follow the advice of abstaining from these
things, including blood, would not be troubled, therefore it could not possibly relate
to avoiding a blood transfusion, which would result in their death.
Whenever Watchtower quote these verses in their study magazines they only use the
words “abstain from blood.” On some rare occasions they quote one line from the
verse that lists the other things that must also be avoided, eg: “abstain from things
polluted by idols and from fornication and from what is strangled and from blood”
but they never read or quote the full Scripture in its totality. The phrase “abstain
from blood” is taken out of context to be used as a triggering phrase in hypnosis.

If they were to study verse 15 fully, instead of their magazine stories with the blood
reference, they would realise the words: “not to trouble anyone” means, this
request is not a life-threatening request.

Fourteenth verse
(Acts 15:28-29) “it seemed good to the Holy Ghost and to us to lay upon you “no
greater burden” than these necessary things; That ye abstain from meats offered to
idols, and from blood, and from things strangled, etc”.
The Holy Spirit says “no greater burden!”
Few burdens are greater than a slow debilitating death through loss of blood both
to the victim and to the family members watching. If God meant us not to save our
lives through blood transfusion, the Holy Ghost would not be saying abstaining
from blood would cause them “no great burden”.

Fifteenth verse
(Acts 21:26) (24)“Take these men along and cleanse yourself ceremonially with
them and take care of their expenses,” --- etc, (25) our decision that they should
keep themselves from what is sacrificed to idols, as well as from blood, and what is
strangled and from fornication.”
When verse (25) is used by Watchtower in study literature it is always quoted
on its own. It is also never studied in its entirety “from the Bible” where it is easy to
see from the verses before it, (22-24) and after it, verse (26), the people who were
living against Gods requirements “but were willing to change” were not punished
in any way but were ceremoniously cleansed and their costs were even paid, for
them. The ones who weren’t willing to stop eating blood were exiled, they weren’t
put to death as Watchtower teaches in its study magazines

Watchtower has clearly twisted the meanings of these scriptures to cause the
blood transfusion deaths. It is Watchtowers false advertising that leads people
to believe death before accepting blood transfusion, is a Christian belief, which
it is not. Please help stop this deception by requesting investigation!

To abstain from blood the way Watchtower suggests,

we would have to drain the blood from our veins
If in fact we should take the words “abstain from blood” out of it’s complete
Scriptural dietary context and apply it to “all” matters relating to blood, as
Watchtower insists it’s followers do, we would need to drain the blood out of our
veins. They have in fact stated as much, on P25 of their study magazine “What
Does God Require of Us?” it states QUOTE “even our own blood that has been
stored” we must not put into our bodies. The teachings of Jesus in Matthew
disagree. (Mat 12:7, Mercy not sacrifice.)

Primitive people used to drink the blood of warriors

The 15 blood verses all clearly relate to early day customs of drinking animal
blood, eating sacrificial animals uncooked, eating animal fat and drinking the
blood of warriors in the assumption the strength of the warrior is received through
the drinking his blood.

Drinking the blood of strong fit people was an early day custom that caused strong
fit people to become prey, during those cannibalistic times. Personally I would most
assuredly want people who followed this practice, sent far away from me as I feel
strong and fit.

People who wouldn’t stop drinking blood were exiled, not put to death
(Lav 7:27) “Whatsoever soul it be that eateth any manner of blood, even that soul
shall be cut off from his people.”
There is a definite physiological reason why God says not to eat blood
If we consume blood, when it enters the stomach, it interferes with the release of the
pancreas enzyme “rhodanese” which assists the immune system in counteracting
food poisoning and cancer. Science has proven when an animal is strangled it
releases huge amounts of destructive hormones into muscle cells due to the
tremendous fear experienced. On eating roar meat of such an animal, (a popular
custom of those Biblical times) these destructive chemicals can effect the recipient.
Members of families who loose a Jehovah Witness through the blood transfusion
belief, suffer more grief for many years than with a normal death, because of the
complete waste of their loved ones life. Please help the next Jehovah Witnesses who
knock on your door by showing them the eight groups of scriptures that prove they
are not following Christianity. Pages 9-21 Watchtower Doctrine INDEX Page 4.

Married people are taught to manipulate partners into letting them sell magazines
Every meeting centers around “the world is soon ending” and members who sell
the most magazines and introduce the most newcomers before it ends, are the
winners. Techniques are taught at sales meetings, to develop sales ability but I also
saw followers who have a husband or wife, not in the movement, taught how to
manipulate their partner to maximize sales hours. Watchtower’s convinces people
they must try and save as many souls before the world ends and selling magazines
will get others into the congregation to sell more magazines to save more souls.

Watchtower teaches, the medical profession is influenced by Satan

After hearing the Jehovah Witness leaders teach the congregation, members of the
medical profession along with everyone else, are influenced by Satan, I am
appalled. Teaching people beliefs that destroys their confidence in the medical
profession, is a tragedy beyond comprehension. Jehovah Witnesses are not aware,
the first hospitals were started through Christianity and all hospitals have
chaplains and all doctors are sworn into their profession on an oath to God.
The Hippocratic oath was originally written in the shape of the crucifix (original
documents stored at the Vatican in Rome) and many doctors in this day and age still
promote Christianity to their patients, “true Christianity”.

All Watchtower teachings are based on fear

Another is the humiliation of being made to sit at the back of the meeting hall on
their own for 12 months if they attend an outside religious group and then return.
An example of what Watchtower is teaching our children comes from a study book
introduced to me in my eight week of study. How can children possibly be
encouraged to develop positively when bombarded with such negativity.
This is what they teach “children” and adults to focus on, continuously
This Watchtower story refers to world soon ending themes “14 times” and is only
one of many such study stories promoted in home study sessions and J.W. general
meetings that will encourage inner depressions and reduced motivation for life.
Page 148 Chapter 18
“The End of the World” Is at Hand!
WHEN JESUS CHRIST threw Satan and his angels out of heaven and began his kingdom rule, it
meant that the end of Satan and his wicked system was near. (Revelations 12:7-12) But how could
Christ’s followers on earth know that this event in heaven, unseen to their eyes, had taken place?
How could they know that Christ was invisibly present in kingdom power and that “the end of the
world” was near? They could know by checking to see if the “sign” that Jesus gave was being
fulfilled. 2 Shortly before Jesus’ death, while he was sitting on the Mount of Olives, four of his
apostles came to ask him for a “sign.” This is the way their question has been read, in the King
James Version, by millions of people: “Tell us, when shall these things be? And what shall be the
sign of thy coming, and the end of the world?” (Matthew 24:3) But what do these expressions, “thy
coming” and “the end of the world,” really mean? 3 The Greek word here translated “coming” is
parousia, and it means “presence.” So, then, when the “sign” is seen, this means we would know
that Christ is present though unseen, that he has already come in Kingdom power. The expression
“end of the world” is also very misleading. It does not mean the end of the earth, but, rather, the
end of Satan’s system of things. (2 Corinthians 4:4) The apostles’ question therefore accurately
reads: “Tell us, When will these things be, and what will be the sign of your presence and of the
conclusion of the system of things?” –
1 How could Christ’s earthly followers know when he had begun to rule in heaven?
2 What question did Christ’s disciples ask him?
3 (a) What do the expressions “they coming” and “the end of the world” really mean? (b) How, then, is the
question asked by Christ’s disciples correctly translated?
Matthew 24:3, New World Translation.
4 Jesus did not give just one event as “the sign.” He told of many happenings and situations. Other
Bible writers besides Matthew mentioned additional events that would mark the “last days.” All
these things that were foretold would take place during the time that Bible writers called the “last
days.” (2 Timothy 3:1-5; 2 Peter 3:3,4) These happenings would be like the different lines that
make up a person’s fingerprint, a print that cannot belong to any other person. The “last days”
contain their own pattern of marks, or happenings. These form a positive “fingerprint” that cannot
belong to any other time period. 5 In chapter 16 of this book we consider Bible evidence that
Christ returned and began ruling in the midst of his enemies in the year 1914. Now take a careful
look at the various features of “the sign” of Christ’s presence and further evidence of the “last
days” of Satan’s wicked system of things. As you examine these foretold things on the next four
pages, note how they have been undergoing fulfillment since 1914.
4 (a)What makes up “the sign” that Jesus gave? (b) In what way can “the sign” be compared to a
fingerprint? 5. 6. As you examine 11 evidences of the “last days” on the following pages, what do you
understand about “the conclusion of the system of things”?

Watchtower teaches, the world outside the J.W. movement is “Satan’s evil world”
At meetings I saw children from 6 years of age, being taught all people outside the
J.W. movement, including doctors, are demonic and potentially dangerous. They
are taught Watchtower is the only organization that can bring them to God and they
only come under God’s protection inside the J.W. movement and if they leave they
enter “Satan’s system of things”. This is one of many fear tactics Watchtower use
to keep followers totally confined within this magazine selling, donation collecting
empire. As they are also convinced they do their “good deeds” for God, they don’t
realize the depression associated illnesses they develop are caused by their
continual negative focus and, “impossible to fulfil compulsion” to save the world.
The French Government banned Jehovah Witness activity. Is it because
they recognized Watchtower is using hypnosis, that originated in France?
In 1999 I supplied a report containing all the information outlined in this program,
to the United Nations, to the Attorney General’s department of the Australian
Government and to the Queensland Health Department. It seems however these
bodies of authority don’t wish to interfere in matters of religion, as they are known
to create upheaval. On the other hand, I was informed by a journalist from
“Exposure Magazine” who is an ex-Jehovah Witness, the French Government
banned Watchtower from practicing in France as they were found to be operating
as a high profit business that refused to pay taxes. Did the French Government also
notice Watchtower has no missionary teams to help people in need, no youth
motivational programs and they actually give no benevolent contribution to society

It seemed ironic to me that the hypnosis procedures used by Watchtower, came

from France and they have been banned from teaching in that country. Is it
possible, because there are so many experts on hypnosis in France, they realized
just what Watchtower are up to?

This program was compiled in an attempt to have the United Nations and the world
governments investigate all aspects of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society,
(even their tax issues) to put a stop to the blood-transfusion deaths.

Jehovah Witnesses are God loving people who have the best of intentions for the
people they approach. They offer themselves as servants without asking for
anything in return, it is my belief they are, unfortunately, deceived into becoming
servants of the Watchtower tax-free moneymaking machine, instead of servants of

It is estimated over one hundred Australian Jehovah Witnesses die every year from
the blood transfusion belief. It is probable, as many as half of those are teenagers
like Tully Ioannides who began studying Watchtower beliefs as unsuspecting
children being prompted by their unsuspecting parents to learn what Watchtower
advertises, is Christianity. If you can add to this report “PLEASE” tell your story to
your UN official and your government representative and help save lives and help
the appropriate youth of this world grow with positive uplifting encouragement
instead of negative Watchtower destruction.

There is “NO COPYRIGHT” over this eBook. I give my permission
to everybody, to copy, burn to CD, email to as many people and
organizations as you wish (providing you are not guilty of spamming),
photocopy, and print out and bind to create hard copies to distribute
amongst the general population worldwide. For additional
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