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Into the Mouth of Madness Part III

Much earlier, I started to discuss this and was veered onto a variant course. I
am back to provide a better footing on this subject. I trust you will review th
e previous portions:
Age of Reason
In time, this reemergence of this topic will be ushered in and hailed as the ‘Age
of Reason.’ This will be spearheaded by the likes of Kant, Locke and Berkley, jus
t to name a few. They will assemble upon an agreed forum, a coliseum if you will
, entitled ‘Epistemology.’ The coliseum will be portioned off into separate sections
for, Empirical, sources of Knowledge and Metaphysics once again. This disguised
and embellished arena is once again an assemblage for the gladiators to assert
their rightful place, parading before the huddled masses of doldrums, who seek a
nswers to their own inner ills.
In this assemblage John Locke, asserts in his ‘Essays’ that we have an obligation to
discover, what things God has for us to know. In short, what is our purpose? He
continues to expound in this arena, acknowledging and asserting that all our id
eas are experienced, we are born with a ‘white sheet of paper’ regarding knowledge.
This sets the initial stage, for the ensuing debates, thus baiting those who wil
l assent to rival him. Since he is the first in this effort, he shall be termed
as a ‘Samnite,’ for he is one of the initial stage personnel. This poorly woolen cla
d warrior will begin to not only cut away the strangle hold these previous Titan
s has over the audience, but will also become for those previously mentioned, an
d those who shall mount and charge atop the efforts of the ‘Dumb Ox.’
The next to arrive is a fellow British Islander, by the name of Berkeley. It is
his 1710’s effort known as ‘Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge,’ t
hat George enters as a ‘Mirmillones’ for these are the giants of Irish folklore, and
he uses these same tactics in this presentation. In this essay, he takes aim a
t Locke’s concept of ideas, despite the fact that he recognizes and even has a bit
of admiration; nonetheless, he takes aim at this issue with an elaborate convey
ance of thoughts, colors, sound ect, similar to what is presented above, regardi
ng conveyance. The dilemma is that like Plato’s analogy of the “Cave Scenario” Locke a
grees that these are not real, but is simply apparent. Thus, Berkley ushers in w
ith ‘skepticism.’
Next, from the South East comes an impressive young prodigy, by the name of Imma
nuel Kant. In his monumental effort, ‘Critique of Reason.’ As a ‘Dimachaeri’ He begins
by wielding his two swords, ‘synthetic’ and ‘priori’ and slashes away the cobwebs and ne
ttings strewn over items of issue by his predecessors. Kant’s efforts are propell
ed by his reassertion of metaphysics, and that knowledge transcends experience.
The re-emergence of the ‘priori’ will take sharp aim at those who will attempt to d
isarm this two ‘Sica’ slinging comrade. Immanuel expounds that every action has a ca
use, and that knowledge is self-contrary when it exceeds itself and veers into s
kepticism. This is achievable by creating valid proofs. This effort and formula
remains quite viable even within today’s school of thought.
My entrance to this issue and field was to learn, and I quickly succumb to retor
ting, “I don’t know what I don’t know.” In the end, what I have come to garner is what
is assembled here. Thus, Thomas Aquinas has adequately stated all that I have at
tempted to express, yet it is not mere fodder for thought, but for the animals o
f the fields. I am sure this will perhaps become kindling material to ignite the
bond fire, which not only keep me warm through the dark night, but keep at abey
ance the naysayers, and provide enough light to see through the obscurities. Ma
y the smoke neither cause me to cough nor obscure my vision.
If I have prattled a bit, ranted on about much about nothing, or have simply con
sumed a moment of your waiting time, Thank You! If however, I have caused one of
those embers I spoke of earlier, may it be used to light the candle of enlighte
nment, which ever pushes upon the encroaching darkness of ignorance, and dismiss
the lurking of denial, which hides within its shadows.

Bro Smith SGS
New Book " Eternal Wisdom" ISBN#978-1-936392-05-6