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Sarah Gromer

Choice Assessment Lesson Plan

Lesson Components Description

Curriculum content name, Name: Curriculum content knowledge

number and description:
Number: CEC standard 3 (3.4)

Description: knowledge of English/language arts/literacy for

learners with exceptionalities- teaching reading (phonological,
phonemic awareness phonics, word recognition, print
concepts, comprehension, fluency, vocab)

Instructional Purpose: Purpose: Practice and improve phonemic and phonological

awareness skills.
Intro: Discuss the recent sounds the students have been
learning and what it means to identify the sounds in words.

Learning Objective: 1. The student will be able to point and name each letter
with 100% accuracy during the timing.
2. The student will be able to say the list of words given
by the teacher and sound them out with 85% accuracy.
3. Understand how to identify words and letters and
manipulate sounds.

Learning Activities: The students will be watching a video on choice assessment.

This video shows phonemic and phonological awareness skills
being practiced. While the student are watching the video they
will fill out a graphic organizer.
Activity 1: Video
The students will watch a video of a DIBELS choice assessment.
This video would be helpful to show the students so that they
would have an idea of what they would be doing. This video
shows a student being timed and pointing and naming as many
letters he can within the time. Additionally, the teacher says a
list of words and the student has to repeat the word back and
sound out each letter.
Activity 2: Graphic organizer
The students will fill out a graphic organizer over phonemic
and phonological awareness concepts that pertain to the
video. They will fill the first section out during the video. Then,
there will be 3 other boxes that the students fill out
Activity 3: Exercises
I will work individually with each of the students on their
literacy skills. working individually with students on their
literacy skills. The students will sit down, and they will do two
different activities. First the student will be given a chart with
the letters of the alphabet on it. I will set the timer and the
activity will begin. The student will point and name each letter
on the chart until the time runs out. For the second activity I
will set the timer and I will say a word and have the student
repeat it back. After they repeat the word, they will tell me
the sounds of each letter in the word. This activity will be
used to help improve student’s ability to identify words and
letters (phonological awareness) and manipulate sounds
(phonemic awareness), phonics, and word recognition.
Assessment/evaluation: Graphic organizer: The students will be assessed by the graphic
organizer. In the first section the students will list 5 words that
were given to the student to sound out. They will write 1 brief
sentence about what the student in the video was doing in the
first activity. In the next 3 sections the students will write a list
of words and they will write each individual speech sound out
of the word. The students will also create a list of words and
identify how many speech sounds are in each word. In the last
section the students will create 1 sentence and write the
speech sounds of each word in the sentence.
Additionally, the students will be assessment and evaluated
through the exercise they are doing with the teacher. A
progress chart will be recorded each time a lesson is
Materials: 1. Timer
2. Alphabet sheet
3. List of words
4. Pencils
5. Graphic organizer
6. Laptop/projector for video
7. Progress charts

Review: After the lesson is complete the student will discuss with the
teacher what they got wrong and why they got it wrong. I will
use this to help teach students who are struggling with
literacy- reading, identifying words and sounds. Additionally,
they will discuss what the student did well in the lesson. I will
complete this exercise with the student at least 3 times a week
for repetition. We will continue to work on the concepts that
are missed and add new ones as they move on.