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Quarter 2

Week 4

Day 1 Distinguish fact from opinion

Respond to ideas and opinions after reflection

Think and Tell

Game: Pick out a strip (rolled with ribbon) with a statement stating
a fact or an opinion inside a box. Those who picked an opinion should go
to the left side; those who picked a fact should go to the right side. Pupils
who did not get it correctly should recite a poem; render a song or a
dance number.

 Boats never sink.

 Ice is cold.
 Three is not a number between two and
 All people can read.
 A kitten grew up to be a cat.
 You should brush your teeth.
 A baby cannot count one to ten
 Rich people are happy.
 Water is important to men.
Find Out and Learn

Read the sentence. Draw a if the statement tells about fact and a if it is opinion.

________1. The earth is made up of gases like oxygen carbon and others.

________2. The Sun is actually a star.

________3. ET is the friendly alien from the Outer Space.

________4. Conserving our forests greatly helps in preventing floods.

________5. The pen is mightier than the sword.

Try and Learn

Exercise 1

Read the following paragraphs. Answer the questions.

A. Jose works with animals. In fact he spends every spare moment in a neighborhood
pet store. After school he helps feed the animals and clean their cages. He spends a lot
of time training the animals so that they get along with people.

B. Jose believes that being a veterinarian and working with animals would be a
wonderful thing for him to do when he grows up. He thinks that he will become an
excellent veterinary doctor in the future.

Which paragraph expresses truth of facts?

Which paragraphs expresses a view or a belief?

How do you identify that the paragraph is true or just an opinion?

Do and Learn

Shade the if the sentence states a fact and for the sentence that states an
opinion cross it.

1. A forest is the best place to relax.

2. Christmas is the best time of the year.

3. Forest protects our wildlife; gives homes; food and water to animals and birds.

4. it is easier to wrap a big gift that a small one.

5. Malunggay leaves is good for the health

Learn Some More

Group the class into three. Give them a checklist of statement of fact and opinion. Let
them answer it and compare their works with the other group.

Fact Opinion
1. I love water.
2.Ilocanos are thrifty
3. Animals need food in order to survive.
4. Kidney transplant always saves lives.
5. Clean water is pure water.
6. Drink about 6-8 glasses each day to be healthy and strong.
7. The earth revolves around the sun once in every 365 ¼ days or one
8. Forest fire can be prevented.
9. We celebrate New Year every first day of January.
10. Trees prevent flood that can kill people and crops.

FACT is a statement which OPINION is a view or

experiences and guess which may or may
experiments have proven not be true.
to be true.

Day 2 Identify different meanings of content specific word Denotation and

connotation) (Science)

Think and Tell

Shows different pictures in the class (e.g. house‚ Group the class into two.
Let the first class identify the meaning of the word while the other group must
give their own meaning about the pictures.
Find Out and Learn

Read the paragraph and pick out 5 words give your connotation and denotation
of the words that you’ve chosen.

Ultrasonic Power

Ultrasonic power is an electronic device that drives away annoying animals from
an area. This new discovery uses high frequency sound. It forces the unwanted animals
to leave the area. While the sound is irritating to animals‚ it is not to people. It does not
cause any damage to the environment‚ too. Our household pets are also safe because
this is designed for outdoors.

Birds will not be affected. They are not affected by high frequency sound waves.

Most importantly‚ this device is environment friendly. It eliminates the need for
repellents‚ dangerous chemicals or physical attacks.

Ultrasonic power is the answer to the problem caused by stray dogs‚ cats‚ and
even rats.

Try and Learn

Ask the following questions:

1. What is the report all about?

2. What is the meaning of Ultrasonic Sound?

3. How about your own interpretation about it?

4. Which is for you the best one to use? The connotation meaning of a word or
the denotation?

5. Can you give the differences of the denotation and connotation?

Do and Learn

Listed below are Science words give the connotation and denotation of the

electricity observing reproduction energy matter

Learn Some More

Divide the class into two groups. The first group will be the Connotation Group
while the other one is the Denotation Group. Give them the same words to identify the
meaning based on their group. After doing the activity let them compare their work.


Denotation. The dictionary meaning of a word. The literal

meaning of a word.
Connotation. The emotional or cultural meaning attached to a

Day 3 Read with automaticity grade level frequently occurring content area

Gather information from various sources-Dictionaries.

Think and Tell

Let the pupils play the game.


Divide students into groups of 3. Give each group a dictionary. Let

them create the ideal student, school, class, teacher, or whatever. When they
have their creation finished, each group will explain the meaning of it with the use of the

Find Out and Learn

The teacher will give a selection to be read by the group. They must need to talk the
correct intonation and diction of each word using the dictionary.
Why the Sky is High

In the early days, when the sky was still low, two brothers named Ingat and
Daskol lived with their parents on Earth.

As their names indicate, Ingat was careful in everything he did and was
therefore his father’s right hand man. He was always helping with the work in the field
and his parent’s were very pleased with him.

On the other hand, Daskol did his work sloopily. In the absence of the daughter
in the family, the house work came, to be Daskol’s responsibility. He fetched water,
cleaned the house, and did cooking. He also did the pounding of the palay that his
father and Ingat harvested. Even in pounding, Daskol lived up to his name. Half of the
grain he pounded scattered and fell to the ground. Being naturally lazy and impatient,
he did not like the work of pounding.

One day, Daskol had to pound a greater quantity of palay than usual. He was
irritated because every time he raised the pestle, it would hit the sky. His anger added
to his strength and desire to finish the work quickly. So, he raised the pestle higher and
every time it hit the sky, the sky will be raised. In his hurry Daskol did not notice that the
sky was rising. When he finished pounding rice he looked up and discovered that the
sky had risen and it is where it is today.

Try and Learn

Study the italicized word in the sentence. Look the meaning of the word in the
dictionary. Write in your notebook.

1. The bunch of flowers will fade if you leave it under the sun.

2. The quarrel left a gulf between Percy and Yoly.

3. Let us cook our hotdogs over the live coals.

4. I want my steak to be served rare.

5. This is my first plane ride.

Do and Learn

Use the words in the box to complete the sentences. Write your answer on your

a. Pluck f. lamented
b. peering g. reign
c. stranger h. choked
d. approached i. fervent
e. gulp j. marveled

1. Alligators _____small animals for food.

2. Lisa stared at me with a __________ smile.

3. Peace and harmony should ______ in every Filipino home.

4. The children _____ flowers from the garden.

5. The dog _________ on a piece of bone.

6. The boys ________their teacher to apologize.

7. Rommel ________ the death of his pet dog.

8. The sick boy could not go down to play. He was just _____ at his playmates through
the window.

9. My pet dog barked at the ______.

10. The onlookers look up at the magnificent fireworks in the sky and _________.
Read and Learn

Let the pupils read the passage and answer the following question.

From 1943 to 1952 scientists observed the formation of the volcano Paricutin. In
February 1943‚ there was much underground activity near the village of Paricutin‚
Mexico. It caused many small Earth tremors that worried the villagers. On the February
20‚ Dionisio and Paulo Pulido noticed smoke rising from a small hole in their cornfield
near the village. The hole had been there as long as the farmer and his wife could
remember . That night hot rock fragments spewing from the hole looked like fireworks.
By morning‚ the fragments had piled up into a cone about 40 meters high. Within two
years it was more than 400 meters high. Ash from the volcano burned and covered the
village of Paricutin. Lavas flows buried another nearby village. After nine years‚ the
volcanic activity stopped.

Talk About It

1. What is the passage all about?

2. When did the scientists observed the formation of the volcano Paricutin?

3. How can you describe the scenery during the night of February 20?


Dictionary gives a word a many meanings.

We use the dictionary to select the appropriate meaning from several meanings given.
WE select the appropriate meaning of the word by knowing how it is used in the
Day 4 Compose clear and coherent sentences using appropriate grammatical
structures (collective nouns and verb agreement)

Revise writing for clarity-correct spelling

Think and Tell

Call 9 students and group them into 3. Give the group each envelops. Inside
on it is a group of words to be arrange to form a sentence.


Group 1 – My dogs always growl at the postal carrier.

Group 2 – Peter doesn’t likes vegetables

Group 3 – Basketball rolls across the floor.

Ask the pupils “ What did you notice in the subject?

How about the verb?

What is the relationship of the subject and the verb?

Do and Learn

Underline the collective nouns in the sentence.

1. The committee meets here every Thursday.

2. The crowd is getting angry.
3. The jury has finally reached a decision.
4. The majority rules most of the time.
5. The staff have gone their separate ways for the holidays.
Learn Some More

Give the instruction to the pupils written on the index card and perform the

Group 1
a. Each _____ a trophy for playing.
b. Something ___ very wrong here.
c. The crowd ___ getting angry.
Group 2
a. Each _____ a trophy for playing.
b. Something ___ very wrong here.
c. The crowd ___ getting angry.
Group 3
a. Each _____ a trophy for playing.
b. Something ___ very wrong here.
c. The crowd ___ getting angry.
Group 4
a. Each _____ a trophy for playing.
b. Something ___ very wrong here.
c. The crowd ___ getting angry.

Write About It

Read the sentences carefully. Fill in the blanks with the correct missing letters to
complete each word. Write the whole word on a piece of paper.
1. Any end___vor can easily be done if we work together.
2. Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the red___mer of the world.
3. The stranger looks w___rd.
4. The misch___vous child got hurt.
5. Please help me fix our l___king faucet.

Subject verb agreement simply means the subject and verb must
agree in number. This means both need to be
singular or both need to be plural.
Collective nouns can be singular or plural depending on
meaning. Here are some examples of subject verb agreement with
collective nouns:

Day 5 Determine images/ideas that are explicitly used to influence viewers

-Stereotypes -Point of view -Propagandas

Observe politeness at all times.

Think and Tell

Look at the pictures class.

What can you say about the pictures?

Is anyone of you already watched a movie?

How do you act inside a movie theater?

Do you think it is important to act correctly during watching any film movie or
even we are just watching a TV?

Emphasize the good attitudes in watching a film viewing.

Find Out and Learn

Watch the video “Bullying Elementary School” by Travis White Production. Have
the pupils have their point of view after watching the video. Let them identify the
characters that each pupils possess in the video.

Do and Learn

Answers the table by simple categorize the images/ideas came from the recent
video. Put a √ on a column.

Images/Ideas Stereotypes Point of View Propaganda

1. naughty child
2. juice
3. shoes and dress of the children
4. reminded by the principal
5. playing

Learn Some More

Group the class into four. Identify the different images/ideas. Write P if it’s use
for propaganda S for stereotypes and PV for point view. Then let them compare their
answer and talk about it.

1. 2.

3. 4.


E. Closure/ Assessment

Stereotype: to believe infairly that all people

or things with a particular characteristic are
the same.

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