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All lndia civilAccounts Emproyees Association

category il
central office: zAo,
CBDT, Mumbai 2nd Floor, Aayakar Bhawan,
M.K. Road, Churchgate, Mumbai _ 400020
Email: suleamol
N0: AICAEA CAT il/He/MUM/ZolB _zots
Date: 20/03/20L9
Sh. Akhilesh fha
Chief Controller of Accounts
Ministry of Science & Technology
Hall'K', O/o CCA, M/o Science & Technology,
Technology Bhawan, New Mehrauli Road,
New Delhi - 110016

sub:-verification of membership of All India civir

Accounts Employees Association
Category-Il under CCS (RSA) Rules, 1993-regarding.

Reft - cGA office oM No. 60015/L/2016/MF.ccA (A)/NGE/ArcAE

A-tr/7zoDt.19th March


I would like to invite your kind attention to the

abovc refcrred oM issued by the office of
the controller General of Accounts following the discussion
held with the Additional controller
General of Accounts on 12th March 2018 and the
Joint controller General of Accounts [NGti) on
13th March 2019 respectively. According to said
oM, "Nodal Authority,, earmarked for your
Department i'e' Sr' Ao [AdmnJ of your office is to
furnish the informrtion on.. again so that
difference arisen in the number of membership available
with this Association in July 2017and,
the information forwarded by the Nodal officer of your
Department could be reconciled in order
to temove the impediment arisen in the process of
recognition to AICAEA CAT-ll unclcr CCS
[RSA) Rules, 1993.
In this connection I would like to refer your office letter
21/20L7-18/753 Dt.26-07-2017 wherein the Nodal officer of your
No. MST/RPAO /Admn/16-
department had reported ro
cGA that there are NIL members of AII India civilAccounts
your Department. Accordingly, it was found that an amountAssociation category II in
No'SAA287202356(U8INH1721,3163790) has been credited
of Rs.B0/- vide uTR
to bank account of this Association.
Therefore, there is no ambiguity that there were four
members of this Association in the
specified month and hence the matter stands reconciled with
less reporting of 4 members

Thus 4 of our contributing members have not been considered

while compiling the
information for verification of membership and it has affected
this Association to unnecessarily
suffer from the problcm of shortage of mcmbership for thc purpose
of recognition under ccS
[RSA) 1,993.
under the above circumstances, I seek your kind
matter and request you to kindly and personal intervention into the

send the correct report to cGA orrice as

' ?L[:j'r1iri:i:#::oritv estabrished in the para
2 Initiate appropriate-disciplinary action in
terms of the conduct rules against the
irresponsible/ mischievous office r/ officialconcerned
so that they do not venture to
abuse their official position and indulge
in this typ" or.o.rupt activities in future.

This Association shall be extremely grateful,

if a line intimating the action taken on the
requests made is forwarded to this Association.

Thanking you,

Yours Since

lecretary General
Copy to
1. Addl. controller General of Accounts, New Delhi for
2' V' Bhattacharjee, Secretary General, National Federation
of civil Accounts Associations,
New Delhi & Member Nationar councir
OcMl for necessary action.
3' foint Conveners', Co-ordination committee of CivilAccounts
Employees and officers
Associations, New Delhi and Mumbai for necessary