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© BLAUPUNKT Instruction Manual oF” ago TRUE WIRELESS 6 9 BTW-01 pe V5.0 BTW-01 @ BLAUPUNKT Contents + Brief Introduction + Before use 1. Overview 2. Charging for headset 3. Charging for charging case Getting started 1. Wearing headset 2. One earbud connecting with cellphone 3. Two earbuds connecting with cellphone 4. Earbuds pairing/connecting 5. Function operation-use one earbud 6. Function operation-use two earbuds 7. Battery display 8. Prompt tone 9. Factory Reset + Care and maintenance + FAQs + Specification +» Warranty Information BTW-01 @ BLAUPUNKT Welcome to use this True Wireless Bluetooth headset, BTW-01. Please read this user's manual carefully before use. + Brief introduction BTW-01 is a True Wireless Bluetooth Headset, each ear piece comes with a Microphone that can be used individually or used together for stereo sound. The headset supports music and calling function, as well as touch sensitive playback and pause control.